Website Owner Disclaimer:  We are not scientists (yet), and what one finds at this site and the communities does not dictate solutions to this Climate Emergency.  For myself the author, most of what you read I consider a hobby and a great concern in that this Climate Emergency affects us all and I have a sense of responsibility to assist others as I learn more.  With that you are highly encouraged to leave before continuing as this is not an official scientist ran website, simply an outcome of our yearning for climate self-education which can serve as support to others. Nothing more and nothing less.

Humanity Can Change:

 “Ignorance is always afraid of change.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

To those that loathe change, to those who abhor reading whether in the form of self-education or otherwise, to those who are filled with racism and hate of our fellow human-being, to those who rather follow misinformation and individuals that are not grounded in reality, to those who follow leaders that are pessimist and so cynical that not only does it cloud their own judgment but yours as well and finally to those who think themselves less because they are not sure of what is fundamentally moral and just please realize these are qualities that are changeable. It is very important that you realize you will also be affected by this Climate Emergency if you are not already, the point is learning what to do about it and who exactly caused it.  In essence we need both self-transformation and each other in order to be prepared, informed and unified in tackling our current Climate Emergency.

“There is no good reason why we should not develop and change until the last day we live.” – Karen Horney

Welcome to Climate Change Community! 

We want to take a moment to offer our most deepest condolences to the families and friends that have lost loved ones from COVID-19, from those lives lost from both Police brutality, racial viciousness, the violence as a result, and those lost to this Climate Emergency throughout the world.  The times now divulges the fact that the current Climate Emergency requires that we must self-transform, mature, and evolve as a necessity quickly otherwise brutality for survival might have the potential to become predominant. 

Before you begin reading:

 “Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

This site has been segmented into three different websites in one, sort-of-speak.  The first site being that when you visit without any action on your part it is a simple informational venue, i.e.… quoted article excerpts whether from books, magazines or other locations, links to entire articles as well as sites of interest, and finally must watch videos.  Most will be blogged but others will just be links to sourced content.

Second site is when you login (register) you will see my own ideas.  Then thirdly is the actual ‘Community’ as in Climate Change Community.  This is not a ‘social media’ venue, not at all, it is a community more geared towards ideas, plain-and-simple.  I am hoping on creating a useful ‘idea engine, the first ‘idea engine community’ of its kind.’

Learning and Self-Transformation is our precedence:

This is probably your first Climate Emergency website where you are highly encouraged not to proceed (read) any further.

Some visitors might not want to continue as this website is probably not geared for those who do not want to see the truth, ideas, and content regarding tackling our current Climate Emergency from a different perspective.  In other words, we tend to definitely favor the renewable energy (wind and solar) route with net zero ASAP as well as other goals and significant conceptions (more below). We sense this site might only appeal to some and not everyone.

Also we are very strong believers that we are not going to see meaningful changes in our tackling of this Climate Emergency (and other issues for that matter) unless we also each individually include as a priority our own self-transformation.  How this is manifested in our lives means that one must constantly have a yearning for self-improvement, which includes developing stronger empathy and compassion; this it is not something anyone can give you but a self-transformational process.  Thereby it is initiated from your own self, by your own efforts.

Our words need to be grounded in the spirit of self-mastery – the willingness to learn from the example of others and correct our behavior accordingly. 

            Self requires the existence of other. We cannot engage with others in an effective and productive manner if we lack the inner tension, the will and spiritual energy to guide and control our emotions. It is by recognizing that which is different from and external to ourselves, sensing the resistance it offers, that we are inspired to exercise the self-mastery that brings our humanity to fruition. To lose sight of the other is thus to undermine our full experience of self. – Daisaku Ikeda, Excerpt from his 2004 Peace Proposal to the United Nations

Now, for those thirty-eight or so friends and family, which also includes our friends and family in France and Japan and those that are interested in reading further we are back.  We are still recovering the blog and working diligently to offer educational outlets, important resources, fresh ideas and discovered solutions from various sources that one might have either overlooked or have not discovered yet. This includes suggestions, innovations, links and book excerpts as well as important climate news and breakthroughs, basically anything found that can be supportive.

