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The Current Obstructions towards Climate Action!

“The bud of victory is always in the truth.” - President Benjamin Harrison

  I’d like to share some observations and experiences in my world of obstructions to my own climate action, thank you for reading this. it might sound difficult to believe but here is a very diminutive list of the actions currently being taken by climate deniers and the fossil fuel hired-hands: 

.....Planting listening devices or using outside listening devices in order to capture every and all conversations, in the hopes something is said that can be used to hurt or destroy their target(s).

.....Infrared motion detectors so one can be followed from room to room in their target(s) place.

.....Stealing their target(s) mail on a regular basis.

.....Committing unlawful entry into apartments or houses either when their target(s) are away at work or somewhere else.  Quietly going through their clients personal belongings and documents.

.....They communicate with each other through various non-obvious methods including beeping their cars.  They used to be more blatant, however that has changed so they devised other ways to communicate while they monitor you.

.....Tapping into your wireless router in order to capture data or slow your connection down, monitor you activities and collecting data. They employ some of the best unethical hackers and equipment in the unethical industry as money is no obstacle for them.

.....Stalking their target(s) constantly no matter where they go and each place they are in is communicated to others in any other part of the town or city that they are stationed. They have a network of staff throughout the city that communicate their target(s) movements.

....Copying their target(s) cell phone Sim Card or hacking into their phone as well as their home computer. Again they employ some of the best unethical hackers and devices (no exaggeration here).

.....Pull photos and documents from their target(s) computer, cloud storage and/or phone and use it to harass them. I have witness this in real-time three times myself.

.....Try to intimidate their target(s) with their car, literally try to frighten them by pretending to hit them with their it.

.....Do some extremely disgusting things (to disgusting to mention here) that also include hurting other family members. Amazing hurtful, disgusting, and cruel.

.....Have their hackers follow their target(s) around on public transportation in order to both hack their cell phone and communicate to their cohorts their target(s) destination or travels eta.

.....Burglarize their target(s) family and friends place in order to plant listening devices as they can gather personal and intimate conversations from there.

.....Follow their target(s) throughout the grocery stores and malls.

.....Stand in front of buildings, subways, and other entrances as a point of contact for others as to where their target(s) are and which way they are heading. This amazes me as sometimes I think they are not recognized or perhaps simply do not care.

.....Sitting next to or across on subways and public transportation, stealing data from your cell phones...

....They rent apartments, Airbnb, etc… next to their target(s) location (job and home) in order to monitor them from either their windows or through the walls using motion detectors.

.....They send fake emails or other forms of communication to their target(s) family or work so that they can either get your fired, lose your respect and whatever damage they might be able to cause. They will even reorganize their target(s) emails by un-deleting deleted emails and more.

.....Devise and finance equipment and psychological  tactics methods that will instill either fear, anxiety, or pain in their target(s). They want them so react, that is part of their goal. They want their target(s) to fall apart or take your own life.


The Experience: 

I was raised upstate New York and spent a great of time in nature.  Me and my friends used to go fishing, swimming in the creek, play our drums there, and hiking.  It was such a golden memory for me having this opportunity.  Being in nature is something I feel every child should have some access to.  I understand kids are no longer allowed to go into these woods anymore which is sad.

When Climate Change Community was started (in Newburgh, NY) there were five of us, however due to the level of attacks and obstruction from those mentioned below I asked the other four members to step down and I turned the company into a blog site I run myself, instead of the intended business.  I asked them to step down in order to protect them as I was concerned for their safety, after experiencing the items mentioned above (each and every one of them).  

We had wonderful ideas to start a company that would help benefit, empower, and encourage people towards climate adaptation on a small personal level.  Basically helping people prepare for climate crisis through education, suggestions to stop dependence on fossil fuels, share other's mobilization efforts, and more.  The intended goal is to create an beneficial avenue that would help others down the road a bit and empower people to learn and get more involved and/or adapt.

