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climate adaptation means empowerment

Regarding climate change…

– I really feel that instead of emphasizing rejection and denial as well as fears of global climate change, while at the same time remaining numb to what is going on and where we are headced, our focus should be re-evaluated immediately.

Perhaps we should be helping refugees who are displaced, expediting ourselves towards preaparing and taking adaptive measures to what awaits some of us who have not experienced the full blunt of it as of yet.

– Hey fossil fuel investors, chemical companies and other investors of predatory companies; one of the conditions that the fossil fuel and chemical companies fear is people finding out that ‘climate adaptation’ means ‘empowerment’ and people speaking out and fighting for our humanity, (the alternative being extinction).

This empowerment through climate adaptation has the effect of making firemen, teachers, police officers, nurses, mayors and ultimately the entire state much more financially secure and independent of predatory corporations especially fossil fuel and chemical companies. In return we can also unite and strengthen our relationship with ethical and responsible capitalism.

In the near future I would like to offer an idea that maybe can help with this.

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