Again, what you are going to read is a result of our wanting to learn and help more, nothing else.  We certainly hope that is ok that we share what we learn with the intention that conceivably it could be beneficial as our sole efforts now are the safety and stability of humanity’s future, especially our children.

To be clear, like many others we are ourselves still learning about the science of Climate Change, about the UN’s SDGs, and the Green New Deal.  Although we do not understand everything of what we study, we are nonetheless more familiar with what is clearly visible and the destructive effects of what is to come as outlined in the understood IPCC reports, scientific findings, various articles, especially specific books.

What is meant by ‘Age of Necessity?’ 

Since time is no longer on our side (as it both obviously appears and recorded by scientists) plus the fact that we have waited far too long for some fundamental climate actions; now our activities should be none other than that of necessity, there are no longer wiggle room according to adamant remarks by a few scientists.

“This is an emergency. The timescales are different to those that we regularly respond to, but if we don’t act, the consequences are horrendous.” – Paul Netherton, Deputy Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, leader of the newly formed Devon Climate Impacts Group, United Kingdom


This paragraph was added 11.13.2020 – It is official we are definitely going to hit the wall at over 120 Mph due to ‘World-wide Climate Leadership Inaction.’ Our children, activists, authors, climate organizations, scientists, and others that have been ringing the warning bell (and have been for some time) now, and now we (all of humanity) must put on our seatbelts to minimize the impact.  This is now a stark reality.

We should all now feel the same sense of urgency that our children have been striking about, we should now really feel-them, get-them and realize now that we need new ideas and unreserved designs of what is next for us as individuals on a local level.  We will blog those ideas as they are discovered and/or mentioned in news and science articles. We will also share our own ideas that could be considered or not.

Many solutions, ideas and innovations are already available, political will from some (not all) in power is null, literally.  Since we have new leadership (and more on the horizon) I am hopeful some ideas, innovations and solutions will start being addressed and implemented.

Everyone has many things that are important to them, we all do, things very meaningful, we fight for these… which include human -rights, -dignity and an array of humanistic empowerments not to mention maintaining our sanity as we also struggle with societal and personal anxieties, and this is a natural thing.

Nevertheless we must stop the hate and realize we should now be working together in solidarity.  It is now important that we stand in camaraderie in tackling this Climate Emergency, and this is something I am not saying we should do, it is something that is now a necessity.

Note that this site also serves as an encouragement venue of hope and to also instill in those visiting a sense of urgency and encourage stubborn optimism (something I struggled months with myself).  It will not repress dire warnings from scientists, climate authors, activists, our children, and educators.  We are now at the point where the basics of life are in jeopardy and holding back resources and such should not be the case.

‘Never Compromise the Basics of Life. – Dr. Shimi Kang

I also strongly suggest following Climate Organizations as they offer a wealth of resources and activities in which one can become involved in.  If you have the funds or a lot of money, please support both Climate News Sources such as InsideClimateNews and Climate Organizations such as 350.org, Sunrise Movement, Extinction Rebellion, The Climate Mobilization, Earth Guardians, Sierra Club and many more. I will be soon updating links to all of their websites.

Action now should be that of necessity and all of us taking much more proactive measures.  United States has been stagnated in our Climate Action due to the caliber of the leadership we have had.  It is in our power to change this in the very next (2022) and future election(s) as long as we continue to consistently vote and remove corruption and the mechanisms of destruction from our government.

It is going to take years for the planet to rebound, the question is; “Will we be on it when it does?  

It is an extremely sad, depressing, and disheartening time in history for us in terms of the state of our planet, all the strife, hate, sorrow for all those lives lost to COVID-19, this Climate Emergency, Racial Violence and Police Brutality.  Many of us are hopeful we can learn from this and transform this reality to move humanity towards a more compassionate world.

“A man’s accomplishments in life are the cumulative effect of his attention to detail.” – John Foster Dulles

One scientist recently said; “It doesn’t matter what we call it at this point (Climate Ideas such as GEM and the Green New Deal) as action beats rhetoric or else we will possibly see the removal of mankind from this planet. (Not verbatim but close).  This comment is or should be the arms that grab our shoulders, shakes and tell us to wake the hell up.  A sense of urgency should now be in our nervous system.

