How often misused words generate misleading thoughts.” – Herbert Spencer

The solidarity is unprecedented, finally.  Bravo! Now it’s all about turning targets into action and sharing innovations unless ‘hot air,’ is on tap.

Regarding the Climate Summit on 4/22 and 4/23, thank you so much President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Special Envoy John Kerry, United States Climate Team, World Leaders and all those working behind the scenes. All the White House Press Briefing from Gina and John Kerry on 4.26.2021 information was incredible and encouraging.  Every time we receive updates like this it is reassuring that the Climate Emergency has eyes and efforts on it.

The Climate Summit is the discourse we needed or was so lacking not only in the United States but the planet.  The fact that there is now dialogue on Climate at this level says that it is time for everyone and I mean everyone to jump in with sleeves rolled-up.    What this Climate Summit showed for many places (not all) is that many (not all) are finally now listening to Greta Thunberg and other youth about the gravity of how inaction (or late efforts) will have devastating effect on ALL of us, especially our young people.

In the United States, with the last administration many of us felt like we were an after-thought or not even that, more like we were drowning and calling out for a life-raft all the while those who pushed us in went about creating more havoc and damage, that is until now.  I am sure many of us are still at the positive effect and heightened energy of the Climate Summit as now we can all see the trepidation that is shared among those in power, businesses and the public about how dire our situation is and how crucial action is now required.

We humbly thank you Special Envoy John Kerry as we listened very carefully to everything you said about our Climate situation and please note that you are spot on with your assessment and the fact you took other’s situation into account all the while sharing your thoughts says that President Biden could not have picked a better leader in this regard.  Thank you!

Mr. Kerry and Gina, please read the GEM idea I will continue to share as perhaps it might help and hey, if it doesn’t maybe someone, somewhere can use it.  This is not ‘hot air’ it is more about re-editing it and timing but it will be shared in time, actually it is geared more towards the time of intense emergency but even this is not an excuse.  What I am hoping on doing is showing you this idea and others in action and not just explaining it.

What I notice now more than ever (I am slow as I should have noticed this before) is that those who criticize the most tend to lead or inject it with total misinformation.  But to focus on what was not done or to outright attack those spear-heading necessary change (at this point) is tantamount a spider tangled in its own web.  As was mentioned by Xiye Bastida, from Fridays for Future, we need to start ‘now,’ – we really cannot disregard any of our young people when they speak with such seriousness and deep concern, after all it is their future they are protecting.  Too bad some are still fighting necessary change to either line their pockets, stuck in old delusional ideology or simply ‘fear’ of change (see last blog post).

Also to criticize without offering alternative solutions and ideas or to fight against change whether through denial or attacks is also senseless as action now trumps empty rhetoric.  I listened to various talk shows and read a bunch of articles since the summit and noted that with some there was nothing but criticism and others where there were outright sighs of relief to see welcoming embrace of viable change for the better.

I have been the latter myself in the past, talking about the challenges and obstacles in sharing ideas and suggestions yet sharing very little of them, until now.  So if I can I would like to offer some suggestions or perhaps they are take away ideas from the Climate Summit.

  1. I sense in order to provide better resources and help to both local states and cities and countries we need a unified collaboration and cooperation toolbox for all of us at the Grassroots level. We realize that it will exist already for governments, corporations, some cities and states but local level (grassroots) might benefit from this as well.  If it is ok I can create this.  What this does is make the Climate ideas and solutions more practical plus continuously ongoing Climate Activities can be shared and then these ideas can then be built on from those at the grassroots level as well.  This also helps as everyone will able to see what the needs and urgent matters of others both local and world-wide for both support and prepare ourselves.  This is something better understood by seeing the toolbox in action.  This toolbox is a reflection of everything cited in the Climate Summit but also from historical realities.
  2. We must also prepare yet advance with the knowledge that although we will be actively transforming to renewable energy we will still be at the effects of the Climate Emergency. Basically we cannot say that hey, we are moving in this great direction without taking into consideration that we will also be battered with disasters and emergencies so financial support has to take this into consideration.
  3. Not everyone will have jobs that are ‘green’ or related to renewable energy, actually many are now in this situation where they are working at other non-climate related jobs. So these individuals will need support in individual homes and apartments moving to renewable energy.  For that I say read carefully GEM #2 and #3, when I update and share it.
  4. A few leaders indicated that we must keep in mind that pivotal to all we are doing the most important factor is the people, their well-being, their transformation to renewable themselves and their financial situation as they also pointed out that the refugee situation is steadily worsening everywhere on the planet and will probably worsen. To advance without taking all people especially the people who are displaced and suffering due to the Climate Emergency into consideration whether you are a world leader or business owner works against tackling the ‘Climate Emergency’ in a humanistic manner.  This also helps to minimize the fear of necessary change experienced by many currently.
  5. World Leaders—although it is admirable to highlight accomplishments and future endeavors of your country, state or local, the air of haughty competition among leaders should be something we should be careful of, just because you can and will (advance/progress) doesn’t mean other countries, states, or locals can or will (advance/progress) as they can only do so with help from those countries that put them in that situation from the beginning. I hope this point is understood.  Basically, competition is healthy but not at the expense of stepping on others to put oneself in a brighter light.

