“Refusal to believe until proof is given is a rational position; denial of all outside of our own limited experience is absurd” – Annie Besant

September 2019

The Climate Deniers and Anti-Science groups are attacking full force but it appears to be currently focused on Girls, Women, and Young Women for some reason, then they are pushing ridiculous misinformation as well as critical news, comments, opinions, illogical articles, and more (anything to mislead the public is their goal).  We might respect them as human beings, however their attacks and illegal activities should not be tolerated especially when it is focused on those Girls, Women, and Young Women who are currently leading the efforts to see a safe and stable climate.

There is a working idea that is embedded in the Green New Deal Plus that will ultimately end their attacks and completely cripple their activities guaranteed.  They delight at harassing, stalking, committing illegal activities should not be tolerated.  Notably their daily attempts at moving all of our focus from renewable energy, and working on seeing a safe and stable climate for our children to focusing on them or elsewhere, will soon come to an abrupt end.  Absolutely nothing they do will be able to prevent this fact.  Simply read the Green New Deal Plus when published.

August 2019

This is a Green New Deal website, working on making the Green New Deal a reality for everyone on the planet.  This is a cause that will continue no matter how severe the daily attacks. Currently, the amount of attacks I receive daily are nothing compared to the fact that our children and all living species have value and deserve a planet that is habitual. Climate Change community will not stay silent while human dignity is trampled.

Our Children are much more important than misguided ideology or lining our pockets.  Shame on those who actively work on assisting in making efforts to destroy the planet and humanity.

Shame on you! We will NEVER GIVE UP!

August 2019

Climate Denialism Activities by both Anti-Science and Climate Deniers have not been as predominate and dangerous as they are now, one reason is because their activities are either funded by those who stand to lose their greed based wealth or because of their deluded religious ideology. This is the absolute reality!

The perpetrators are creating havoc in both a very devious and violent manner. They are harassing via articles, media, websites, extreme negative comments on valid science and climate based articles, stalking, and many other ways against those who are fighting to create a safe and stable climate for our children and all living species. These individuals and corporations need to be called out for what they are which is perpetrators of crimes against humanity. They are akin to terrorist as the number of those who will perish due to their push-back on Climate Mobilization, Adaptation, and Renewable Energy will be astronomical to say the least. This is a stark reality based on scientific facts.

To get an idea of how severe they actions are please read the November 2016 Blog.

“A closed mind is a dying mind” – Edna Ferber

These articles links includes those based on denialism, willful ignorance, greed motivation and religious ideology based articles.  Some older links for awareness purposes, note also that some might have been removed from source: 

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Climate Science-Denying Trump Regime Silently Killed NASA Carbon Monitoring System

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Grasping Climate Change & Why people can’t grasp climate change (same article – different source)

What good if fear?

way more to come…

Here are:

Some anti-science, paid entities and/or willfully ignorant individuals, companies or organizations are very sneaky and there are also a number of individuals, groups and organizations (not all listed here) that their sole purpose is to mislead, generate confusion, unsubstantiated information and anything that either halts or slows down the growth of both Climate Action and Renewable Energy expansion. They are in many cases well funded so money is not an issue to them.

For-your-information if you receive any invitation or see any of these listed here, please do not walk but run away from them…

Some of the Climate Deniers/Anti-Science are:

Australian APEC Study Centre,
Competitive Enterprise Institute (US),
Doctors for Disaster Preparedness,
Friends of Science (Canada),
George C. Marshall Institute (US),
Global Warming Policy Foundation UK),
Heartland Institute (US),
Institute of Economic Affairs (UK),
Institute of Public Affairs (Australia),
International Climate Science Coalition (NZ),
International Policy Network (UK),
Lavoisier Group (Australia),
NZ Center for Policy Research (NZ),
Natural Resources Stewardship Project (Canada),
New Zealand Climate Change Coalition,
Scientific Alliance (UK),
The United Kingdom of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs.

Exxon Funded include:

Action Institute,
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research,
Atlas Economic Research Foundation,
Cato Institute,
Center for Strategic and international Studies,
Committee for Economic Development,
Competitive Enterprise Institute,
Foundation for American Communications,
Frontiers of Freedom, Reason Foundation,
and of course The Heartland Institute.

– Source:   Sourcewatch.org | Also see that list at exxonsecrets.org   | As a really big FYI, stay far away from ClimateChangeDispatch.com (it is really a Heartland website).