A small note to corporations, those in power, politicians, the wealthy, and anyone that funds the ‘Climate Deniers’ and ‘Anti-Science Ideology’ groups, please STOP funding them:

We must defund Anti-Science Ideology and Climate Denier Organizations, there is absolutely no working on both sides (as indicated by a much respected corporation that gave them a large sum of money recently), when our children’s lives are at stake. There is only one side and that is our children’s well-being. Period!

Do not give them a penny more this includes the support they receive from Mayors and Law-Enforcement in some places as well. Let’s try putting our kid’s future ahead of financial gain for once.

Defund Anti-Science and Climate Deniers. Period!

Another reason why they should not be defunded is that if you (donors) knew how they are using your money you would definitely be shocked and repulsed. I know this first-hand plus have kept a list and must tell you that the majority of their activities are blatantly illegal and some even borders on terrorism (regarding psychological torture they perform). These illegal activities of theirs are still currently happening.

Look, our children lives are way more important than breathing in excess CO2 or lining our pockets due to delusional ideology, greed/or and need (for power). What is obvious is that financially supporting and letting them go on with illegal activities is tantamount to ushering us to the extinction list.

I am not sure but would bet that the fossil-fuel and some corporations/industries that fund them know of their activities but others definitely do not. I cannot emphasize this enough, those of you that are considering yourself ethical please note that they are using the funds given to them to conduct both illegal and unconscionable activities.

There is a clear reason why our children are working hard as hell to secure a sustainable future for themselves. This is because of corporations, those in power, politicians, and the wealthy are refusing to listen to them and their pleading for help. They get it, so when will you?

Keep in mind I am not just talking about misinformation and propaganda here, I am also talking about coordinated activities to harass, discredit, and other physical illegal and terrorist type actions towards those working on viable Climate Action. It is time for them to take responsibility and accountability for their actions.

The bottom line, whether their activities are due to delusional ideology or on the behest of the fossil fuel or corporations, we are headed towards Renewable Energy so they and those doing the funding appear to be basically stuck in the various five stages of denial.

So in the end giving those funds to them totally works against your children’s future which in the long run when all is brought more to light in term of their activities will find you and your company on the list of those who were complicit.

Please, please stop funding them, as they are only using those funds to hurt your children, our children, and their own children. What will you tell your children, grand-children and their families? Will you tell them you took part in their road to the extinction list or will you tell them you stood up against their unlawful and unethical activities?

I speak out because I understand silence is complicity plus torture of any kind, whether psychological or physical is wrong and it totally disgusts many of us, therefore I am obligated to speak out to something I am witness to. Keep in mind, if I did not have first-hand knowledge I would not have written this note.

This blog post might be removed in the future.

Thank you!

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