Arm-Chair Activist, Climate Change et Elections 2018!

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Arm-Chair Activist, Climate Change et Elections 2018!

Elections 2018 can be for arm-chair activist more than anyone else…

Arm-Chair Activist? Hey! That’s me! What-the-Heck!

Hey, Great! then let me explain…

Be the vote that cuts the rope that has us tied and unable to progress in a sustainable way! Our children and their children to come are depending on us. Time is no longer on our side!

Because of various understandable situations, many of us might not be able to stand in front of pipelines, homes, buildings, in offices, and venues (like many of the climate activist champions currently do) yet it does not mean we can’t take part in the transition towards a safe and stable climate, pulling ourselves out of poverty, resolving water scarcity issues, addressing energy shortages, attending to global health issues, resolving food security, encouraging women’s empowerment (quoting Ban Ki-Moon in part) and transforming all human-dignity and -rights issues.

Do not think for once that being labeled an arm-chair activist is something degrading or negative. Hey! as long as you are taking some type of action wherever you are then you are good to go. The main responsibility now as being an arm-chair activist is our actions in registering to vote, voting and encouraging others to do likewise.

We can as arm-chair activist start a phone, social media, email and text movement to encourage others to register to vote. Hey! Actually it is not taking action at all that equals being complicit which is then considered being an inactive or lazy arm-chair activist. Doing activities from the arm-chair, sort of speak, also keeps additional CO2 from being added after-all.

All of us share the exact same responsibility which is to vote at the primaries if possible and definitely in the elections in November, which in many states require obtaining an ID or jumping through other hoops. We have to be pretty much on the same page and vote.

Heck, we can think of the Democrats coming into office this year as Democratic Green Socialist or better yet Democratic Climate Socialist. Or similar if you vote for a Green, Independent or Republican (that doesn’t accept special interest monies). The second important thing is encouraging others to vote.

Again, for various understandable reasons we might not be able to protest at different events and that is OK, yet VOTING is also the same action of wielding a weapon against injustice, it is protesting at the highest level.

Regarding Puerto Ricans

If you see Puerto Ricans here and there you notice they are bold, proudly display their flags on the homes, clothes, and cars, embrace their culture like no other, cherish and share their food and welcome others like family wherever they go. They represent over 5 million strong voting individuals in the mainland United States and along with their pride comes their tendency not to forget whatever wrongdoing has been done to them. This November elections will definitely see their moral action in place when they in vote in mass, preferably for Democrats (hint, hint). ‘Boricuas never forget injustice’ is their battle yell.

Now if you are Puerto Rican (Boricua) there is no excuse and this is not my trying to instill guilt what-so-ever. It is about supporting those who are living in hellish conditions and by our voting for Democrats (or those poised to respond humanistically) will help to expedite rebuilding and various other types of support. For us Ricans on the mainland this is moral revenge (which equates to a peaceful action using a powerful weapon– our vote). Sorry, but Ricans, like I said, never forget injustice, like many other ricans I learned this first hand from my mom. We owe it to our brothers, sisters, and families on the island. No excuse! Voting Democrat, is my suggestion!

As a civilization we should be more compassionate, more advanced and much more involved in climate change adaptation, solutions, mitigation, etc… Once again to all the environmentalist, arm-chair activist (like moi), students that can vote and everyone else, please keep in mind our homework assignment which is is abundantly clear:

1. Register to Vote!

2. Encourage others to vote!

3. Vote!

My opinion (again) is to vote Democrat, however please research the person you are voting for! Find out if they take monies from special interest, how have their track record been in the past, do they discuss critical issues that are facing us such as Global Climate Change.

While I have your attention, I would like to propose that you give this book a read if possible:


It highlights the financial power and the very dangerous intimidation tactics of those behind the damage that is currently being caused to our humanity. They fund denialism in the millions, discourage innovation, renewable energy options, and a host of other beneficial solutions for mankind all the while expediting us to the extinction list. I cannot overstate how crucial Global Climate Change adaptation, divestment from fossil fuels and climate change education is right now.

