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“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
- United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Idea 9:

image Thoughts:

“Through adversity, not only are we given an opportunity to discover our inner strength, we are also given the gift of foresight so we can shine a light for others who go through the experience after us.” - Rachael Bermingham

I don’t know if you noticed especially at the beginning of this year, the emphasis isn’t so much about success or I got mines and you got yours.  No sir, it is in the air, that the emphasis is much deeper now,  more inclusive.  It’s about what are we going to do about this crisis (with emphasis on ‘we’).  People are including not only their family in statements and comments but the whole of humanity, hence the word ‘we’ is becoming popular again and denotes ‘we-the-people’, all of us.  It’s about how to help others honestly, empathetically, with integrity, kindness, and in the end we are naturally assisted in return.

In regard to the current climate crisis, our climate crisis predicament now requires us to set a new course and move in the direction of compassion and hope,  for both ourselves, our families, our children,  their future, and the whole of humanity (us/we).  It will be comparable of moving towards a planet that is based on empathy and compassion from one that was heading directly towards brutality in favor of the financially powerful over the poor and frail in terms of survival and resources.  Our (we-the-people) time has come!  Keep in mind these thoughts are directed towards our collective climate adaptation efforts; self-transformation is personal in which one one undertakes through their beliefs and personal maturity and the former cannot or might not come to elucidation without the latter.

We all have a vested interest in the future of humanity.  No matter what political party, what you do for a living and most of all the fact that now realities we are facing are not about just us.  Our children safety are exactly our vested interested.  Their future represents the future of the human race and when this is put into jeopardy it becomes a not only a human-rights issue but a door that opens dire consequences for their potential.  We can no longer be idle and action needs to be expedited. We can no longer turn a blind eye to this reality which needs a step-up mobilizing towards renewable energy. 

It also matters very much what kind of children we are leaving to care for the planet, themselves and their future (children).  We have to look at helping and training them to deal with the effects of climate crisis and transforming the planet to start reversing the damages done.  This also includes dialogue about emotional maturity, tolerance and compassion in facing the differences of others, dialogue with strangers, empathy towards the struggle of others, and so on.

A divorce is needed, one that pulls us away from those who are predominately avarice by nature.  Then there are their hired-hands who stubbornly will hurt others with their only intention of lining their pockets.  What level of stupidity the media, banks, unethical capitalism and wealthy individuals possess that their greedy nature deludes them to see that they themselves will be affected as the situation degrades.  How do they not see the cause and effect of this? 

Like nuclear disarmament,  the current climate crisis is a reality that we all share together.  We all now share something strongly in solidarity and the actions we take now to address this crisis will have a strong bearing on our the future inheritors of our legacy. 

Nothing on this planet has the strength of integrity, honesty, compassion, and a deep respect for human dignity.  There is an indisputable yearning that is inherent in humans towards goodness.  This goodness also means we all have the right to right to protect our own family and fellow human-beings from environmental disasters.  However there are those who are deluded and mired  in the human nature of selfishness.

The Obstacles of  Change:

“For the powerful, crimes are those that others commit.” - Noam Chomsky

There are individuals who willfully choose to hamper and/or destroy the efforts of those who are working towards creating a sustainable planet based on renewable energy.  They range from penny counting greed, deluded thoughts about mortality, and are just plain mislead knuckle-draggers. 

Going back to these influences, they are to this day responsible for the restraining of climate action as the hired–hands of the fossil fuel industry, unethical companies and greed obsessed wealthy individuals.  These include individuals from or representing the Mercer family, Heartland, ALEC group, Exxon, Koch industries and many others.   This also serves as a heads-up on our way to the New York City Climate Summit this September.

This is not an excuse, it is a reality.  Both my website and an example climate adaptation sites were destroyed by the hackers that are employed by these groups.  I know this first-hand, (and even seen their faces) that they employ top hackers to deceitfully comprise any efforts towards climate justice and climate action.  This would also be a heads-up for the Judiciary, District Attorneys and others who are currently taking them to task.  Be behind a firewall, use caution when working in libraries or places like Starbucks.  I foresee the day (soon hopefully) when there individuals along with their handlers are classified as terrorists.

Soon we will all together be standing in front of the same climate crisis reality most of the planet is experiencing on a scale that is horrendous for many.  The fact that some of you might not be affected at this point does not mean you will not feel the blunt of the change in time, we all will.

Instead of the political news that overwhelm us constantly, I am sure if we had the type of leadership that was more concerned with and compassionate about individuals in this country and others on a whole we would be seeing headlines news similar to those of positive results of dealing with the current climate crisis such as seen in Sweden. For example:

"Perhaps what sets Sweden apart is a combination of citizen engagement, high ambition levels and international solidarity. Even when ranked as one of the most sustainable countries in a number of international indices, the focus is not on what has been accomplished but rather on what remains to be done." - Source

The fact that we are more focused on the actions of our president instead of the current climate crisis is a bad commentary on this leadership we have here in the United States.  The floorboards are rotting beneath our children’s feet and their future which means time is of essence yet we are focused on activities and the actions of the effects of blatant corruption.

I understand justice is crucial however we need to bring the current climate crisis to the forefront, starting with mainstream media, which includes everyone not fearing the use of words such as; 'climate change' or 'the current climate crisis.'  In addition the current climate crisis now requires we hold those responsible for the current degradation over their financial strength and influence.