Remember climate change is the effect, where avarice and ignorance is the cause.  The current obstacle to expediting the STOP of fossil fuels reliance is none other than willful ignorance, arrogance, avarice, and basically the lower-side of human nature as the predominant aspect.

I am certain now that I have went through everything mentioned above in order to shed light on the actions of those who are intentionally assisting in destroying our humanity and planet.  I knew this from a few of their most recent actions towards me, one so hurtful that I determined to become undeterred and to get revenge simply by improving myself and strengthening my life-force.  

I was also taken aback by the level of attention I receive from them which also indicates they are probably doing much worse to others that are much more involved, without their knowledge.

This came to light the day I seen this one particular women in a obscure town in the South of France after seeing her follow me around in Jersey City and at a Starbucks in NYC, (the same women).  The fact that I affected them to this level indicates they are definitely doing these exact maneuvers to children working towards their future by calling out the fossil fuel industry, judiciary staff (lawyers, judges, and the like) who are taking them to task, and more than likely many others.

It is time that we uncover their sneakiness and illegal maneuverings, their nature to want to destroy others and anything that gets in their ignorance and greed filled ways, basically their intentions to discourage scientific facts.  The other half of them are more than likely funded by fossil-fuel as I know first-hand that the fossil-fuel industry doesn’t take kindly to anyone educating their investors (like I currently do through the quoted images I share).

 It is time to have them brought to the forefront for everyone to see how dangerous and distorted they are. What I share is absolutely true, as I desire nothing more than to be an honest and person of integrity.  It is not to say I am without my own habits and challenges, but as taught by my mother and mentor I must always speak out against injustice.

From around March 2006 – learning about Climate Change was what I considered a hobby, basically learning about what it is and how it was caused and how it was being dealt with.  At the same time I developed a hobby of creating quoted images (see my two Instagram accounts).  

I’ve read literally hundreds of articles, slew of books and followed closely those organizations linked on my home page bottom area, which became more of an impetus for my creating quoted images, particularly about climate change of which were pretty direct and most distasteful to the fossil-fuel and climate denier bunch.

Speaking of these hired-hands and deniers of the current climate crisis, they are here, have been here in smaller numbers (until now) and are up to no good.  They are extremely sneaky, callous, and evil and in my opinion should be classified as both supported (financially) by the fossil-fuel and the other half anti-science due to ignorance.  It appears that now they are more organized and run a very large illegal surveillance operation with financing their intentions and actions is no object.  

As outlined above, from bugging people’s homes, using motion detectors for monitoring people while they are home, hacking their phones, computers and other devices, harassing, stalking, helicopter and drone monitoring and stalking, causing accident scenarios, stealing mail from people’s mailboxes, rotating staff several times a day when following people around, using minorities at times to do some of their dirty work, following people around while they are at work, sending bogus emails to people’s jobs, renting offices, apartments and homes next to their target, using law-enforcement and fire departments to do some of their dirty work (this might have changed now), and a host of other exercises, the majority of these being extremely underhanded and scheming.

I see now that many others are now speaking up about them, which I knew would eventually happen and will be happening more and more now.  We have to stand-up, speak-up, speak-out to pull the blanket of evil that they hide under creating and adding to climate havoc thus delaying the urgent need to stop reliance on fossil fuel earlier than planned (they effects are happening earlier than predicated why can’t our actions?).

They have also done disgusting things to their targets family members especially if they are suffering from health issues or disabilities, they have monitored every word people say at home so they can find ways to use it against them.  They walk by you and whisper things like, ‘we’re watching you’ or ‘oh, I can’t walk (referring to family members who might be having physical walking limitations), or whispering things unintelligibly all with the goal of getting you to react, become fearful, lose your mind, temper, or worse take your life.  There are a few others things they do that are too disgusting to mention here.

If you thing I am blowing this out of proportion, I assure you this is just the tip of the iceberg of what they are doing, it is actually worse such as trying to run their target(s) over with their cars, coming up to their target(s) face to face to insight a physical fight, using women/men to entice their target(s) and on and on, anything to destroy, discredit or cause one to go mad or take their own life.