Even though it is very dangerous to stand up against the possible retaliation from these wealthy individuals and/or corporations and the magnitude of their injustice, I cannot help that this is something we all must do, I strongly sense we must continue to speak out, especially since we realize our actions ultimately are for our children’s and their future families existence.

Almost forgot, it was reported that Fake Ads on Social Media or other places indicated that you could vote via cell phone, text or email. Do not buy into this bullshit. It is a scam to manipulate you. Do not get played by any of these false advertisements or announcements. They are probably perpetuated by those knuckle-daggers I mention below.

In the news there was something mentioned that these actions will cause the democrats to lose the elections, in my defense I have no idea what I was listening to but heard that part since I was just waking up. As an fyi, this is total B.S. – lets not believe these lies anymore, as we (the people) are the ones who decide who is voted into office or not. We decide, not that transparent manipulative rhetoric crap that is being espoused through some of those being interviewed by the media, nothing else.

We all must be arm-chair activist of action as opposed to arm-chair activist of inaction. We all must not fear being intimidated by facing injustice no matter how powerful or much money it represents. We must not allow the special interest’s hired-hands or breadcrumb-grabbers to discourage us from what needs to be done.

Like several others, I’ve had the fortune to come face to face several times with some of these arrogant and greed-motivated knuckle-daggers and I can say with confidence that it only served to strengthen my life-force and help transform me for the better on a personal level. These encounters only served to motivate and redetermine me to see a safe and stable climate with the whole intent of keeping us off the extinction list.

No more will it be about those in power ($) calling the shots, it is us—the people deciding through our collective voting power, we must not be the chained elephant anymore. Lets use our legal strength and power which is to vote!

In closing, in terms of where do we go from here, it is always back to the basics for most of us in strengthening our Climate Change self-education. Stay tuned and remember our homework assignment about voting.

Remember to get your copy of ‘UNPRECEDENTED CRIME’ (tick!). Here is an excerpt from one their book reviews:

Our society spends an enormous amount of time, energy, and money to deal with crimes of various types, such as the potential crimes studied by the Mueller Investigation, and rightly so. But however serious these crimes turn out to be, they will not compare with the seriousness of the crimes against the climate – which means, crimes against us, our children, our grandchildren, and eventually the human race and life in general. And yet there have been no comparable investigations of the major climate criminals – such as the CEOs of ExxonMobil, which did more than any other corporation to promote climate denial, even though ExxonMobil’s scientists had warned the front office decades ago about what the continued burning of petroleum and natural gas would do to the climate. Equally responsible are the bosses of the major media corporations, which have hidden the seriousness of global warming from the general public. – David R. Griffin, ‘Unprecedented Crime’ book review.

Closing Suggestions:

We will make this election (2018) different by not accepting special interest monies, corporations influences, etc…

We will make this November elections a people movement, by the people, for the people and for our children’s future on this planet…

We will not vote for anyone who doesn’t make Global Climate Change issues a priority…

If you are a candidate running for office please check out the chorus on this song below, maybe some of the lyrics too but mainly the chorus…

External Link – Tick!

psst… Look for those mid-term elections quoted images I will be posting towards the end of the month. Some of them are very enlightening and informative to say the least.

In closing, we are all more than qualified to speak out against the atrocities that the fossil fuel, individual’s in power, and unethical corporations are doing to other species, the planet and most of all the future of humanity (the children and their children to come).

We do not need to be versed in Climate Science, Chemistry or what-have-you to speak out about something that is more than obvious at this point.

This is now the time of ‘we the people’ — we are the ones who call the shots from here on in. We are the ones who make the rules. Enough of those in power who are mired in the greed as a natural way of existing and polluting us and our planets dwindling resources. Enough is enough! Feel-me!

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