GEM #1 – Part I of 4

GEM #1 of 4 is the very first step in tackling this Climate Emergency and simply sends message to anyone from the power elite to corporations and others stating: I’m sorry but you will no longer compromise our children and nature’s future and well-being and since you have already have to a large degree and now you are being held accountable for this. Point Blank!

So precisely two important subjects; number one being our ‘children’ and number two being ‘nature’ herself. We discuss not only about how to go about protecting these two permanently, but also what happens in terms of accountability if there are mechanisms that continue to injure any of them (now and in the past). The disappearance of our ‘children’ obviously means the vanishing of mankind and because of that they are to be protected to the highest level of the law.

Look we cannot work on Climate Adaptation, Mobilization and more without first dealing with the source (Greed & Need (for power)) by those in control, that reside in our government and elsewhere. Otherwise what is the use?

In essence this is a call to them from the landlord (our children), indicating: ‘Look as a tenant you messed up our house to the point where it is almost unrepairable so we are evicting you and because of the level of damage done you not only lose your security deposit ($) plus we are going to fine you as the damages exceeds the amount of said deposit.’ How long do you have to vacate the premises is of course the decision of policy makers and the land-lord (our children), we can assure you it won’t be long so start packing.

Let’s start off with a long yet awesome Green New Deal quote by Jeremy Rifkin:

Saving Life on Earth

It’s heartening to watch the Green New Deal spread across America, Europe, and the world. To this degree, ideas do-indeed have consequences. We are a storytelling species. We live by our narratives and the stories we share, and by doing so, come to know ourselves as a collective social being. The Green New Deal is a “story line” that has evolved and matured over the years, taking on ever more sophisticated and nuanced meetings. And now humanity finds itself in the throes of either a potential endgame or, hopefully, a new beginning. The Green New Deal gives us our collective voice and a shared sense of our common mission. What we so desperately need now is to turn the story line into a powerful narrative that can take us forward.

To this end, America’s entrance into the conversation is crucial. While the “can-do” attitude is in our cultural DNA, it’s the “American Spirit” that unleashes it. That spirit has always been hopeful of a better future, with successive generations willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to noble tasks, even at times to the point of reckless disregard for the practicalities and obstacles along the way. We see this time and again in the unleashing of the entrepreneurial spirit, not just in the marketplace but also in civil society. Americans’ most unique quality is not fearing failure, be it pecuniary or social in nature. Often when I visit friends and colleagues in other countries, their conversation slips to America’s risk-taking attitude and willingness to fail and start over, to learn from defeat, to never quit.

This is exactly the attitude humanity needs now to weather the climate storm that’s coming—a fearless resilience in the face of the unknown, willingness to meet it head-on and, when pushed down, to stand up again. But this time around, the tomorrows are not going to be like those we experienced in the past. Anyone who tells you that the Green New Deal is going to preserve the way of life we know, sugarcoating the greening of society, is kidding you. Our tomorrows are going to be fraught with escalating climate events that are going to take an immense toll on our communities, our ecosystems, and our common biosphere.

We are now entering into a frontier of a new kind. Nature is rewilding, and we have to learn how to live with the uncertainty while adapting moment to moment to its surprises. We are going to need to cast aside any notion previously entertained about pacifying nature and molding and shaping it to serve humanity. Now we will need to regroup, gather our collective strength, learn to live by our wits, and find within ourselves the deep resilience that will allow us to survive and carry on into an unknown future that awaits our species and fellow creatures here on this little blue oasis in the universe. The sudden willingness of a younger generation of Americans and young people all over the world to do battle on climate change is a welcome turn of events, and long overdue.

Author: Jeremy Rifkin, (Climate Change Fighter)

Excerpt from: Chapter 7, pages 206-207

Nature and Children’s Protected Assurance Law

What you are about to read might sound bold, aggressive, or ridiculous, however when you look at our children’s future, it then becomes very obvious what needs to be done. We need an immediate (universal) Law that places humanity and all living species above the nature of greed, anger, viciousness and distorted perceptions.

Part 1 of 4 is call for a new Law Proposal (Inception of Bill), basically for it to become a Mandatory Law! Please note that there is absolutely no indication of ‘Doomism,’ here, in fact this is a call to be both preventive and lessening (of damages) by being proactive. Please be aware also that all of GEM is penned for the planet to use and not just the United States.

This part is directed Lawmakers:

This Green Emergency Manuscript is in four parts, this first part is a proposal for a new Mandatory Law entitled:

Nature and Children’s Protected Assurance Law

Or whatever name you choose, but the effects are the same, which as of now might be an absolute necessity. What is always said of an idea, proposal and or introduction of a new Bill is; ‘Where is the money going to come from for these proposals or new arrangements?

Quite frankly; since it is a dire emergency then our actions should reflect just that and is what this proposal aims to accomplish. This financial source is addressed below as it is an idea that makes financing the least part of worries by creating avenues that address this. In time GEM not only pays for itself, it pays you.

