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the 'Green New Deal Plus' which is
the We-The-People's portion of the
Green New Deal!

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“Confronted as we are today with such huge problems as poverty, food shortages, environmental issues, and international conflicts, many people think it’s impossible for the individual to make a difference and have succumbed to a feeling of impotence.  The fact is, however, that the only way forward for humanity is for each of us to conquer this sense of powerlessness, tap our innate potential to the fullest, and work together in solidarity.  I believe an optimism rooted in a higher order of spirituality is the so– Excerpt from ‘The Inner Philosopher’ Conversations on Philosophy’s Transformative Power by Daisaku Ikeda and Lou Marinoff on page 45.

This is in defense of my point of views on the Green New Deal, especially those grounded in concern and conviction.  We are all entitled to our ideas and suggestions (as long as they do not cause harm to others) and you the reader or listener are the one who stays to learn more about these or simply just click away. 

One thing to make perfectly clear is that I do not have the answers; I do not know a whole lot about Climate Change outside what I am currently learning day by day.  One has to know that what I offer are simply suggestions and ideas that are free to be changed, edited or fitted to one’s area if preferred. 

I do not offer this for any type of attention, media or otherwise.  I appreciate the support I receive from local authorities against those who have continually harassed me for daring to offer suggestions and ideas the goes counter to what they are trying to accomplish. In fact, it is sometimes a nice little break from their continuous attacks.  I call them attacks because I simply do not mention some of the persecution I have to put up from them day by day and I have to say ever since I started posting again the harassment has decreased.

My opinions do not have to be accepted, my site does not have to be visited and most of all one has the full option of simply clicking away and going to other venues.  I do not give a shit about any type of notoriety what-so-ever; my main concern is that our children have a safe and stable climate. 

When I finally release this manuscript which I call ‘Green New Deal Plus’ – it must be known it is simply my own idea or suggestions that can be used or disregarded, nothing more.  It is my way of trying to help out with fighting this Climate Emergency, which I hope will swiftly expedite Mobilization and Adaptation.

So with that please remember anyone is entitled to offer their suggestions and ideas that might help fight this Climate Crisis, if it is viable then good and if not then move on to the next idea. 

(In terms of the history of the Green New Deal Plus idea, where I am at with this, and a little history.  It has been an idea that has been building since August 2016 and has changed many times as I have learned more and I strongly feel it will need to be done as the Climate Emergency worsens.  It will help and the good thing about this idea(s) (four ideas in one) is that it works in the opposite direction, instead of costing money it creates money and these funds includes an automatic increase in the salary of Firemen, Nurses, Law-Enforcement, Teachers and Emergency Services (Climate Warriors). 

This idea in my own opinion is perfect to attach to both the Green New Deal and United Nations SDGs (2030).  If there is anyone who needs to be mentioned for encouraging me it is Daisaku Ikeda who is the President of the Soka Gakkai International.  I had been really encouraged and spurred to action (writing) after reading several of his books, one of the most important being 'The Inner Philosopher' along with a slew of Climate Change books.  Please see his yearly submission to the United Nations and others his ‘Peace Proposals’ which also serves as viable guidelines to transition peacefully and not in a barbaric manner as the conditions worsens.

Even when completed I realize that it has to be released to coincide with some staff changes in our governments leadership as it will not be supported precisely because it also quickly ushers in Renewable Energy ideas as well as a many other incredible opportunities.  Sometimes the worst situations can lead to the best opportunities however the life-force, compassion, and wisdom have to be there to recognize and initiate these openings.  This is exactly where I am working towards in order to submit even more helpful ideas.

To those supporting and protecting my efforts behind the scene, a big Thank You.  For those who might think that I am pulling on strings that lead to an empty can, I personally do not give a hoot, in fact please read the manuscript when released and see if you can perhaps submit your own as it will be welcomed as well.  At this point ideas and not heroes are needed...).

