Our hearts go out to all those world-wide who are struggling with the immediate effects of Global Climate Change.  

Living in a sustainable environment is a human right:

What is Climate Adaptation? How can we benefit from both preparing and adapting to the effects the current global climate crisis? How can we assist each other to adapt? This is what Climate Change Community seeks to answer. The cause and effect of Global Climate Change now spells out transforming, which means adapting to a new reality.

Climate Change Community will share resources and links specifically towards adjusting with the hopes that it will be a benefit towards our adaptation.

Regarding this site’s overall format:

Climate Change Community does not follow the status-quo, it is plain and simple without bells or whistles, it is more about substance over style. For the most part, this site will not follow some of the norms that one might be used to. Pop-ups are not employed here as well as embedded advertisements, the ads are only assigned to specified ad page(s) and the use of web components are limited.

Those intrusive format we are at times forced to contend with are discouraged here. For the most part cookies are also limited – meaning we have no concern where you came from or where you are going (trailing), although we hope you take advantage of some of the links here to visit other informative sites.

fyi:  + sign above, right…  expand for latest climate news… (might not be accessible on some devices)

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