humboldt had looked at the relationship…

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Human-induced climate change was first identified in 1800 and again in 1831 by the same scientist, Alexander von Humboldt      Though little known and studied today, Alexander von Humboldt (b. September 14, 1769) was a legend in his lifetime, and remains one of the most important scientists in history. More places and species are [...]

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restore the Amazon rainforest…

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Medeiros: “We are working together with several organizations to restore the Amazon rainforest and thereby return to the planet and the people the forest that had been destroyed.” The group plans to spread seeds from over 200 native species, including grasses and trees, across 70,000 acres. (go to entire article...)

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doing your part for the environment…

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This is a re-blog of my friends recent post...  Continues at Fresh and Prispy. I’m an environment lover, and when I read (or hear) about the damage we humans are causing to the environment, it saddens me. Pollution, wastage, species extinction…there are so many crimes we’re guilty of. However, feeling guilty or sad won’t help [...]

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5 Steps Society Must Take to Avoid the Worst Impacts of Climate Change

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By Dr. David Suzuki [1] / AlterNet [2] January 12, 2017 The longer we delay addressing environmental problems, the more difficult it will be to resolve them. Although we’ve known about climate change and its potential impacts for a long time, and we’re seeing those impacts worsen daily, our political representatives are still approving and [...]

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Obama climate legacy

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Our hope was that we could inspire him (Obama) to keep those promises. Even then, there were plenty of cynics who said Obama and his insiders were too closely tied to the fossil-fuel industry to take climate change seriously. But in the two years since, it’s looked more and more like they were right – [...]

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global society…

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Global society today faces myriad interlocking crises. These include the issues of war, environmental degradation, the North-South development gap and divisions among people based on differences of ethnicity, religion or language. The list is long and familiar, and the road to solutions may seem all too distant and daunting. It is my view, however, that [...]

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total consumerism

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“But even in the much-publicized rebellion of the young against the materialism of the affluent society, the consumer mentality is too often still intact: the standards of behavior are still those of kind and quantity, the security sought is still the security of numbers, and the chief motive is still the consumer's anxiety that he [...]

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claustrophobic powerlessness…

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“One... gets an impression that civilization is something which was imposed on a resisting majority by a minority which understood how to obtain possession of the means to power and coercion. It is, of course, natural to assume that these difficulties are not inherent in the nature of civilization itself but are determined by the [...]

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The beauty of the evening forest…

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The beauty of the evening forest, especially under a full moon, throws into sharp contrast the boundary between the sky and the mountain ridges, as if viewing a wood-block print. It is a world of white and black. It is also a world savored only by those who experience it. Captured in photos or video, [...]

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