Unless the subject is clearly a ‘Climate Urgency’ — which in that case I will share it as an independent blog post, otherwise I will just add to these occasional lists to those listed below and in addition much more hereNoticing that there is now so much more to read then before, this is a good thing though.  If you are on any type of ‘Climate Team’ or State/City/Village Climate Group, please go through this list, plus articles and the like on this site as I am sure there is something for you here.

Thanks again for your efforts to learn more about our Climate Emergency…  I will be updating more soon…

Tackle climate change, create jobs, preserve innovation ***

‘What’s at stake is the life of every being’: Saving the Brazilian Cerrado

Updated: 02.07.2021

Biden has assembled a stellar science team — now they must pull together

More news articles from living architecture monitor

Unleashing the Extraordinary Potential of Rooftop Agrivoltaics

Floating Wind Turbines Buoy Hopes of Expanding Renewable Energy

Big Oil Gets to Teach Climate Science in American Classrooms

Modelling the long-term carbon cycle, atmospheric CO2, and Earth surface temperature from late Neoproterozoic to present day

Biden’s treacherous path to 100% clean energy just got a little easier

Paris Agreement Withdrawal FAQ

Climate Took A Front Seat On Biden’s First Day. Colorado Experts Are Optimistic About What Comes Next

The forgotten foods that could excite our tastebuds

Is capitalism incompatible with effective climate change action? (dated article, valid point)

How Boston is Reducing Building CO2 Emissions to ZERO! (YouTube Video)

Bay Area cities have banned gas to fight climate change. But not Los Angeles

Denmark to create world’s first energy island in the North Sea

Don’t climate bet against the house  (for Climate Scientists)

Judge orders US officials to weigh coal mines’ climate costs

Inevitable Planetary Doom Has Been Exaggerated – The Atlantic

Deforestation ‘stressing animals out’, scientists warn

Bumblebee Endangered Species Listing Urged by Green Groups

Bring in the climate clowns

100-Year-Old Way to Filter Rainwater in a Barrel (idea)

New Bill From Blumenauer, Ocasio-Cortez, and Sanders Demands Biden Declare a National Climate Emergency

Automakers are going green to save money, not just the planet

Big Meat: years of environmental abuse are catching up

$1 Trillion in Oil and Gas Pipelines Worldwide Could Become Stranded Assets, New Report Warns

Recovering atmospheric carbon can make new fuel (Discovery)

Top UK firms ‘woefully’ failing on climate risk disclosure, study warns

Trees for Streams: statewide water quality efforts enhanced through 14 acres of tree planting

Biden’s climate executive orders are a mini-Green New Deal

NASA Announces New Role of Senior Climate Advisor

Food System Impacts on Biodiversity Loss

Factory farming is causing runaway greenhouse gases. It could doom us all.

The Terrifying Warning Lurking in the Earth’s Ancient Rock Record

The world’s wetlands are slipping away. This vibrant sanctuary underscores the stakes.

COVID-19 Threatens the Future of the Amazon and Its Peoples

Campaigners Claim ‘Historic Win’ as France Found Guilty of Climate Inaction

The President’s Dude

Amazon and Bill Gates’ energy fund are betting a startup will transform the $686 billion aviation industry with hydrogen gas

Most crucial ‘Climate Emergency’ articles of the day, week and/or month(posted Feb 3rd 2021)

Why Phoenix may be uninhabitable by the end of this century …

The Weekly Planet: A New Idea for Fighting Climate Change: Retirement Plans!

US, EU importing potentially illegal wood from Brazil: report (France24.com)

The Race Is On for Commercial Deployment of Solar in Open Seas

Study: Pandemic’s cleaner air added heat to warming planet

Get on your bike: Active transport makes a significant impact on carbon emissions

An industry ‘operating on borrowed time’: Energy experts on the increasing risks ahead for Big Oil

The Faces of Restoration

Good grub: why we might be eating insects soon

Carbon capture technology has been around for decades — here’s why it hasn’t taken off

This Year Will Define The Next Decade In The Energy Industry (oil company)

Another Stand-Alone Power System Rollout In Western Australia

French startups develop PV-powered desalination solution

Almost 40 Cities Working To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through IU Program

Now and then: Iceland’s vanishing glaciers

The Same Deadly Vitamin Deficiency Is Ravaging All Kinds of Animals

Biden’s First Climate Actions Are Missing Coal’s Long Tail | The Nation

Next three years will be huge for big wind and solar projects in Australia

Economic growth has ‘devastating cost to nature,’ review finds (The Japan Times)

COVID-19’s Effects on Climate Change-For Better or Worse

India, France joint initiative to boost ties in sustainable development, environment protection

Australia-wide network of hydrogen clusters unveiled

Empty seas: Oceanic shark populations dropped 71 percent since 1970

Sweden is turning into a wine hotspot because of climate change

How many solar panels do we need to save the climate?

