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Climate Change Community will always continue to offer prayers to those affected by Climate Crisis disasters around the planet, we will always be on the side of humanity (the people), and push real hard towards a sustainable future for our children of tomorrow.


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"The upcoming climate talks (current COP24) are the most important round of negotiations since the Paris Agreement was reached three years ago," Lou Leonard, the World Wildlife Fund's senior vice president for climate change and energy, told CNBC via email.


imageYesterday, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said that the average global temperature for 2018 was set to be the fourth highest on record. The WMO added that the 20 warmest years on record had occurred in the last 22 years, with the "top four" taking place in the last four years.

In a strongly-worded statement, the WMO Deputy Secretary General Elena Manaenkova sought to highlight how important the issue of a warming planet was.

"Every fraction of a degree of warming makes a difference to human health and access to food and fresh water, to the extinction of animals and plants, to the survival of coral reefs and marine life," she said.

Work to be done

The World Wildlife Fund's Leonard told CNBC there was still time to prevent the "worst impacts" of climate change and create a "safer future," but that the window was closing fast.

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image12.10.18: More about The Climate Adaptation Box...

Regarding the 11.30.18 (idea #3) post below referencing the climate change adaptation box (cab) or as someone else coined it, the climate ice (in-case-of-an-emergency) box, or another name could also be whatever you decide.  Going into additional details regarding this idea which also picks up the 12-08-2018 post below/above.

This part of my suggestion, in my opinion, we cannot afford not to initiate, although looking at some state and other governments websites, this exists already in many places. 


Idea #7:

That box should be enlarged according to circumstances, for example families would have a family climate adaptation box, nurses stations would have one, police departments would have one, fire departments, mayors offices, classrooms, etc... 

Each of these boxes depending on the circumstances will have either a person, department, or unit assigned to not only manage and care for this climate change adaptation box yet will also to give it more of an identity (more information about this shortly).  So for example, the local schools, nurses stations, etc... would have a person(s) or department assigned as the Climate Adaptation go-to person(s) or department.  This would be considered the main contact person(s) or department that represents 'The Climate Adaptation Box' as well as one(s) caring and managing the actual box itself.

So in essence, we now have a climate adaptation box which every family, business, or city/state govenment would have, then a person or department that would care and manage the box. 

continued at Idea #9...


imageToday more than 60 percent of Americans are worried about climate change, and it's easy to understand why. In the last year alone, record-breaking hurricanes, wildfires, heat waves, and algal blooms, all linked in one way or another to our changing climate, have affected nearly every part of the United States. The scale of the problem can be overwhelming. The latest report from the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, released last month, underscored, once again, that solving the climate crisis will require a complete and unprecedented transformation of the world economy.

Such a transformation will require concerted global action—the kind that comes about when hundreds of world leaders and delegates come together for negotiations like COP24... Continued at source: THE SIMPLEST CLIMATE ACTION YOU CAN TAKE IS IN THE KITCHEN

Other interesting related article:  George Monbiot: Ending Meat & Dairy Consumption Is Needed to Prevent Worst Impacts of Climate Change



image12-09-2018:  I will be posting this one particular idea that I have that if considered might both financially benefit teachers, law-enforcement, firemen, mayors, governors, nurses, emergency services, mom  and pop business's and parents.  It will be posted in bits not the entire idea at one time, it will build up to include surrounding aspects and obvious and not so obvious benefits.

This is just a suggestion, an idea, that I offer on behalf of climate adaptation, if it is considered then great, if not I will hope perhaps the future leaders will consider it.  I sense it will benefit and transform us through both climate adaptation and mobilization. 

Unfortunately I have to sneak around to find internet access as I have the fossil-fuel hired-hands  occasionally following me around (not so much harassing anymore) yet still attached via fossil-fuel hired-hand hackers and stalkers.  See next page for more details.

Every time I connect to the internet at home, I am not sure how they do it but these hackers block my ability to access the internet specifically on my climate change community laptop, so I virtually have to hunt around for an IP Address and at the same time make sure that I am not followed by their assigned hacker (that literally works on preventing me from posting), in order to upload these posts.  I determined to transform this in the near future, in the meantime I will share this idea as I have been mulling it over for a while now thinking and thinking how to best implement.

This is a world-wide idea, not just for the United States to implement, so it will help every country.


... the COP24!


Please those who aren't aware, the conferences for the most part are being streamed live via YouTube and carried by DemocracyNow.org,YouTube, etc...  (I am sure the opening speeches are also available on YouTube). 

Please take time to listen carefully to the speakers and their message of how we have plum run out of time and we need five times the effort now if we are going to not only catch up, but have an impact on leaving a sustainable planet for our children.  The dire need of mobilization is the underlying message and how we can go about doing this in many ways is the question.  I will be posting more ideas that I hope can help with this. 

