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Our hearts go out to all those world-wide who are struggling with the immediate effects of Global Climate Change.  

Climate Change Community (cCc) is a simple Learning Blog that provides in various formats; quoted images, blog posts, education, resources, links, and much more. Climate Change Community (cCc) is resolute in creating value in the form of resourceful adaptation and acclimation tips.

Climate Change is caused by two factors:

The first being unbalance due to the increased rate we are adding carbon dioxide to our atmosphere and second from the total disregard of human existence, our environment and other species.

Lack of compassion from the majority of those in control due to their prevailing nature towards obtaining financial gain at all cost frightens me deeply. Because of the visible direction that we are heading, I worry that this route promotes the likelihood of our own extinction and preventing this is exactly what motivates me.

As Bill Nye indicates in his book; ‘Unstoppable’

“I don’t see any single idea or technology that’s going to save us from ourselves. Instead, I strongly believe that we are going to have to work at a whole host of problems, in many different ways, all at the same time. We have to create new sources of energy, new way to store that energy, new ways to transmit it, and new ways to include governments and citizens everywhere. In parallel, we have to overcome the inanity of climate denial. The deniers have wrought havoc. They’re standing outside looking right at the burning house and insisting that the yellow flames and dense smoke are not really coming from a fire. It’s just the way the house looks this time of day…”

Thus the predominant life-state that prevails just continues to demolish not only our planet, but humans and other species, even if the planet eventually repairs herself. Since money funds denialism, this attracts some pretty unsavory crumb seekers to assist in this doom. With the clarity of this reality it fits us to accept responsibility that we each have work to do.

Many of us are neither experts and admit readily that we know very little about climate change adaptation and acclimation yet this doesn’t preclude us from questioning, seeking solutions, finding truths jumbled within misleading information, speaking out for humanity’s continued existence and most of all helping others learn as we become more educated, acquire knowledge, and useful content (tips).

The larger majority of humanity cares deeply about what is going on in this world in terms of the effects of Global Climate Change and other discouraging issues and are open to not only learning but acquiring tips towards adaptation and acclimation.

Climatic Change Community’s does not follow the status-quo! No bells and whistles here, it is more about substance over style. Personally cCc is not concerned about being socially followed, membership count, being liked, etc… unless to get pertinent information out.

Climate Change Community is more concerned with the direction of humanity. Period!

This site will not follow some of the norms that you might be used to. For the most part I do not employ pop-ups, I only employ dedicated page(s) for advertisement and use very limited web components.

As indicated all advertisements are on one dedicated page(s)and not that annoying intrusive format we are at times accustomed to. Climate Change Community does not employ its own cookies or any type of tracking components, however some of the web components (add-ons) running in the background do. I am not concerned where you came from or where you are going (trailing) yet hope you take advantage of some of the links here to visit other informative sites.

For security purposes I strive to keep my blog and communities self-contained with very limited connections to external websites and some popular social media engines. I will be creating a dedicated page and more content about this shortly.

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