In the meantime simply focus on this site and my Instagram and Twitter as I submit resources, ideas and what I find that can be a tremendous benefit to your community.

“We shouldn’t look at philosophy or learning as mere trappings we don to make ourselves appear cultivated.  Nor should we think of philosophy as something divorced from our lives or as the exclusive property of professional philosophers.  Philosophy is for all serious, sincere people, regardless of their place in society or level of formal education.  True philosophy thrives in the actions of every individual who tries to lead a good and honest life, unswayed by the temptations of fame and fortune.  In this sense, your practical efforts, Dr. Marinoff, to return philosophy to the ordinary people and apply it broadly in daily life are sure to become a great light of hope illumination the future of humanity.” – Excerpt from ‘The Inner Philosopher’ Conversations on Philosophy’s Transformative Power by Daisaku Ikeda and Lou Marinoff on page 13. 


Please believe we can create a better planet...

What drives many of us is our intense conviction and concern to see a safe and stable climate for our children and their future, to see us live in harmony not always based on getting over, getting rich or getting even. 

Although late, we must start solidifying in my opinion a global united effort towards our collective goal of seeing us adapt to the damage willfully caused by the predominant nature of greed of the fossil-fuel industry and others.

So please keep in mind what is shared here is ideas and suggestions that it is hoped can benefit or contribute to the Green New Deal.  Nothing more!

We are the Green New Deal, if we really ponder this, then we can no longer act from obligation but at this point we must act from necessity.  We must let go of the ideology that someone else is going to do this or that.

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"Some men draw a circle around themselves and protect those who are in it: Wife and children. Some men draw a bigger circle around themselves and protect more: Mother, uncles, aunts, grandchildren. Some men draw a big, big circle around themselves and protect many, many more. There comes a point in a man's life when he must find out for himself, which of those men he will be." - Movie 10,000BC


Green New Deal Plus:

The overall theory behind the 'Plus' is not an original idea, it is a recycled idea that can applied to a Climate Emergency, it is also the notion that we all world-wide should benefit together from The Green New Deal.  So in essence the 'Plus' is the part of the Green New Deal which entails world-wide solidarity, it is inclusive.

The 'Plus' also indicates those activities from all of us working together bringing life to The Green New Deal.  These activities are numerous and include any and all ideas that will assist in adapting and mobilizing.  This also includes transforming our health in order to become more robust in handling the crisis.  It puts all of us to work (explained in detail below).

Regarding what Climate Change Community's 'Plus' will do is post any and all of those ideas and resources found in order that they might be of substantial value to you, your family, friends, city, state, village and so forth.


In addition, Green New Deal Plus can also be referred to as Climate Backpack, always something in there to learn, to read, to help...  it is to me also part of the backpack pockets of the Green New Deal and with the United Nation's SDGs being the 17 slots, then more and more guidance and direction will include excerpts of the humanistic aspects of the Earth Charter and suggestions from International Soka Gakkai President Daisaku Ikeda as he submitted to the United Nations through his yearly Peace Proposals since 1983.
Information will sourced from several locations and eventually with excerpts from several books including; 'The Earth Charter in Action - Toward a Sustainable World,' by Peter Blaze Corcoran, Mirian Vilela and Alide Roerink.

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Climate Change Community’s Definition of
Climate Warrior!

Nurses, Firemen, Law-Enforcement, Teachers, Scientists, We-the-people, Emergency Services, Mayors, and Governors (those who it applies to...) and most of all Youth | Young Adults (our Children).  If we think about it these are those on the front line in regard to this emergency.  So when you see Climate Warriors below, then this is who it is referring to.

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Before beginning here are topic definitions about four points:

The Green New Deal:

Green New Deal Article Excerpt




It begins with the galloping momentum calling on the Democratic Party to use its majority in the House to create the Select Committee for a Green New Deal, a plan advanced by Ocasio-Cortez and now backed by more than representatives.

