Here are some anti-science, paid entities and/or willfully ignorant individuals, companies or organizations are very sneaky and there are also a number of individuals, groups and organizations (not all listed here) that their sole purpose is to mislead, generate confusion, unsubstantiated information and anything that either halts or slows down the growth of both Climate Action and Renewable Energy expansion. They are in many cases well funded so money is not an issue to them.

For-your-information if you receive any invitation or see any of these listed here, please do not walk but run away from them…

Some of the Climate Deniers/Anti-Science are:

Australian APEC Study Centre,
Competitive Enterprise Institute (US),
Doctors for Disaster Preparedness,
Friends of Science (Canada),
George C. Marshall Institute (US),
Global Warming Policy Foundation UK),
Heartland Institute (US),
Institute of Economic Affairs (UK),
Institute of Public Affairs (Australia),
International Climate Science Coalition (NZ),
International Policy Network (UK),
Lavoisier Group (Australia),
NZ Center for Policy Research (NZ),
Natural Resources Stewardship Project (Canada),
New Zealand Climate Change Coalition,
Scientific Alliance (UK),
The United Kingdom of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs.

Exxon Funded include:

Action Institute,
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research,
Atlas Economic Research Foundation,
Cato Institute,
Center for Strategic and international Studies,
Committee for Economic Development,
Competitive Enterprise Institute,
Foundation for American Communications,
Frontiers of Freedom, Reason Foundation,
and of course The Heartland Institute.

– Source: | Also see that list at | As a really big FYI, stay far away from (it is really a Heartland website).

This list is somewhat outdated, will plan an update in the near future…

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