The toolbox being created can be used in many ways to address these and other issues yet I will carefully explain the details in the GEM ideas I have been harping about in the past.

Collaboration of initiatives, of cooperation, whether from global leaders or the janitor in your office building (who by the way might have better ideas than most) are to be considered and using the toolbox, or the idea engine (I was able to add the idea engine to the toolbox, something I did not think I would be able to do), we can bring this to the forefront of both world-view or local view.  All is addressed.

Thanks for taking time to read this short blog post.  Those of you who are familiar with some of the struggles I have went through to arrive here, thank you for your protection and patience and know that I also recently survived COVID-19 as well therefore I now strongly realize that I have an important bond and responsibility to help tackle this Climate Emergency from the back-end (grassroots level).



One thing I want to say about the Green New Deal that really irks me is that it isn’t just a fourteen-page legislative resolution, it is more to me something like 141 pages long if you take into consideration the individual engagements that need to be taken and/or addressed.   

One more thing when you hear people in the news or reading in articles about how bad the Climate Emergency is please keep in mind that our hearts have to be open to their pain and suffering as the person speaking to you might have had to let go of the arms of their mother and grand-mother to sweeping currents and watch them die, or lost their loved ones in fires, or watch their village get swept away by floods and mudslides.  The lists goes on and these are 100% true stories.  So when someone is talking to you about the Climate Emergency note that you haven’t or might not have lost what they have and the depth of their sorrow might be something you are not picking up.   Do not discount what you can’t feel in others, otherwise you place yourself in a totally apathetic state of being.

I do not agree to calling it a Climate Crisis and believe the ‘crisis’ event ended on 2.2.2007 and moved to an Emergency level on this day.  However it’s my own opinion which thankfully I am entitled to.

Mr. P – Fracking as a transitional solution on the way to Renewable Energy is not the solution at all, fracking by its very nature destroys ‘water tables’ something that will be highly sought after in just a few years to come.  We are basically choking ourselves off in advance from fresh drinking water by using this means.  It is counter to Climate Reasoning.

Last but not least, please keep yourself informed and I really mean this.  Whenever Michael Mann, Bill McKibben, Margaret Klein-Salamon, Katharine Hayhoe, Naomi Klein, DemocracyNow, The Sunrise Movement, Just Have A Think (YouTube), the EPA, and many others (there are lists here at cCc and I will update them eventually) please read what they publish, especially Bill McKibben who publishes articles through the online version of the New Yorker and sometimes Rolling Stones.  The Guardian is another source as well as Inside Climate News for updates.

It cannot be stressed enough as this Climate Emergency affects us all and it would behoove us to be somewhat informed. Hopefully the Climate Taskforce will give regular weekly or daily updates (hint, hint).

I will raise my ambition!  If it is ok I would like to proceed sharing ideas even though it looks like the Climate Emergency is now being tackled from the top down, (the bottom up Climate Action has been strong for the last several years already).  What a welcome relief, thank you so much.  Many of us were so worried and alarmed due to the approach from the last administration that literally created Climate Emergencies as opposed to tackling it.

Future Plans:

Now that our government (USA) is on the ball it does not mean we on the lower end of the spectrum or the grassroots level curtail our ambitions and endeavors, on the contrary we heighten them up to support and assist each other including all governments as the Climate Emergency is very vast and volatile.  Climate Organizations are already on the ball about this, such as; The Sunrise Movement, Fridays for Future, The Climate Mobilization,, Earth Guardians, Extinction Rebellion, and many others.

A friend asked me if I was one of those who protested pipelines and resisted fossil fuel, I am but not physically.  I think there is a place for everyone and I much prefer to focus on what is to come in terms of the Climate Emergency.  My efforts therefore focus more on what might help us in our communities and homes as the emergency worsens, something I work on daily off-line which will be clearly visible to all in time.

So with that I would like to do is continue with my idea engine and incorporating a venue of other innovations for everyone to participate in and create solutions together.  This might not be clear now but as I said in time it will be something everyone can participate in.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

In conclusion I direct you to this article by the National Observer; (a reality that must be reversed/drawdown) — Tick!

Originally Posted: 4.28.2021