The mission of Grand Rapids Climate Action: To work to make Grand Rapids a leader and a model for other cities in Michigan and nationally in the fight against climate change. To mobilize residents of Grand Rapids and the region to insist on meaningful, just, rapid action locally in this unprecedented challenge.

“You want to have unreasonable goals. Reasonable goals don’t get you anywhere.” —Paul Hawken, author of Drawdown


The primary focus of GRCA at present is to achieve the following goal:

The Grand Rapids City Commission to pass a resolution declaring a climate emergency and committing to a plan for achieving community-wide carbon neutrality for Grand Rapids by 2030.

To achieve this, we have joined with, and continue to build, an inclusive community coalition—the Grand Rapids Climate Resolution Coalition—made up of groups, institutions, businesses, individuals, etc. Go to the Coalition website to sign your support for the Resolution, and to find out how your group can join.

Here are the members (so far) of the GR Climate Resolution Coalition:

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  1. Grand Rapids Climate Action

  2. Michigan United

  3. Latino Community Coalition

  4. Grand Rapids Homes for All

  5. Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids

  6. LINC UP

  7. Creston Neighborhood Association

  8. Citizens’ Climate Lobby Grand Rapids

  9. Climate Witness Project

  10. Michigan Sierra Club

  11. Wormies

  12. Kaufman Interfaith Institute (GVSU)

  13. Plymouth United Church of Christ

  14. Blandford Nature Center

  15. Green Projects Group


  17. Cathedral of Saint Andrew, Grand Rapids

  18. South East Market

  19. Greater Grand Rapids NAACP

  20. West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC)

  21. Sunrise GR

  22. Michigan Clinicians for Climate Action (MiCCA)

  23. Board of Fulton Heights Neighborhood Association

  24. St. Johns United Church of Christ

  25. Center for Inquiry Michigan

  26. Michigan League of Conservation Voters

  27. Grand Rapids Food Co-op

  28. Seeds of Promise

  29. 4Point Solutions

  30. Jump Ahead L3C

  31. Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan

  32. Parents for Healthy Homes

  33. Congregation Ahavas Israel

  34. East Congregational UCC

  35. All Souls Community Church of West Michigan

  36. ClearView Investments

  37. C-SNIP

  38. Business Connect

  39. Urban Roots

  40. West Michigan Growers Group

  41. Grand Rapids Water Protectors

  42. People First Economy

  43. Church of the Servant

  44. Michigan Solar Users Network (MI-SUN)

  45. Reagan Marketing + Design

  46. The Meanwhile Bar

  47. The Pyramid Scheme Bar

  48. Fountain Street Church

  49. Books & Mortar

  50. Grand Rapids A. Philip Randolph Institute

If you would like to join the Coalition, or if you have any questions, you can contact the GR Climate Resolution Coalition directly at:



Grand Rapids Climate Action began in May, 2019, when a group of residents of Grand Rapids and nearby communities met to discuss ways to address the global climate emergency on a local level. Recognizing that right now, all over the world, climate action is being taken by cities, counties, and other groups closer to residents than state and federal governments, we felt that “Think Globally, Act Locally” made a lot of sense. And so we pledged to get to work in our own city, Grand Rapids, and to demand the kinds of rapid and significant changes that must happen everywhere if we hope to mitigate and adapt to the terrible impact of a rapidly warming planet.

GRCA is a grassroots organization. We are all volunteers. We have no paid staff, no budget, no official designation as a non-profit organization. We are simply residents of Grand Rapids and the region. (Whatever happens in the city of GR affects the surrounding communities, so it makes sense to invite participation in our group to anyone in West Michigan.)

We want to work with the City (when we capitalize “City” we mean the Grand Rapids city government), with businesses, with environmental and social service organizations, with neighborhood associations, with places of worship, with colleges and universities, with labor unions—and ESPECIALLY with individuals. If you live in or around Grand Rapids, please come to a meeting, bring a friend, and help build strength in numbers!

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