The draft text calls for the committee, which would be fully funded and empowered to draft legislation, to spend the next year consulting with a range of experts -- from scientists to local lawmakers to labor unions to business leaders -- to map out a "detailed national, industrial, economic mobilization plan" capable of making the U.S. economy "carbon neutral" while promoting "economic and environmental justice and equality."  By January 2020, the plan would be released, and two months later would come draft legislation designed to turn it into a reality.

That early 2020 deadline is important -- it means that the contours of the Green New Deal would be complete by the next U.S. election cycle, and any politician wanting to be taken seriously as a progressive champion would need to adopt it asa a centerpiece of their platform.  If that happened, and the party running on a sweeping Green New Deal retook the White House and the Senate in November 2020, then there would actually be time left on the climate close to meet the harsh targets laid out in the recent IPCC report, which told us that we have a mere 12 years to cut fossil fuel emissions by a head-spinning 45 percent.

Pulling that off, the report's summary states in the first sentence, is not possible with singular policies like carbon taxes.  Rather, what is needed is "rapid-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society."  By giving the committee a mandate that connects the dots between energy, transportation, housing and construction, as well as health care, living wages, a job guarantee, and the urgent imperative to battle racial and gender injustice, the Green New Deal plan would be mapping precisely that kind of far-reaching change.  This is not a piecemeal approach that trains a water gun on a blazing fire, but a comprehensive and holistic plan to actually put the fire out.

If the world's largest economy looked poised to show that kind of visionary leadership, other major emitters -- like the European Union, China, and India -- would almost certainly find themselves under intense pressure from their own population to follow suit.

Full Article title and Source:  The Game-Changing Promise of the Green New Deal

(I strongly believe the Green New Deal is also roughly a proposal that not only the government gives life to in the form of action on their part, but we-the-people give life to as well.  This is exactly what The Green New Deal Plus you are reading attempts to do.  So the Green New Deal simply defined is both ‘Action’ on both levels the Government down and the people up.  It is all hands-on-deck to save a damaged planet, that is now a required necessity.  It is crucial now.)

The Earth Charter:

You will be hard-pressed to find a better definition than that of Daisaku Ikeda’s here: 

The Earth Charter, whose drafting was promoted by the Secretary-General of the Rio Earth Summit, Maurice Strong, and Green Cross International President Mikhail Gorbachev, compiles and melds together these many different sources of wisdom. Its four pillars are: 1) respect for all life, 2) ecological integrity, 3) social and economic justice and 4) democracy, nonviolence and peace. The Earth Charter offers a comprehensive overview of the values and principles needed for a sustainable future and as such is an invaluable educational resource.

In addition to its content, the manner in which this "people's charter" was drafted is significant. In the drafting process, efforts were made to incorporate the essential wisdom of cultures and traditions from all regions of Earth. The language of the drafts was patiently deliberated by experts as well as by many people at the grassroots. [...] - The Challenge of Global Empowerment: Education for a Sustainable Future;  Daisaku Ikeda President, Soka Gakkai International

(Many are apt to not read or try to understand it as they think it goes against their religious belief however this is far from the truth, there is no indication of any religious implications what-so-ever, in fact, if anything it would enhance each of the Earth’s religions.  It is as I always say; if Earth would be able to speak directly to us The Earth Charter is the text of what she says.  It is therefore an ethical and moral declaration.  I would suggest reading it and to reread it monthly or at the least every few months.

The United Nations’ SDGs:

Personally I sense some of the ideas of the SDGs came about from Daisaku Ikeda’s submission to the United Nations his yearly Peace Proposals, however this is my opinion.  Daisaku Ikeda is quoted here as well of the importance of these goals:

In order to respond to environmental challenges such as climate change, we must share experiences and lessons learned as we work to prevent a worsening of conditions and effect the transition toward a zero-waste society. Such efforts will be crucial in the achievement of the SDGs, and I would like to stress the indispensable role of cooperation among neighboring countries to this end. - Daisaku Ikeda, Excerpt from 2015 Peace Proposal, (SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals)