Collectively, it is more than obvious that we are exactly at the most crucial moment and must act very seriously about some of the next steps we take regarding immediate action in Climate Mobilization and Adaptation efforts/education.

Individually however, some actions are crucial and a necessity such as voting, educating ourselves, about the current Climate Emergency and the Green New Deal/UN’s SDGs, and most of all self-improvement (transformation) which entails strengthening our empathy and compassion towards each other and all living species.

“Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.” – Robert H. Schuller

Right now this Climate Emergency could be likened to a definitive period of necessity if we are going to turn humanity’s direction towards a sustainable planet.  What needs to happen immediately is to stand up against ‘Denialism, Greed, and Corruption’ that walks the halls of our Government and elsewhere.

At the same time we can acknowledge and show appreciation for all those on the front-line, the children, the protestors, authors, environmentalists, the activists, scientists, teachers, news sources and others pounding doors and constantly asking us to take heed of the impending dangers.  Thank you so much!

Currently for the United States Millennials and Generation Z’s are needed now more than ever to step up to the plate in regard to the upcoming 2022 Mid-Term Elections.  Voting is literally ‘Climate Action’ towards securing a supportable living condition for you and your future families.

Those in the position of power especially those who have ‘babies/children’ anywhere in their life should realize this is not a political issue, there is no divide in regards to ‘Climate Emergency’ — none whatsoever…  this is a very common enemy we all (planet-wide) share in common much like COVID-19.  This Climate Emergency is in fact a pandemic as well, where the planet is sick and of course all its inhabitants will be too, many are already.

Moving forward and in regard to this definitive period of necessity, perhaps going forward proactive efforts are now a mandatory necessity to literally save lives as it appears now that we do not have much choices left. So with this awareness then acceleration should now be the norm.

“We are the intelligent elite among animal life on earth and whatever our mistakes, [Earth] needs us. This may seem an odd statement after all that I have said about the way 20th century humans became almost a planetary disease organism. But it has taken [Earth] 2.5 billion years to evolve an animal that can think and communicate its thoughts. If we become extinct she has little chance of evolving another.”  – James E. Lovelock

 One of my enjoyments is reading books and absorbing all the main-points out of them, this is a hobby now for me and the last several books I read were specifically Green New Deal books which I have noted every single main point in them.  If it is ok with the authors of these books I would like to share these main points in the near future as I sense it will help put perspective on both the Climate Emergency and the Green New Deal.

In closing, this site is for the most part resources, book/article excerpts, collection of links to articles that are crucial read, or at the very least self-educating assets.  We simply desire to help in our unified tackling of this monstrous nemesis, the current Climate Emergency by way of these ideas, resources, and unifying our efforts.  This is our planet too!

I believe we can be serious and optimistic. I believe we can recognize the overwhelming odds against us and forge coalitions that overcome the odds. The point of beginning is not political strategy. It is a shared sense of necessity, an understanding that we must act.

I believe that Americans, battered by job losses and wage stagnation, angered by inequality and injustice, have come to this understanding. I hear Americans saying loudly and clearly: enough is enough [. . .] When we declare, “Enough is enough,” we are demanding a country and a future that meets the needs of the vast majority of Americans: a country and a future where it is hard to buy elections and easy to vote in them; a country and a future where tax dollars are invested in jobs and infrastructure instead of jails and incarceration; a country and a future where we have the best educated workforce and the widest range of opportunities for every child and every adult; a country and future where we take the steps necessary to ending systemic racism; a country and a future where we assure once and for all that no one who works forty hours a week will live in poverty [. . .] When we stand together there is nothing, nothing, nothing we cannot accomplish. – Bernie Sanders

 In closing, another reason why you might want to click away is that some of the ideas might sound off-the-wall or far-fetched.  But who knows perhaps in three, five, ten years or so they will become not only applicable but a necessity, I am confident of this fact.  Sometimes thinking ahead means inventing or creating solutions, aside from seeking them out.

Thanks for visiting.

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