These four fragments will each be explained in detail and outlined in terms of actions, financing and most of all steps to transform them in our favor regardless how bleak they are. These are avenues we should start seriously considering. You can have a better life if you are fighting for our children and the existence of human beings.

We cannot and must not go on the Extinction list (I know that sounds far-fetched but not when we look at the rate this emergency, it makes sense) and on top of that we are obligated to help each other and every living species on this planet. I know you might have heard this many times but one way to react is by not buying anything from those causing damage; basically any of their products or at the very least decreasing your use in order to send a message.

We have no choice but to work on finding ways to not only survive but to survive compassionately which means changing our attitudes towards our fellow man, no matter where they are on this fragile planet.

I am not a economist, lawmaker or hold degrees in what I am going to suggest here so this can be seen as an idea or framework where those with the skills and knowledge pick it up and enhance it yet not taking away from the ultimate goal which is to ensure that our children of today and tomorrow have a safe, stable and habitable planet (and of course continuing to protect Nature).

The hope is for this basic proposal (draft) for a new law that again is coined; ‘Nature and Children’s Protected Assurance Law’ — goes into effect as quickly as possible. Of course law-makers can pen whatever name they choose, this is just a suggestion.

Why all this? One might ask.

We can only shake your head in amazement and disbelief. Between the fires burning, droughts, the floods, the storms and other disastrous effects of Global Climate Change, our future looks very bleak and hope appears to be diminishing minute by minute now.

If we look ahead then without a more expedited array of aggressive mobilization and adaptation activities beyond those of grassroots at this point, the effects that they say will be catastrophic will be unimaginable but as it stands now anything we can do now will help in minimizing the impacts as suggested by scientists. In the U.S. it is a great move to appoint a Climate Czar, Climate Team and know that we-the-people are prepared to submit suggestions and ideas that could help and support. After all, this is all of our planet and this is all of our struggles as we are affected as well.

So the necessity of this law beckons us to act because now not acting aggressively will be the exact same effect as putting our children imminent danger, sadly Greta Thunberg and the children/young adults have been telling us this for some time now, not to mention Climate Authors who have been ringing the bell for over 30 years. There is no exaggeration about this and what is to come at all as one need to simply read the recent and past IPCC reports, especially the one released in February 2007.

Our children, young adults, youth, have every right to protest and speak up and out about their future, something that would not have had to happen if we had based ourselves and the building of societies on honesty, research, science and basic facts instead of greed, delusions, warped ideologies, and hunger for power.

Along with basing ourselves on making the well-being of human beings, nature and all living species the priority instead of financial gain; this new law would stipulate that it would never be acceptable to manifest this current predicament again, and any attempts counter this in the future now will be subject to this new law.

While religious affiliations is that of our own choice and practice, if action that is based on deluded ideology then this ideology should or must not be forced on anyone or allowed to take precedence over decisions based on scientific facts any longer especially politics, education and the welfare of human security. One of the main manifestation of our quandary is due greed, need (for power), and distorted dogma as well as it’s intolerance that pits an ‘us-against-them’ mentality and attitude.

What every financial gain that does not take into the consideration the well-being of human beings, nature and living species in businesses and from individual efforts should now be discouraged as this new law will stipulate that hence forward we are all in agreement due to the severity of the current climate crisis that financial gain can no longer be the motivating precedence over the well-being of each and every human-being and living species.

Therefore as indicated in this law, Nature is understood to mean quality of air, safe drinking water, clean oceans, healthy forests and the like. Basically all aspects of humanity and nature which also includes all living species are included in the ‘Nature and Children’s Protected Assurance Law.’ This is the essence of GEM #1.

One of the visible effects of even creating this bill and seeing it turn to law is that since it is based on both necessity and common sense will reveal those who either oppose it or not, this will show up in different levels (see GEM #4), meaning there will be die-hards that will do whatever it takes to prevent such a law, this will reveal those leaders who are clearly in the pockets of the very sources that is driving us to extinction. You will see who they are on different levels of greed and/or following the directives of their handlers.

In closing in this section, we must not for once forget that what is happening to humanity and what will eventually become of us was a crime and while we still have the opportunity we should treat it as such.

Immediately applying this law will set precedence, it will tell wealthy individuals and companies no matter how large or powerful they become, the priority is that of the continuation of humanity which should always be part of their business plans.

Financing Source number II: State Level

This ‘Nature and Children’s Protected Assurance Law’ therefore will make those who disregarded the well-being of humanity and whose hiding of scientific facts as well as continuing greed based actions fully accountable to the highest extent of this law.

What would be a suggested initial fine would be to pay $1 Billion per offense plus retroactive damages listed below. (Again, suggested only but for them I think affordable, in fact this suggestion might be too low an amount.)

Retroactive penalties will be applied with this bill becoming law, they could have them fined, for example immediately payment with 75% to be paid by Exxon, Shell, BP, Petroleum Co. Inc., (they knew also) and others, basically all guilty parties. This includes media misinformation as well similar to the strictness we have in dealing with COVID.