And from Wikipedia:

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 for the year 2030. The SDGs are part of Resolution 70/1 of the United Nations General Assembly, the 2030 Agenda.[1][2]

The Sustainable Development Goals are:

1.   No Poverty

2.   Zero Hunger

3.   Good Health and Well-being

4.   Quality Education

5.   Gender Equality

6.   Clean Water and Sanitation

7.   Affordable and Clean Energy

8.   Decent Work and Economic Growth

9.   Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

10. Reducing Inequality

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

12. Responsible Consumption and Production

13. Climate Action

14. Life Below Water

15. Life On Land

16. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

17. Partnerships for the Goals.[3]

The goals are broad based and interdependent. The 17 Sustainable Development Goal's each have a list of targets that are measured with indicators.

Key to making the SDGs successful is to make the data on the 17 goals available and understandable.[4] Various tools exist to track and visualize progress towards the goals. - Source

also see:


(One thing about the United Nations, I hear people who know very little about the United Nations criticize it however it is the very important body as it is a global organization where each country voices their concerns.  It should be appreciated, supported and most of all respected.  If we do not like something about it I am sure we can submit a suggestion on how they can improve this and that instead of bashing it.  If you do not like something work on changing it instead of condemning it.  We need the United Nations now more than ever.)

Daisaku Ikeda’s Yearly Peace Proposals to the United Nations:

 I located this excellent definition:

Every year on January 26th, SGI President Ikeda publishes a peace proposal which explores the interrelation between core Buddhist concepts and the diverse challenges global society faces in the effort to realize peace and human security. The proposal is sent to wide range of groups and individuals in the international community, including governments, libraries, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and United Nations officials. - Source is Unknown however, it is believed it was written by a Soka Gakkai (SGI) member.

(I have access to just about every single proposal that has a wealth of information for a peaceful and sustainable world based on a humanistic and compassionate approach, it highlights the importance of how each of us is in essence a world citizen and how each and every individual is highly valued.)

Some of these four sources will be highlighted below some not however the content of each of these will be highlighted in the future when I open the new Green New Deal Plus community, forum, and blog (more modern website) if not obstructed.

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“What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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Climate Emergency Defined:

It is the catastrophic effects of the primary actions created by the fossil fuel industry with scientific knowledge of the dangers of pumping excess CO2 into our atmosphere, the willful ignorance and complacency of those in power who also knew (and those learning) yet are focused more on lining their pockets or political ambitions and finally those with financial power ruled by greed that loops into an unquenchable thirst of more greed crinkled with apathy for their fellow human beings and the health of the planet. 

This is to me exactly what the current Climate Emergency is defined as.  Many incredible children, young people, young adults, adults’ environmentalist, scientist, parents, and more are spear-heading the fight for a safe and stable climate for our future inheritors.  The many front-line organizations from 350, Extinction Rebellion, Climate Reality, The Leap, The Climate Mobilization, Sunrise Movement, and many more are also those really bringing the awareness, call to action, and most of all the sense of urgency to act into the light.

Common sense should always prevail over the nature of greed and inhuman ambitions.  Unfortunately the time for us to act in accord with the changes has passed and now we must usher in new ways of thinking as well as methods of adaptation if we are to survive as a species ourselves.  It is again a very disturbing reality and one that beckons us to wake the hell up.  It cannot be overstated that our children’s lives are in danger, we are heading straight to  planet that is based on barbarism before the Venus effect.  It is a stark reality at this point.

Please read the ‘Green New Deal Plus’ penned below and it will be outlined step by step towards the end.  This is only one of the many ideas Climate Change Community will be sharing here with hopes that countries, cities, towns, communities, villages and more will consider giving it a read and perhaps it can spur some innovative ideas for these places as well.

Any and all ideas shared below at this point is yours, it does not belong to anyone person it belongs to all of humanity.

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Everthing on this page will come together soon!  To be updated soon...



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