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penned in like livestock…

By |2018-10-23T17:19:56+00:00April 27th, 2017|Capitalism, Climate Justice, Corporations, Global Warming|

“The corporations that profit from permanent war need us to be afraid. Fear stops us from objecting to government spending on a bloated military. Fear means we will not ask unpleasant questions of those in power. Fear permits the government to operate in secret. Fear means we are willing to give up our rights and [...]

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5 Steps Society Must Take to Avoid the Worst Impacts of Climate Change

By |2018-10-23T17:19:57+00:00January 21st, 2017|Climate, Climate Change, Climate Justice, Environment, Global Warming, Society|

By Dr. David Suzuki [1] / AlterNet [2] January 12, 2017 The longer we delay addressing environmental problems, the more difficult it will be to resolve them. Although we’ve known about climate change and its potential impacts for a long time, and we’re seeing those impacts worsen daily, our political representatives are still approving and [...]

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climate justice…

By |2017-05-03T10:50:02+00:00January 10th, 2016|Climate, Climate Justice|

Climate justice is generally used as a term for viewing global warming as an ethical and political issue and considering how its causes and effects relate to concepts of justice, particularly environmental justice and social justice. This can mean examining political and economic systems and issues such as equality, human rights, collective rights, and historical [...]

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climate justice et the earth charter…

By |2018-02-12T16:23:10+00:00November 13th, 2015|Children, Climate Change, Climate Justice, Global Warming, Humanity, Political, Reality, Society, Wisdom, World Citizen|

“When we think of climate change, somewhere we try to safeguard our personal interests. But if we talk of climate justice, we spontaneously resolve to keep the poor safe during natural disasters.” – Prime Minister Narendra Modi Source… The Earth Charter (conclusion) – The Way Forward As never before in history, common destiny beckons us [...]

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Climate Change 101

By |2018-02-12T16:11:17+00:00November 13th, 2015|Climate Change, Climate Justice, Education, Global Warming, Society, Video, YouTube|

Climate Change 101 With Bill Nye the Science Guy – if you don’t see the video click the link to view instead.  The famous scientist cuts through the global warming noise and lays out the facts (4:33) YouTube

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