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Climate justice is generally used as a term for viewing global warming as an ethical and political issue and considering how its causes and effects relate to concepts of justice, particularly environmental justice and social justice. This can mean examining political and economic systems and issues such as equality, human rights, collective rights, and historical responsibility in relation to climate change. Recognizing and addressing the fact that those least responsible for climate change experience its greatest impacts is seen by many as being central to climate justice. The term is also sometimes used with reference to legal systems, where justice is achieved through application and development of law in the area of climate change. – Wikipedia (.org)



What is Climate Justice?

The heart of climate justice is the understanding that the urgent action needed to prevent climate change must be based on community-led solutions and the well-being of local communities, Indigenous Peoples and the global poor, as well as biodiversity and intact ecosystems. – globaljusticeecology (.org)

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