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Mission Statement | Philosophy

Climate Change Community’s primary task is now to assist in expediting climate adaptation via educational quoted images and blog posts. Emotionally torn by what is happening regarding man-made Global Climate Change and like many othersdeeply affected by the direction mankind is going.

Wow! Very disappointing to say the least that those in the positions to make an obvious difference are indifferent and have their priorities in the wrong place; which for many in power are ruled by greed, apathy, and the lack of ethical sensibility.

For Climate Change Community it has never been about a political party or financial gain; it is about protecting the future of human life and living species. Like many others we regard climate change a moral and ethical issue and with this are determined to help however we can to peacefully make sure earth remains a habitable planet and more importantly that we transform our prevailing nature from one of violence to one of humanity.






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