The rise of global temperatures, along with the spread of forest fires, floods, and other extreme weather events, has brought a higher demand for professions that fight climate change.

For example, employment in the renewables sector in the US has increased by 300% in the past four years.

Still, you don’t have to be an environmental scientist to help fight climate change. Climate change affects us all, from the food we eat and the clothes we wear to keeping us warm or cool.

So, if you’re looking for a climate change job, there are many different paths to go. Check out our most popular picks of high-level, mid-level, and entry-level jobs below.

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The 21 Best Climate Change Jobs

1. Urban Grower

Even if you live in a city, you can turn your flat roof into an apple orchard or a small tomato plantation.

Green roof gardening can be a part-time job that needs no special qualification, but minimal experience in gardening is welcome.

When you develop your rooftop garden, you can become a supplier of locally sourced vegetables to markets and eco-conscious food businesses.

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2. Public Green Space Maintenance Professional

This job includes everything from clearing the paths in public parks after a storm to botanic surveys of all plants in a specific area.

Some of these professions are entry-level, while for others, employers require a technical college diploma or specialized company-provided training.

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3. Administrative Support Worker

Administrative support is an essential, yet often invisible job in every company.

With climate change and sustainability becoming higher priorities, the job of administrative workers may shift from traditional clerical duties to involve more work with large-scale environmental data collection, grassroots organizing, and communication.

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4. Brownfield Restorer

There are over 450,000 brownfield properties in the United States. In this job you’ll be charged with safely assessing, cleaning, and redeveloping brownfield sites that range from large former factories to abandoned gas stations.

This field of work supports job seekers with administrative experience, technical experts, and manual labor jobs.

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5. Invasive Species Controller

If you hold a degree in biology or just love nature and being outdoors, you may find a job in a government agency or private company that tries to control the spread of invasive species that pose a threat to naturally occurring wildlife.

In this job, you may assist in different farm operations activities or work with a national park team of rangers.

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6. Energy Auditor

As an energy auditor, you’ll be in charge of the official inspection and assessment of the energy that homes or commercial buildings are using. [1]

In their job, energy auditors use equipment such as blower doors, to measure the airtightness of different rooms, and infrared cameras to detect areas around doors and windows where heat is escaping.

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7. Weatherization Expert

After an energy auditor inspects the building, a weatherization expert may be called in to recommend and perform energy-efficiency improvements, like reducing air leaks, improving ventilation, controlling moisture, or building a sunlight or wind barrier.

This job typically requires you to complete a training program at a technical school or with the employer.

If you want to know more about what a weatherization expert does, here’s a great video for that.

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