5 things to know about the future of electric vehicles

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5 things to know about the future of electric vehicles

  • The International Energy Agency released its first Global Electric Vehicle Outlook.
  • Sales of electric vehicles grew despite the pandemic-related economic downturn.
  • Europe surpassed China on electric vehicles bought for the first time in 2020.
  • Post-pandemic economic rescue plans further boosted global uptake of EVs.

While global car sales took a pandemic-related hit last year, electric vehicles (EVs) bucked the trend.

The number of EVs registered across the globe expanded massively in 2020, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) – and this is set to continue over the next decade.

Here are five facts about the market from the agency’s first Global Electric Vehicle Outlook report.

1. There were 11 million registered electric vehicles on the road at the end of last year

10 million of these were cars. The total number of electric cars, buses, vans and trucks is projected to rise to 145 million, or 7% of road transportation, by the end of the decade under governments’ existing energy and climate policies.

With even bolder climate programmes and emission reduction targets, there could be up to 230 million electric vehicles on our streets – 12% of all road transport – by 2030. Motorcycles and mopeds were not included in the figures.

2. Electric car buying remained high in the face of the pandemic

Electric car registrations were up 41% in 2020, despite a 16% drop in overall car sales across the world.

Last year was indeed a ground-breaking one for the sector, as Europe overtook China as the centre of the global electric car market for the first time. From global electric car sales of 3 million, registrations in Europe more than doubled to 1.4 million, while in China they increased to 1.2 million.

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