archived home et about page…

//archived home et about page…

archived home et about page…

Just for my reminder and your fyi this a copy of my old home and about page…

old About page text:

“In the world we grew up in, our most ingrained economic and political habit was growth; it’s the reflex we’re going to have to temper, and it’s going to be tough.” – Bill McKibben

About Climate Change Community… I have this nagging sense that urgency towards climate adaptation and mobilization should now be at the forefront of our world leader’s and citizen’s thinking, action and education. We do not see daily climate news on the television, in fact, we have to search sometimes deeply for it. Thank goodness for InsideClimateNews, The Guardian, Grist, and several other Climate Crisis news outlets.

I am becoming fairly skilled at honing in on the main points from books, articles, etc.… and either blogging or creating quoted images about these points in both areas – climate change and personal development. It is as if its a naturally developed ability that has morphed into my mission to assist towards helping in some way adapt to a new reality that will be the result of this climate crisis.

Regarding quoted images, right now I am all over the place, from creating climate them on denialism to self-improvement to wisdom based, however I am now transitioning more towards adaptation based quoted images, which will become clear in time.

Because of my transformation to become a better person that wants to help others I sense at times that I am only one person standing in front of the pond of humanity with only a pebble hoping the waves after thrown go far and wide.

Concerning the community aspect of this site, these communities I will create will be private and limited in membership.


old Home page text:

This site was created with the intention of sharing both the cause and effect of climate change however the content is now transforming towards intense climate adaptation and acclimation resources and links. Basically sharing what others are doing or introducing new innovations and ideas that might help benefit others who are unaware of them. – 7.10.18

Climate Change is caused by two factors:

The first being an unbalance due to the increased rate we are adding carbon dioxide to our atmosphere (science) and second from the total disregard of human existence, our environment and other species due the intrinsic nature of rapacity, imbecility, and ire being the most prevailing (human nature). See about page for more details about this.

Lack of compassion from the majority of our leaders and corporations due to the prevalent nature towards obtaining financial gain at all costs adds to our current lack of climate adaptation education and resources. This makes it very difficult for areas that are experiencing the blunt of global climate crisis to know what steps can benefit them.

In this regard, highlighting these hidden climate adaptation resources, education and tips towards helping others who are really struggling right now with the devastating effects of global climate change is exactly what motivates many of us to act.

It is safe to say based on observation that many people are also transforming their lives for the better (becoming more humanistic) due to various problems and challenges, yet perhaps something that one might find on this site will be a benefit to them.

As Bill Nye indicates in his book; ‘Unstoppable’ I don’t see any single idea or technology that’s going to save us from ourselves. Instead, I strongly believe that we are going to have to work at a whole host of problems, in many different ways, all at the same time. We have to create new sources of energy, new way to store that energy, new ways to transmit it, and new ways to include governments and citizens everywhere. In parallel, we have to overcome the inanity of climate denial. The deniers have wrought havoc. They’re standing outside looking right at the burning house and insisting that the yellow flames and dense smoke are not really coming from a fire. It’s just the way the house looks this time of day…”

Thus the predominant life-state that prevails just continues to demolish not only our planet, but humans and other species, even if the planet eventually repairs herself. Since money funds denialism (denial that the global climate crisis is causing deaths to humans and extinction to both species and plant life as well as severe damage to the environment), this attracts some pretty unsavory crumb seekers to assist in this doom. With the clarity of this reality it fits us to accept responsibility that we each have work to do beginning with individually transforming our own nature before we can have any effect on mother-nature.

Which brings my efforts to the fact that:

I know very little about the Global Climate Change Adaptation (Climate Crisis) so we will be learning together.


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