“Until you start focusing on what needs to be done, rather than what is politically possible, there is no hope. We cannot solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis. We need to keep the fossil fuels in the ground, and we need to focus on equity. And if solutions within the system are so impossible to find, then maybe we should change the system itself.” - Greta Thunberg


The Idea:

Climate adaptation will take some financial sacrifice though it is not a sacrifice when you are actually part of the process, part of the transformation, part of the mobilization, adaptation, and receiving something valuable in return.  What you receive in return is that you become part of the efforts towards mobilization and adaptation.

 The idea would involve Nurses, Firemen, Law-Enforcement, Emergency Services, and Teachers in collaboration with everyday citizen’s and especially youth efforts.  This would also coincide with both the governments creating a climate adaptation/mobilization department worldwide immediately, then it would be advisable for each state and city/village to do likewise.  Many have already or are planning to.

By the way, perhaps climate adaptation box (as suggested by a friend) would not be a wise name for the box and instead using the word bag, kit or something else would be.  My response is that it doesn’t matter what you call it.  Perhaps the Climate Adaptation Backpack where everything is kept (see previous ideas).



The idea is for each village, town, city, anywhere on the planet to create a localized climate adaptation social media membership site that could be an intranet or just internet based (if one connects it to the mainstream social media would be option), ran by youth and the Nurses, Firemen, Law-Enforcement, Emergency Services, and Teachers.  It would a  monthly charge, let’s use $10 as an example and this amount might actually would be a good idea for most places.  Then these collected funds (perhaps the mayor’s office could be a  venue for this) would go directly to increasing the salaries of all (not just some) Nurses, Firemen, Law-Enforcement, Emergency Services, and Teachers. 

What would then happen is that using local venues (such as fire stations, police departments, schools, hospitals, etc…) these services could meet once or twice a week for 2 hours (your call) with youth ages 5 through 21 or more in order to work on Climate Adaptation/Mobilization education, activities, training, and more.

The option for each group (Nurses, Firemen, Law-Enforcement, Emergency Services, and Teachers) to have its own social  media meeting place would be advisable depending on the size of the city, town or village.  The funds would be managed both the mayor’s and governor’s office and this is due to a specific reason  that generates even more funds.

Just to recap, Nurses, Firemen, Law-Enforcement, Emergency Services, and Teachers each or combined (depending on size of city or village) creates a  local internet/intranet social media website.  The parents and those subscribed would have access to one of the forums or groups which of course would be related to mobilization and adaptation of their own community. 

The option for those in other states or countries to join can be an option as well since many people have family everywhere in the world.  The beauty of doing this locally is that funds do not have to be submitted online at all unless you choose.  Subscriptions can be mailed in, dropped off or if decided paid through the online community.

Subscribers would have a group and/or forum to offer ideas, suggestions and so forth.  Some activities can be done online.  I had actually created an awesome online community as an example however I had no firewall so it was destroyed by the hackers mentioned above.  The other benefit is that these services mentioned already have a firewall in place so setting up the whole community would probably can be done very affordably.

Per anyone’s request I can create the community using some of the best platforms to do so, however this is not about that or my  intention.  What I can do as soon as I can use the internet freely again is create a template where you  purchase the licenses and input your own custom format and design.

The other benefit and financial increase is that on your advertisement page, you will be able to charge companies a scaled amount.  You can have mainstream companies apply to advertise on your ad page and I highly suggest you give local mom and pop places a priority and reduced  rate, as they are part of the local mobilization and adaptation.  These funds could be used to improve the community and of course the adaptation and mobilization activities.  Your call!

The idea very serious, not about cat and dog pictures but about dealing with the task at hand which is the current climate crisis.  It is about two things; 1.) our Youth, preparing and training them to work towards adaptation and 2.) mobilizing and preparing in general.  This idea has room to grow and transform, so take it, adjust it, claim it as yours, but for goodness sake keep the premises that we are mobilizing and adapting to the current climate crisis for our children’s sake foremost.

I plan to keep posting ideas that I think of, find or see elsewhere that might not be limited in exposure.  I will also be adding and adjusting everything on this idea 9 page.

Loose Thoughts and ideas:

Regarding the idea above, the Nurses group could meet once a week, or every other week, etc. with youth.  The same with other departments mentioned.  The youth can choose which  group they prefer to work with even if some just want to help with managing the online community. 

Ideas will be coming in regularly, they can view and collaborate with other cities, countries, villages, etc… to see what new ideas have been submitted.  Basically this idea has wings, it can grow however I would keep it focused to the local community.

Another idea is to take empty buildings that are either city owned or abandoned and create vertical gardens, this endeavor can also include local farmers.  They key is to keep everything at a local level and eventually gravitate more towards resources coming from each local community.

Some of these ideas (and ones to come) might seem really off the wall, but I can assure you that they will make sense in time and will make sense to those familiar with the subject already.    As an example;  I thought perhaps we can start by removing a pieces of sidewalk in every city on the planet and planting trees, then allowing dogs and other animals to poop there (but not remove that poop). 

In closing, we can start doing things like this now or we can wait...  waiting, mind you will have consequences as the climate crisis worsens.

more to come either here or in idea #10…

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