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DOWN to EARTH is a mirror to humanity, a poignant and timely reflection on our civilised world. The movie invites us to see the world through the eyes of the Earth Keepers. It takes us on an inner journey, connecting us with the source and the mutual path we are walking. DOWN to EARTH is both a wake up call and a resurgence of hope for our world to come.

DOWN to EARTH was not a planned project. When Renata and Rolf made the decision to break away from society, all they wanted was to find a different way of life and a different way for their children to grow up. At that time they had no idea that this was only the beginning of a much larger journey and they had no idea that it would lead them to make a film. The calling to start recording their encounters with the Earth Keepers came three years into their journey, when they realised how the profound wisdom of the elders could impact people around the world.

DOWN to EARTH hopes to inspire people to be the change they want to see in the world, to evolve their inner journey to an outer one. After the record breaking cinema release in the Netherlands, we were flooded with requests form audiences to use the film in their communities, schools and businesses – as a dialogue starter, an educational tool or an accelerator for change. To provide in the needs of our audiences and support the surge in people powered change we started a social enterprise, ‘The Down to Earth Collective’.

Watch full movie here, not sure how long it will be accessible though…