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100 year lie review



“Over the past one hundred years, our species has been engaged in a vast and complicated chemistry experiment. Each and every one of us, along with our children, our parents, and our grandparents, has been a guinea pig in this experiment, which uses our bodies, our health, our wealth, and our goodwill to test the proposition that modern science can improve upon the foods and medicines of nature.” –Randall Fitzgerald, 2006


The book is divided into three parts, each of which is then subdivided by chapters with tantalizing titles such as, “Wizards of Oz: The Food Industry,” “Sorcerer’s Apprentices: The Drug and Medical Industries,” and “Are We Becoming a Mutant Species?.”

One of the many illuminating chapters I found particularly fascinating, is the 25-page timeline of events that have led up to the crisis we are now suffering. One needs to wonder why in 1900, cancer was the tenth leading cause of death in the United States representing only three percent of all deaths, while these days it causes 20 percent of all deaths. Similarly, in 1900, diabetes was suffered by less than one-tenth of one percent of the U.S. population and today it is suffered by almost 20 percent. – Elissa Meininger, June 27, 2006, NewsWithViews.com

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“The Hundred-Year Lie is one of those books that not only needs to be read by every thinking person in America, it also needs to be in the hands of political leaders and policymakers who have been controlled by the very industries that have created the massive health crisis Fitzgerald so clearly exposes.” – Elissa Meininger, Newswithviews.com

“a damning treatise on how food and medicine are destroying the public’s health. He provides devastating evidence on how chemicals are damaging our health even though it was supposed to improve it, sort of a case of science of nature. Very scary…enlightening…Well worth a read.” – The Union Jack

“Fitzgerald culls interviews, research and years of data into a highly readable book – which makes for a frightening wake-up call about the harm we do to our bodies and our world. If “Fast Food Nation” made you consider some serious lifestyle changes, “The Hundred-Year Lie” will inspire you to go 10 steps farther. Grade: A” – The Boston Herald

“Randall Fitzgerald’s book is a classic. Rather than ‘better living through chemistry,’ the book reveals how the totality of our environment, including water, processed food, and pharmaceuticals have become permeated with innumerable toxic synthetic chemicals. The scientific basis for these conclusions is well documented and impeccable. This information is presented in a highly readable and gripping style. The book should be on every concerned citizens’ shelf.” –  Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., Professor emeritus Environmental & Occupational Medicine,  University of Illinois at Chicago,  School of Public Health,
Chairman, Cancer Prevention Coalition

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