‘Green Emergency Manuscript – Part I of 4

Rough Draft: 1024

Nature and Children’s Protected Assurance Law

What you are about to read might sound bold, aggressive, or ridiculous, however when you look at our children sitting in a pot of water on the lit stove, it then becomes a very obvious reality of what needs to be done.  We need an immediate Law that places humanity and all living species above the nature of greed, anger,viciousness and distorted perceptions.  Part 1 of 4 is ‘said’ Law Proposal for creation of a Mandatory Law!

Living in truth means refusing to be lied to and manipulated. Knowing that you are part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.Knowing that, if civilization does fall, you will be able to say, “I did my best.”Knowing that, if we succeed, you will be able to live the rest of your life with pride. When your species, your civilization, your planet was on the line, you faced the terrifying unknown with courage, dedication and resolve. You lived in truth. – Margaret Klein Salamon

The once wealthy man, on his knees, bent over, with his head in both hands, tears streaming down between his fingers and soaking the upper knee part of his tattered wrinkly pants.  His crying turning into sobs, the brief case full of money lost to the ferocious winds, either way the money and financial records within were now of no value what-so-ever, he continues sobbing and yelling to himself, ‘why?  Why didn’t I listen to the children’ and ‘why? Why was I so intent on having more and not accepting the reality that my need for more would end with nothing of value but my own life?’