How do I know all this?  I am one person who has experienced everything I mentioned first-hand.

Something has changed now, there seems to be more of them and some their seems to be possibly upper level staff, technicians and much more hackers.  I have seen them with tool bags and back-packs with what look to be electronic equipment.  They are up to underhanded spying and hacking computers and websites.

These climate deniers represent hired-hands of the fossil fuel, Citizens United, ALEC, Koch Industries, Mercer Family, Heartland, and numerous others and it appears they might now be working together.  Money is not an obstacle for them, especially dark money.

To read more of my personal experiences please consider seeing these documented experiences at: (search for the fyi tag for the hidden pages, you'll get a sense of the history of harassment and my transformation based on post dates).

As I mentioned, they do highly illegal surveillance, harassment, following one around and at times intimidation activities (I can’t tell you how many times I have been followed home and from job site to job site, even now).  Everything I am mentioning here is already known by the FBI, I have contacted them twice and informed them however, I do not want to do that anymore as I know they are very busy these days.

Words cannot describe their level of sneakiness and invasiveness,  for example, on the 14th of January a man kept coming in and out of our basement and I am sure it was them acting like some type of repairman and probably installing more gadgets and/or devices.  I  found out he was not authorized and due to this I since put a lock on the basement door.  Now they are back to driving occasionally around and around my block holding up their cell phone to connect to some type of device they installed place.

I know all this first hand directly from past neighbors and my spying on them myself (listening in on their conversations when they are not aware).

Then around this same time I had ordered a small $13 computer part for my climate change laptop and since they are in my router they knew the tracking number and delivery information and took this package from my doorstep.  How do I know it was them for sure, the package was among several Amazon boxes for my neighbor who ordered a bunch of goodies, only my box was taken.  This has happened numerous times.

Then a few days after we had that big freeze, they came and poured a ton of water on the first stair case and it froze to a large slippery mound.  They also came into my apartment and put 3 bottles of alcohol in plain site as they know I am a recovering alcoholic (sober six years this month).  They have no qualms about entering your  place when you are away and snooping through your things, planting devices or other mischief.

(About the water poured on the steps, I do not know if they actually did this yet judging from my past experiences with them I am pretty certain they wanted me to slip and hurt myself.  I am very aware of their M.O. not to mention that they seem to think I do not recognize their faces. They are immensely deceitful and shifty). 

As indicated I now being followed around from job site to job site, when shopping for groceries, when I go out, they are always close by.  I admit sometimes I do not always notice them but that is on the low end as I know recognize how to operate and act.  

They are duplicating SIM cards so can easily track ones communications and location as well as all ones private data (I am certain they have bugged my best-friends phone as I always keep my turn off for the most part due to this awareness).  They are utilizing skilled hackers who I have seen with my own eyes in action.

Unfortunately, I had to cut some ties with close family members fearing what they might try to do to them to get to me, I basically do not associate with others in society outside from my religious faith, work or some family functions due to mistrust and caution that they are part of their network.  

However at first I feared them especially after some of the things they have done before… but I now have sense of appreciation for what they did to me and continue to do.  If nothing else they have caused me to strengthen my convictions to become more lion-like and fearless (something I like others are constantly working on). 

I totally do not fear them at this point and neither should you, instead use them to strengthen ourselves and transform our karma, sort of speak.  

All this simply because of a hobby that I that I developed to create a venue to help benefit others.  I cannot see myself walking away from something that I developed a strong interest and passion for due to the fear that these individuals try to install in me. 

Again please realize that the fact that they spend so much time and resources on someone as insignificant as me indicates that they are more than likely doing much more of this and worse to children and others as well, especially to those more involved in climate justice, law enforcement, students interested in climate action, or other climate related activities.

I have seen their numbers increase in both New Jersey and NYC, I’ve seen them all over the city and it is not really hard to recognize them although they are now using minorities here and there.  They stand at street corners pretending to looking things up on their phones yet what they are really doing is communicating with each other and monitoring their hacking devices planted in their target(s) phones or homes.  I know this for sure plus I pretty much now recognize some of them along with developing a knack for realizing their new ones through their habits.

