8 Black Environmentalists You Need To Know

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8 Black Environmentalists You Need To Know

8 inspiring leaders in the environmental movement who are igniting lasting change in their communities and beyond.

We cannot talk about environmental justice without addressing racial justice. Throughout history, communities of color have been disproportionally impacted by climate change and access to environmental resources, pollution, toxic soil and water, the list goes on and on. The fight against institutionalized oppression is becoming more important than ever.  Here are just a few environmental heroes and their organizations who are fighting back against these systems, having an incredible impact not only in their local communities but across the U.S.

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The Climate situation for many a very real disaster, lack of action in many areas of all levels will leave us regretful in the end. Words are useless now, visible action holds weight at this point, but where is it. Those who deny and those who are filled with greed and lust for power, realize their errors past the effect, we need to move in spite of them.
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