The refoorest commitment charter

refoorest in full transparency

Our mission

We have created refoorest with the objective of empowering everyone to take action against climate change. By planting as many trees as possible, we are thus contributing to the objective of 1.2 trillion trees planted by 2030 to end the environmental crisis.

Our economic model

refoorest is funded by its 9000+ partners in order to offer a 100% free service to its users.

80% of our profits for trees

We use part of our income to operate the service: team salary, social charges, payment of freelancers, various charges (servers, technical services, placement fees, rent), communication (you need publicize the service to have the greatest possible impact).
Then, 80% of the profits are donated for the development of reforestation projects around the world by our partner Eden Reforestations.
We finally keep 20% of the profits in reserve to overcome the unforeseeable , to offset 100% of the emissions linked to our service, and to boost tree planting with new upcoming projects.

Our figures always available to you

We are committed to providing you with quarterly reporting including:
• use of refoorest income
• the certificate of the number of trees planted by our partner Eden Reforestations
• the location of the trees planted
• for those who wish, and who have registered their email on the extension , it is possible to follow the number of trees planted in real time from an individual tree counter.

Our reforestation program

We have selected Eden Reforestations to accompany us on the aspect operational tree planting, and the development of our reforestation programs.
Eden Reforestations appeared to us as the ideal partner thanks to its solid experience and its unique model:
• more than 300 million trees planted
• presence in 6 countries : Nepal, Madagascar, Ha & iuml; ti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kénya
• 81 reforestation projects having generated more than 3 million days of work locally
• a model based on planting and exploitation by trained villagers, thus ensuring the growth of trees in the best conditions.