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To avoid actual catastrophe requires that ever-increasing numbers of us take on that sense of being prospective survivors.  As prospective survivors we can find meaning in our actions to combat climate change.  We can take on a survivor mission or preserving our habitat and embracing genuine forms of adaptation for our species.  In doing so we reassert our larger human connectedness, our bond with our species.  - Robert Jay Lifton



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Security:  All about adware

Security:  Politicians and Media Don’t Really Understand How Hacking Works | check it out! Tick!

Security: 13 Ways Cyber Criminals Spread Malware (June 18th 2018 Article) | check it out!  Tick!

Security: See this latest blog post for recent security issue and thoughts:  Tick!

Security:  Article to check out – 6 Tips to Overcome Your Online Privacy Concerns

Security: Check this out, Malwarebytes published an incredible article all about Spyware:  Tick!

Security:  Stunning revelations in CCleaner, August 17 probe (just make sure you are running the 64 bit version of Ccleaner, if you have the 32 bit version, uninstall it)

Security: It is highly advisable to use a password extension (manager) on your browser such LastPass. On the subject of Web Browsers, the three that are also highly recommended are Chrome, Firefox and Opera. When prompted by any browser, operating system, email advisory to do an update please do so immediately. There are viable reasons for these updates, such as a hole has been discovered and this is the putty or online repair kit that patches it. Security nowadays has become interactive and here we can help secure each other.

Security: In the future when communities start populating, each community will be limited to only a certain amount of members (to be determined). First in will be secure.

Security: Before visiting the groups no matter what type of device you are using please runmalwarebytes and (consider ccleaner) before and after visiting the communities. Your efforts to do this will be helping me and yourselves to keep the communities secure together. You can download these files at Snapfiles.com – if you ever need to download software – this is one of the safest place to do so on the web.

Make sure to read their Spyware Policy page and note some software developers will still try to sneak in spyware even when they indicate they do not. Snapfiles indicates under software description those programs that have third-party applications that try to sneak an install. When installing software from anywhere never click next without carefully reviewing each dialogue box carefully.

Security: Regarding your own home wireless router, please see Joel Hruska’s article – The ABC’s of securing your wireless network. It is somewhat dated but the information is valid.



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