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We are not living in a post-truth era. We are living in a pre-truth era.

Yes, Trump and his administration are liars and criminals.

But did President Obama tell the whole truth about the urgency of climate crisis and the scale of the necessary response? Did Hillary Clinton? Does anyone in national politics? Does the climate movement? Do you?

Only policies based in reality can get us out of this crisis.

I recently updated my essay The Transformative Power of Climate Truth, one of The Climate  Mobilization’s foundational documents. The new subtitle, “Ecological Awakening in the Trump Age” reflects how the political situation and TCM’s strategy have changed since I first wrote it.

Transformative argues that positive change, both societal and personal, depends on our embracing the truth.  It also explores why climate truth is so rare, and how we as citizens can use it to ignite transformative — not incremental — change.

It’s been a horrifying year, but I haven’t lost hope. And it’s because people across the country have stopped waiting for politicians and pundits to wake up.

From Hoboken to Los Angeles, people like you are standing up and inaugurating a new politics of climate truth.

The pre-truth era is coming to a close. Together, we can make sure climate truth transforms this country for the better.

If any of our writing has had an impact on your life, please consider sharing your story and helping us fundraise or joining us as organizers.


Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD
Founder and Director, The Climate Mobilization

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