Amazing the depth of beauty of Poland and how full of culture she is.  I can see from watching the Cop24 conferences that the people there hearts of so pure and sincere.  I applaud Poland as well for her strong efforts to lead the way towards stronger climate mobilization and adaptation.


Idea #6:

image12-06-18 - What if each and every one of us planted a tree in 2019, minus deniers and others. Each person on the planet planting a tree would equal transforming just about the entire planet into, a forest. Some might think that this is ridiculous, however when we look at the alternative or rather direction we're heading in then it might be a motivational impetus.

How do we go about it. Well for one we can all use Ecosia search engine for web-browsing as after about 45 searches or so they plant a tree on our behalf. Perhaps this would motivate Sports Companies, Google, Bing, Amazon, and others to indicate they plant trees on our behalf whenever we use their services or purchase from them.

I am sure there are other organizations and entities that have or either offer this service or have mechanisms that allows one to have a tree planet on their behalf. A simple Ecosia web search would suffice in finding them.

Another thought is that I remember when I was living in the country how trees would drop seeds all over, so I thought perhaps grade school children as a class trip or project could collect these on an outing and ship them to other children in other states or countries that could benefit from them. They could even create their own class project to plant them.


Idea #5:

image12.05.18 - Told to me by a good friend.  Uber and Lyft should create travel to work vans, meaning so many people would give up driving in order to carpool with others. They would rather not wait at bus stops yet would gladly go from home to work and back in a 14 person or less car pool.  This would decrease several vehicals from the road and help decrease congestion to boot.


Transcript of the speech by Sir David Attenborough
COP24, Katowice, Poland
3rd December 2018


Your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen.

‘We the peoples of the United Nations’.
These are the opening words of the UN Charter.
A charter that puts people at the centre.
A pledge to give every person in the world a voice on its future.
A promise to help protect the weakest and the strongest from war, famine and other man-made disasters.

Right now, we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale.
Our greatest threat in thousands of years.
Climate Change.

If we don’t take action the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.

The United Nations provides a unique platform that can unite the whole world.
And as the Paris agreement proved, together we can make real change happen.

At this crucial moment, the United Nations has invited the world’s people to have their voice heard, by giving
them a seat.

The People’s Seat;
giving everyone the opportunity to join us here today, virtually, and speak directly to you the decision makers.

In the last two weeks, the world’s people have taken part in building this address, answering polls, sending video messages and voicing their opinions.

I am only here to represent the ‘Voice of the People’: to deliver our collective thoughts, concerns, ideas and

This is our ‘We the peoples’ message.

( Video : https://vimeo.com/304018764 )

The world’s people have spoken. Their message is clear.

Time is running out.
They want you, the decision makers, to act now.
They are behind you, along with civil society represented here today.
Supporting you in making tough decisions but also willing to make sacrifices in their daily lives.

To help make change happen, the UN is launching the Act Now bot.
Helping people to discover simple everyday actions that they can take, because they recognize that they too must play their part.

The People have spoken.
Leaders of the world, you must lead.
The continuation of our civilisations and the natural world upon which we depend, is in your hands.



The one aspect of the Cop24 as in some of the previous conferences I notice is that there is little to no representation of Youth, even though the children and older youth are spear-heading a mountain of activities outside of some these venues.  I notice it is usually older men and women which is ok, but how about this idea.

 I propose that every delegate, climate representative from which ever country, diplomat, president, etc... have with them as a voice representing the youth of tomorrow as well as adaptation ideas a young adult. 

One reality I learned from my faith activities is that youth are always encased with tremendous new fresh ideas.  They also have the energy and power to move beyond limitations placed on them as well as encouraging other youth at the same time.  This general idea about youth is also related to a future idea that I will be sharing shortly.

kids image

Idea #4:

 Empower, encourage but most of all involve youth in all aspects of the climate action, mitigation, adaptation and solutions.  They should saturate and be spear-heading the efforts towards climate mobilization.  Young people are very concerned about their future, they should not be censored and should be listened to regarding the climate crisis. 

I propose that every delegate, climate representative from which ever country, diplomat, president, etc... have with them as a voice representing the youth of tomorrow as well as adaptation ideas, a young adult.  They would have to meet some criteria of course.

Empower, encourage but most of all involve youth in all aspects of the climate action, mitigation, adaptation and solutions. They should be saturate in and as well as spear-heading the efforts towards climate mobilization. Young people are very concerned about their future and rightly so, in that case they should not be censored and should be listened to regarding the climate crisis.

It is way beyond time that old ideas are appreciated but at the same time new ideas from young adults be considered and encouraged.  They have more of a vested interest towards the future for obvious reasons.  We are destroying their planet the least we could do now is assist them in making it livable again.




Our predicament now requires us to go off course and move in a new direction, however;  not for ourselves but for our children, their children and the fact that we are heading directly towards the extinction list.   

