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It saddens me to have my site database destroyed by the fossil-fuel industry and their hired-hands, however it is not about ascetics, it is about getting ideas, suggestions and anything that can assist with both climate adaptation and mobilization out to the public.

Here is my old site, at least what I have been able to recover. I cannot longer access it or add to it due to the level of damage. But reading my 'fyi' page you will get an idea of the struggles one has to go through in this country (United States) to encourage climate adaptation, mobilization and efforts that encourages moving to renewable energy.

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Written - Tuesday 11.27.18

imageClimate Change Community was attacked and virtually destroyed by the hackers of the fossil fuel (hired-hands) industry. Why? Because I like many others have ideas, suggestions and share a strong desire to move away from burning fossil fuel and transitioning quickly towards renewable energy (wind and solar).

So with that I continue the site in this raw format if that's ok. I will eventually rebuild again, however want to continue sharing my ideas here.

They couldn't do it from the outside in so they rented an apartment somewhere next to me and kept trying to hack into both my computers and router. Once in they created havoc starting with destroying my site's database. I am working to recreate it from scratch again as well as sharing some climate adaptation ideas I have. Somehow this misfortune is a benefit, I might not see it like that yet, but I am sure in time I will and not only that the ideas I will be sharing will have no distractions as they will be in raw format.

Here is the hacker's router and somehow it is connected to mines however I cannot remove it:  (click)

I want to now proclaim the fossil fuel industry as a terrorist organization!


Because of their avarice nature they will destroy millions of us, not thousands or hundreds but millions of us -- who will perish due to their inebriated greed, arrogance and outright inhumanity.

This live terrorist organization (fossil-fuel's hired-hands causing climate adaptation and action delays are more than likely Heartland, ALEC or an AEI branch) has a network wide and vast, you see them standing on street corners ready to be dispatched, following climate activist around, hacking anyone who has anything do with climate change awareness, activism, or such computers among a host of insidious activities. Their goal is is to tout fossil fuels at the same time denigrating renewable energy. This dying behemoth will stop at nothing to grab as much wealth as possible at the cost of your children's future existence on this planet. Like the elephant most of them represent--we must break the chains and act--if not for our future then for our children's.



Recently Recovered:

Living in a sustainable environment is a human right:

What is Climate Adaptation? How can we benefit from both preparing and adapting to the effects the current global climate crisis? How can we assist each other to adapt? This is what Climate Change Community seeks to answer. The cause and effect of Global Climate Change now spells out transforming, which means adapting to a new reality.

Climate Change Community will share resources and links specifically towards adjusting with the hopes that it will be a benefit for our adaptation.

Regarding this site’s overall format:

Climate Change Community is now a site in line with ‘we the people.’ That being said. This website does not follow the status-quo, it is plain and simple without bells or whistles, it is more about substance over style. For the most part, this site will not follow some of the norms that one might be used to. Pop-ups are not employed here as well as embedded advertisements, the ads are only assigned to specified ad page(s) and the use of web components are limited.

Those intrusive format we are at times forced to contend with are discouraged here. For the most part cookies are also limited – meaning we have no concern where you came from or where you are going (trailing), although we hope you take advantage of some of the links here to visit other informative sites.

ABOUT PAGE TEXT: (Changed 7.23.18)

We stand at a critical moment in Earth’s history, a time when humanity must choose its future. As the world becomes increasingly interdependent and fragile, the future at once holds great peril and great promise. To move forward we must recognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and life forms we are one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny. We must join together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace. Towards this end, it is imperative that we, the peoples of Earth, declare our responsibility to one another, to the greater community of life, and to future generations. - Excerpt from 'The Earth Charter' (read here or EC site)

Regarding this climate crisis and regardless of the level of belief you might be in, it is way past time for us to really adapt. There is no sugar coating the current climate realty and I am not talking just about renewable energy, I am sure there are actions we can take individually, as a community, village or what-have-you for the personal adaptation aspects.

I don’t have all the answers, however, I will seek, find and share them here or on social media immediately when I do. One aspect of what I will do is create quoted images with tips, education, resources, article excerpts on both the current climate crisis and adaptation content, as fast as I am able to.

Note to authors of books or article excerpts I use: Any quoted excerpts of blog or quoted images I create will be removed immediately, at your request. Note that Climate Change books that I quote or blog excerpts from also serve to promote your book further; this is also my intention.

To authors: In all cases I send a letter of my intent to use excerpts to your publishers as well as posting the book covers with source so others can order them.

I will focus on several books and articles, although will be sharing from these fewbooks primarily:

  • Peter Seidel’s book; ‘There is Still Time!’


  • National Green Pages (letter to be sent)

  • Unprecedented Crime (tick – waiting for reply)

Peter’s book really hits home in regards to our ingrained attitudes we have yet might not be aware of the need or urgency to transform them; plus other pertinent information. On DRAWDOWN, Paul and those involved in writing and researching for this book is amazing to say the least, as it is adaptive solutions through draw down. Note I highly suggest obtaining a copy of these books for yourself, especially ‘Unprecedented Crime.’

Lastly, any author who wants me to create social media quoted images using some of your material please send me a PDF, email or book link and I will do this as long as it geared towards 100% renewable energy, adaptation or personal development.

A thousand years from now nobody is going to know that you or I ever lived. The cynic is right, but lazy. He says ‘You live, you die and nothing you do will ever make a difference.’ But as long as I live, I’m going to be like Beethoven and shake my fist at fate and try to do something for those who live here now and who knows how far into the future that will go. If I accomplish nothing more than making my arm sore, at least I will be satisfied that I have lived.” - Jackson Burnett

Thank you so much for visiting...



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