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In a nutshell... from home page, plus ideas you guys send in...

idea #1:

I propose that we immediately create a new law that is adhered to world-wide in which, these terrorist business's, individuals, or organizations that knowingly work on destroying the ability of humanity to continue existing be stripped of their financial wealth.  They will be left with only a million dollars and all other removed finances will be used for #1 climate disasters and #2 create renewable energy companies ran and owned by the people themselves.


Look folks (and law-makers) eventually we will be holding two choices, one representing the future of humanity (the children to come) and one representing those greed based entities that are diminishing our very existence.  We will have to make a choice, like it or not, on whether our humanity (the human species) continues or we die due to those whose life are ruled by an unquenchable avarice nature.  The clock is ticking!



idea #2:

FireChat (or similar) is an app that turns your old cell phone into a walkie-talkie, i.e. you do not need to have an IP address.  Someone at close enough distance away (sad to say, even under rubble) can communicate.  Also install VLC and add a 16, 32, or 64 GB sdisk card (I believe that's what the cell phone cards are called), then on this card load a several hours of music.  The idea is to have something that provides constant sound.

image Say What!  This might not be a reality for most people but I can assure you it is for others and will be more of a necessity as the crisis of climate devastation increases.



idea #3:

Make 'Climate Adaptation' a noun, a physical object, just like the current climate crisis, which we can both see and feel. 

climate adaptation boxWe each obtain a climate adaptation box, no matter how you customize it but it should be something you can pick up and move in a jiffy.  Label it if you prefer, this box is kept with your most essential emergency items such as candles, flashlight with fresh batteries, an old cell phone (avec charger) with FireChat installed, and even important papers that you must have in case of emergencies. Remember, you take responsibility and own your climate adaptation box.  Great opportunity for certain companies to start making and selling these.



Idea #4:

Empower, encourage but most of all involve youth in all aspects of the climate action, mitigation, adaptation and solutions. They should be saturate in and as well as spear-heading the efforts towards climate mobilization. Young people are very concerned about their future and rightly so, in that case they should not be censored and should be listened to regarding the climate crisis.
imageIt is way beyond time that old ideas are appreciated but at the same time new ideas from young adults be considered and encouraged.  They have more of a vested interest towards the future for obvious reasons.  We are destroying their planet the least we could do now is assist them in making it livable again.


Idea 5:

image12.05.18 -
Told to me by a good friend.  Uber and Lyft should create travel to work vans, meaning so many people would give up driving in order to carpool with others. They would rather not wait at bus stops yet would gladly go from home to work and back in a 14 person or less car pool.  This would decrease several vehicals from the road and help decrease congestion to boot.


Idea 6:

image12-06-18 - What if each and every one of us planted a tree in 2019, minus deniers and others. Each person on the planet planting a tree would equal transforming just about the entire planet into, a forest. Some might think that this is ridiculous, however when we look at the alternative or rather direction we're heading in then it might be a motivational impetus.

How do we go about it. Well for one we can all use Ecosia search engine for web-browsing as after about 45 searches or so they plant a tree on our behalf. Perhaps this would motivate Sports Companies, Google, Bing, Amazon, and others to indicate they plant trees on our behalf whenever we use their services or purchase from them.

I am sure there are other organizations and entities that have or either offer this service or have mechanisms that allows one to have a tree planet on their behalf. A simple Ecosia web search would suffice in finding them.

Another thought is that I remember when I was living in the country how trees would drop seeds all over, so I thought perhaps grade school children as a class trip or project could collect these on an outing and ship them to other children in other states or countries that could benefit from them. They could even create their own class project to plant them.


Idea #7:

imageThat box should be enlarged according to circumstances, families would have a family climate adaptation box, nurses stations would have one, police departments would have one, fire departments, mayors offices, classrooms, etc...  (heck, I am even setting up a small box or shoe box for my own personal climate adaptation box...)

Each of these boxes depending on the circumstances will have either a person, department, or unit assigned to not only manage and care for this climate change adaptation box but will also have an identity (more information about this shortly).

So in essence, we now have a climate adaptation box which every family, business, or city/state govenment would have, then a person or department that would care and manage the box. 

continued at Idea #9...


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