We all have a vested interest in the future of humanity.  No matter what political party, doesn't matter what you do for a living and most of all the fact that now realities we are facing are not about just us; if you have kids in your life, family members with children, have friends that are youth and so forth, then this is where our motivation should stem from.

That is exactly our vested interested.  Their future represents humanities future and when this is put into jeopardy it becomes not only a human-rights issue, it is the actual door that opens dire consequences for their future.

We can no longer be idle and action needs to be expedited. We can no longer turn a blind eye to this reality need to step up mobilizing towards renewable energy. 

We are talking about saving lives instead of lining our pockets.  What level of stupidity the media, banks, unethical capitalism and wealthy individuals possess that avarice deludes them to see that they themselves will be affected as the situation degrades.  How do they not see the cause and effect of this? 

 Like nuclear disarmament,  the current climate crisis is a reality that we all share together.  We all now share something strongly in common which is the climate crisis and how working together now we can leave a sustainable planet for the children of tomorrow, the future inheritors of our legacy. 




11.30.18 - Aside from one's personal religious faith, how do we move people from excessive materialism towards a stronger climate adaptation mindset?  It is still important to desire, to want things (decreased materialism, not eliminate) along with the necessity of needs.  This idea might not make sense now, however I can assure you it will in both time and situation. How do we each immediately start adapting? 


Idea #3:

By making 'Climate Adaptation' a noun, meaning making it an physical object such as a box, just like the current climate crisis, which we can both see and feel. 

We each obtain a climate adaptation box, no matter how you customize it but it should be something you can pick up and move in a jiffy.  Label it if you prefer, then this box is kept with your most essential emergency items such as candles, flashlight with fresh batteries, an old cell phone (avec charger) with firechat installed, and even important papers that you must have in case of emergencies.  The climate adaptation box should not be put aside and looked at once in a blue moon, no sir, it should be reviewed at least once a week.  If you traveling then make a small part of your suitcase a climate adaptation box (cab). 

In some of the future ideas I will be sharing this 'climate adaptation box' relationship to other adaptation steps that will have financial bearing in a such good way for teachers, law-enforcement, mayors, governors, nurses, emergency services, mom and pop places, and most important firemen.




11.29.18 - Another one of those ideas that we might want to consider when facing those unexpected climate disasters.


Idea #2:

On old phone, download via IP FireChat or a similar program as well as VLC!

 FireChat (or similar) is an app that turns your old cell phone into a walkie-talkie, i.e. you do not need to have an IP address.  Someone at close enough distance away (sad to say, even under rubble) can communicate.  Then install VLC and add a 16, 32, or 64 GB sdisk card (I believe that's what the cell phone cards are called), then on this card load a several hours of music. 

The idea is two fold, one is to use your old phone as a walkie-talkie which does not require an IP connection and the other is to have a way to make constant noise if you need to be found due to unforseen (or known) climate disasters.  See next idea for more details.

It is in my opinion essential. 




11.28.18 - Climate Change Community (website) was attacked and virtually destroyed by the hackers of the fossil fuel (hired-hands) industry.  Why?  Because I like many others have ideas, suggestions and share a strong desire to move away from burning fossil fuel and transitioning quickly towards renewable energy (wind and solar).

So with that I continue the site in this raw format if that's ok.  I will eventually rebuild again, however want to continue sharing my ideas here.

They couldn't do it from the outside in so they rented an apartment somewhere next to me and kept trying to hack into both my computers and router.  Once in; they created havoc starting with destroying my site's database.  I am working to recreate it from scratch again as well as sharing some climate adaptation ideas I have.  Somehow this misfortune will be a benefit, I might not see it like that at the moment, however I am sure in time I will and not only that; the ideas I will be sharing will have no distractions as they will be in raw format.

I want to now proclaim the fossil fuel industry as a terrorist organization!  Why?  Because of their avarice nature they will destroy millions of us, not thousands or hundreds but millions of us -- who will perish due to their inebriated greed, arrogance and outright inhumanity.

This live terrorist organization (fossil-fuel and their hired-hands which are probably Heartland, ALEC or an AEI branch) has a network wide and vast, you see them standing on street corners ready to be dispatched, following climate activist around, hacking anyone who has anything do with climate change awareness, activism, or such computers among a host of insidious activities.  Their goal is is to tout fossil fuels at the same time denigrating renewable energy.  This dying behemoth will stop at nothing to grab as much wealth as possible at the cost of your children's future existence on this planet.  Like the elephant most of them represent--we must break the chains and act--if not for our future then for our childrens. 

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Idea #1:

I propose that we immediately create a new law that is adhered to world-wide in which, these terrorist business's, individuals, or organizations that knowingly work on destroying the ability of humanity to continue existing be stripped of their financial wealth.  They will be left with only a million dollars and all other removed finances will be used for #1 climate disasters and #2 create renewable energy companies ran and owned by the people themselves.  Crimes against humanity should not be tolerated in the least.



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