Full Title: G7 summit focuses on COVID & climate change: Substance or spin? | DW News

World leaders are drawing up a pact aimed at preventing another pandemic. The second day of the G7 summit in the United Kingdom will also focus on climate change. And the gathering of the biggest global economies will see a push for more western cohesion against challenges from Russia and China.

It’s the first time these global leaders have gotten together in person since the start of the pandemic. With the spotlight on a green recovery, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth was the star of a gala dinner at a futuristic botanical garden.

Hosting the proceedings, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. G7 leaders agree a joint approach is the only way to end the pandemic and tackle the climate crisis.

Hundreds of climate change protesters marched to bring their message as near to the summit venue as they could get.

As day one of the summit drew to a close, activists staged a vigil to remember the estimated 3.7 million people who’ve died in the pandemic. They’ll be looking for more definite measures to emerge before the gathering wraps up.