Want Environmental Justice? Look to Energy Efficiency.

Coral decline—is sunscreen a scapegoat?

Harnessing the power of the desert sun: BMW Group sources aluminium produced using solar energy

The World’s First Solar Electric Car You “Never Charge”

‘Air pollution major cause of cardiovascular disease’

Kenyan recycles plastic waste into bricks stronger than concrete

Solar Energy Insights

How Biden is reversing Trump’s assault on the environment

Major milestone for world’s biggest solar project

Cheapest running cost car | solar electric car | self charging electric car | solar electric vehicle

Biden Aims to Double U.S. Offshore Wind Capacity in Next Decade

Sea Levels Are Rising Faster Than Most Pessimistic Forecasts

Considerations on Potentials, Greenhouse Gas, and Energy Performance of Biofuels Based on Forest Residues for Heavy-Duty Road Transport in Sweden

Twitter’s Big Oil ad loophole

Climate Change Ravaged the West With Heat and Drought Last Year; Many Fear 2021 Will Be Worse

Removing Carbon Dioxide Through Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement and Seaweed Cultivation: Legal Challenges and Opportunities

A Marine Heat Wave Intensifies, with Risks for Wildlife, Hurricanes and California Wildfires

Meet New $25,900 APTERA Solar Electric Vehicle | VERY PROMISING 1,000-Mile EV And Opens Pre-Orders

Most crucial ‘Climate Emergency’ articles of the day, week and/or month(posted Feb 1st 2021)

Why “Solarpunk” Gives Me Hope for a More Sustainable Future

Seeds of Opportunity, How Rural America Is Reaping Economic Development Benefits from the Growth of Renewables

The Sustainable Future Town of Your Imagination ***

Year-to-date, solar and wind electricity grew faster than natural gas in the U.S.

Protect our landscape and wildlife for the future

OSU research farm: Where ag, solar energy intersect

$14 Billion Raised For Great Green Wall to Continue Planting Trees Across Africa, Keeping Sahara From Destroying Villages

Every Country Has Its Own Climate Risks. What’s Yours?

Next pandemic could be a potentially deadly fungus

3 reasons why embracing the circular economy can be powerful for middle income countries ***

Misconceptions about Wildfires Are Fueling the Problem ***

New Tree-Loving Robots Could Plant Entire Forest of Seeds Daily ***

Former U.S. Climate Leaders Press Biden on Amazon Deforestation

Marine heatwaves becoming more intense, more frequent

City Repair facilitates artistic and ecologically-oriented placemaking through projects that honor the interconnection of human communities and the natural world.

The foods that reverse Climate Change. – BBC ***

Biden environmental challenge: Filling vacant scientist jobs

Here’s what really happens to the items you return online ***

Fighting climate change in America means changes to America ***

Scientists solve a major climate mystery, confirming Earth is hotter than it’s been in at least 120 centuries

Department of Energy Selects Projects to Develop High-Efficiency, Lightweight Wind Turbine Generators for Tall Wind and Offshore Applications

Extraordinary voyage: on the trail of the trillion-tonne runaway iceberg

Bat boxes, ‘greened’ streets and bug hotels: Barcelona embraces its wild side

A Thin Green Line ***

4 ways the U.S. can reassert leadership on climate change

Climate Literacy Is Essential for Effective Change ***

G.M. Accelerates Its Ambitions for Electric Vehicles

How Public Banks Benefit… the Public ***

U.S. oil industry wants farmers to help it fight Biden’s electric vehicle agenda

Critics say green policies stifle growth. The opposite may be true.

Thawing Permafrost Is Full of Ice-Forming Particles That Could Get Into Atmosphere

Let’s Examine the Ties Between the Timber Industry and Extremists ***

‘We Should All Be Water Protectors’: Ilhan Omar Visits #StopLine3 Organizers Day After Activists Block Enbridge Worksites

BlackRock and Wall Street Firms Like Them Are No Friends of the Environment