build raised garden beds

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Learn how to make raised garden beds out of 2x6 boards without spending a fortune! This design is perfect for sloped yards and flat ground. I also show how to make planter boxes that are: gopher proof, weed resistant & water proof. Happy organic gardening! -  Sergei Boutenko DIY: How To Build Raised Garden Beds [...]

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one green planet…

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I just had to create a blog post about this site.  Here I'll let them tell you why. With over 6 million visitors, we are the fastest growing (and largest) independent publishing platform focused on sustainable food, animal welfare issues, environmental protection, and cruelty-free/green living. If that’s not enough, we also just happen to be biggest [...]

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  If you find yourself unsurprised by the findings of these reports or the recommendations that follow, it's no wonder... (cont...) Jane Goodall: How Can We Believe It Is a Good Idea to Grow Our Food With Poisons? - pulled from EcoWatch  

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little factories in our cells…

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(Alternet article...) By Manal Elfakhani [1] / The Conversation [2] January 17, 2017 With the holiday season over, now comes the time for all kinds of food resolutions, mainly focused on dieting. There are many reasons to think about eating better, but they do not all have to do with weight loss. Your food choices [...]

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