But first let us make something perfectly clear:

Listen I am just trying to help by offering ideas that might be considered or become pro-active measures in tackling this monstrous ‘Climate Emergency! Of course, you do not think me capable of doing such a thing and I get that.  This is exactly why I keep saying this site (or these sites) might not be for everyone and it is geared for friends and family, and those truly interested that have a sense of humility and sincere interest in my point of view.

I understand your criticism and apprehension as I am not a scientist but merely a person who has read tons about the subject over the years.  So criticize if you must, but this and other efforts of mine are private and for those mentioned above. You absolutely do not have to look at my art, ideas and anything else I share, you simply don’t.  I am in fact a resident of this planet as well and that being the case I am entitled to my opinions, and absolutely do not have to conform to those methods and behaviors that put us in this mess in the first place.

Remember learning about ‘Climate Change’ started out as a hobby for me early 2006, so what I share are the effects of all that reading and study. I cannot stress this enough but you do not have to be obligated to read what I write.  This is not an attack on anyone but stating a fact, so please go on ahead with your own interests and disregard what I do here. It is as simple as that! – Thank you for you understanding!

Unpredictable! Unexpected! But Now Necessary Changes!

All of the above regarding my next ‘Website Climate Endeavors’ – especially the unpredictability.  We all see now how scientists are indicating things are worsening much, much faster than previously thought, meaning we should be both progressing and attacking this emergency in like manner.

Making these Climate Emergency Manuscript pages called Green Emergency Manuscript in a different location than previously intended! Might not want to bother reading the first two introductions as they are now dated.  I am moving quickly to put these ideas out.

As indicated the ‘Climate Emergency’ effects are arriving much, much earlier than announced by validated and ethical scientists so now we find ourselves now living in deeply in worrisome and scary times.  A new type of action is now needed, like the French say; ‘Vite!’ – this is how we must move now. 

Just reading what is happening around the planet should be a motivating factor for those leaders in office and those with financial power that can help move things along a bit faster.  The news now is truly sad and appears hopeless in many ways, yet we have come together before to tackle emergencies and we can do it again.  We must!

As a reminder this is written for family, friends and those truly interested.

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Subjective Introduction!


Green Emergency Manuscript #1

Green Emergency Manuscript #2 Introduction

Green Emergency Manuscript #2 Part 1 (in draft mode)

Green Emergency Manuscript #2 Part 2 (in draft mode)

Green Emergency Manuscript #3 (in draft mode)

Green Emergency Manuscript #4 (in draft mode)

Conclusion! (in draft mode)

Again, you can skip the first two introductions and GEM #1 if you prefer as the introductions were written some time ago, before I became more aware and knowledgeable about some issues and GEM #1 was also written a bit ago, however it is becoming litigation in some countries under the title ‘Ecocide.’

GEM #2 is the last one updated recently.

All pages are in draft mode!