What gives me the advantage of knowing this is as I said, that I have been victimized by them since the middle to end of 2016, November of that year I realized for sure.  I had created the most beautiful climate adaptation website to help law-enforcement, teachers, nurses, emergency services and others as an example website to idea #9 and they managed to destroy that site completely.  It would of helped these departments increase their salaries and at the same time adapt and mobilize towards the current climate crisis.  I am sure it still can.  

This might sound a little different however I strongly believe that a city, town, county, village or even continent running a well designed climate adaptation program (using some of idea #9),  will create reverse financial input, meaning that instead of these venues being funded the actual climate adaptation department will fund their own salaries and resources, all the while increasing the salaries of nurses, firemen, teachers, law-enforcement, and emergency services (see the idea for more information). 

I really believe it is something that can be done, the only obstacles are the climate deniers and fossil fuel industry’s tactics.  You can see some of my experiences and ideas on my original site that was destroyed (some of what I have been able to recover) is here at: but more importantly see my webpage:  (for some of my personal past experiences).

They were unable to access my site externally so they hacked my laptop and destroy the site completely along with base website via this laptop.  This was my fault and I am working on both implementing a stronger firewall, educating myself, and increasing security.  Please use caution and be behind a firewall, avoid or use caution in locations with free wifi, consider installing ZoneAlarm Extreme Security (or buy a VPN router) on your home PC.  Zone Alarm or other firewall or VPN apps exist for cell phones as well.

One of the reasons I am sharing all this information with is that this year New York City will host a large climate summit in September and it is my assumption (right now that is all it is, an assumption) that they are preparing to do damage to organizations, cities and others via their hacking and illegal spying tactics.  I’ve seen some of the new people they have here and there, of whom appear to be both more militant and some business like.  

The other reason is to offer a heads-up for those on the front-lines of fighting climate change emergencies and to protect our children who are taking more and more active climate action and responsibility to speak-up and protect their future.  Forget the wall, focus on this obstruction to the climate action that is not only needed but must be expedited.  

For the most part, I have been blocked at home and in public from using the internet when searching for climate related information going on two years now and have been updating my current website data by sneaking around (I am not looking for sympathy or help here, but more along the lines that you are aware that these guys are doing this, that’s all).

When I go on the internet I am immediately attacked and pages do not load, they have attached something to my router that monitors anything that I might attempt regarding climate change, they also follow me around the city to see if I try to utilize the internet for accessing my site.  If I do then the hackers are dispatched (I’ve actually witnessed this several times).  This is no exaggeration.

So now I even get up in the middle of the night, go in the yard or neighborhood away from my router (and sometimes cell phone) to upload data to my site and have to go places where I know I am not being followed or do it fast before they can come and attach to my phone.  If you come to my home, you will see they have attached something to my router and for the life of me I am unable to remove.  I have contacted Verizon Fios 3 times so I am hoping this gets resolved soon.  

Lastly, through sharing this experience I am requesting that you become aware of their tactics and learn more about them.  I cannot emphasize enough my main concerns which is that since our children are getting more and more involved in the climate mobilization and activities they have the potential to become vulnerable to these forces that want nothing other than to destroy their efforts and those who are sincerely trying to improve life on this planet.

I can imagine how they have probably hacked into all those judicial judges, attorneys, investigators and others who are also taking the fossil fuel industry to task.  I also cannot stress enough how devious and covert they are.  So much so, one doesn’t even realize half the time that they are being shadowed.  

I have learned that integrity comes from being honest and earnest in one’s endeavors, from having compassion and empathy for our fellow man no matter what country they are from.  Most importantly from speaking out against injustice and the forces that want nothing other than destroy our human dignity and our efforts towards a safe and sustainable planet.  

Thank you so much for taking time to read this.  

(Little J, can you proof-read and send me the errors as usual – thanks)


Climate Change Community!

It is not easy to keep silent when silence is a lie. - Victor Huguo



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