I would suggestively propose then that they immediately be fined $100 Billion Dollars or thereabout for the creation of our current Climate Emergency, this fine would serve to pay $1 Billion dollars to each of the States of the United States including Puerto Rico for the first accountability measure.

These funds will then be used to either start or fund State’s Climate Emergency Office or whatever they will be named. This would seem like a necessity based on how far behind we are in tackling this emergency and the climate fury that is heading our way.

Again, each U.S. state and Puerto Rico will each receive a billion dollars or more each to either enhance (or create) their Climate Emergency Department, deal with effect of climate emergencies or simply create an emergency fund. The remainder of the fines will be used to help other countries, especially islands that are in severe and dire need due to the Climate Emergencies that are literally right on their doorsteps.

Perhaps instead of taking resources we can now provide resources world-wide, basically work on supporting each other not just in our country but those outside that have no means and in dire straits. This Climate Emergency and COVID-19 has created Global Citizens of many of us that weren’t before I sense.

As part of this law, all monies from these earth and human destroying entities will be frozen except for salaries until they have paid or the funds have been removed (again based on the ‘Nature and Children’s Protected Assurance Law’) from them. The law will stipulate that there is absolutely no recourse and the fines have no time stamp of inception (immediate payment will be required).

This is what is meant by ‘because everything is now a necessity, we must start acting like it, in order to ensure the continued existence of humanity, basically to keep us off the extinction list and help all other species that still exists. This manuscript goes much more into this and exact details on how to do this and create financial empowerment at the very grassroots level in the remaining parts.

As part of the ‘Nature and Children’s Protected Assurance Law,’ filing for bankruptcy, changing company name, owners, or any other mechanisms with the intention of not fulfilling the financial payment(s) will not be possible what-so-ever, funds will be frozen until seized. This will be written into the law.

The Climate Emergency conditions will worsen and preparation is of the highest importance, the least of our worries should be financing it. While it is understandable our economy and living standards have come to have a reliance on these devastating energy and merchandise output from these companies and individuals, the funds collected will not only create new employment in renewable energy but programs to transform our lifestyles to a much more humanistic, greener and sustainable way of living.

What is to be kept in mind now is that it is no longer wishful thinking, an obligation or even orders from those in power. It is now a mandatory necessity if we want to ensure that the children of tomorrow have a planet to live on.

The future of our humanity is not something we should bargain or postpone action on, therefore the ‘Nature and Children’s Protected Assurance Law’ can go into effect on as-soon-as-possible.

We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles.” – Jimmy Carter

The action on our part has to be severe towards those who knew the science and for years hid it, for those who knew their companies were polluting our waters, our health and our children. Accountability should always be paramount going forward especially towards those who knew the dangers but disregarded the effects just to line their pockets.

This not only applies to the fossil fuel companies this includes any and all companies and individuals that were the perpetrators of the devastation we are now living in. Accountability through financial remediation is of the upmost importance; otherwise how can we see placing ourselves in the condition of extinction all the while destroying nature and all living species. It is now a mandatory necessity!

Climate Denier and Anti-Science Companies:

As an addendum any organization that purposely prevents Climate Change Organizations and Companies from growing and purposely does actions to sabotage said organizations and companies will be fined $700 million dollars per organization and company and have all their assets removed.

Once proven without a reasonable doubt that these climate entities working on either behalf of the fossil-fuel industry or other motivations will have no choice but to pay the parties attacked said fine and forfeits all their assets. This will be written into this law as well.

If you need motivation of what is at stake here, simply walk to a park and see the kids playing or young adults about their activities such as playing ball, reading, etc… and think seriously about the planet we are leaving them with. Anyone who prevents this should be held accountable as if they murdered these children themselves.

Besides, why they hell do the children have to clean up our mess and be at the effect of our lack of action in terms of accountability, our willful ignorance (ignoring the obvious) and/or lack of maturity in dealing with it?


I hereby turn this Part I of this proposal to lawmakers to see to it that it is turned into a Bill (assist humanity to create this new mandatory Law) or at least seriously consider it as a dire necessity. If this is something if I can do myself please instruct (teach) me and I will kick-it off myself.

In regard to Climate Action on the government level such as creating a law of this type, it is obvious in regard to protecting our children that those in office who oppose it should not be allowed to hold office. They should be voted out at the very next election.

We must have a say as constituents and not only that our children’ deserve the right to have leaders that are honest and display integrity in the actions, not those sneaky conniving scoundrels who base their actions on greed and/or need (for power or to attain it). Who would want such a title (jacket) anyway?

Refusal to believe until proof is given is a rational position; denial of all outside of our own limited experience is absurd” – Annie Besant

Each state’s Department of Climate Emergency should set its precedence according to the conditions of sustainability for their area, such as implementing seawalls, solar roll-outs, etc…; actually this is already on the plate in many places, and however they should receive the financial fines from those that caused it. We sense it will help them further.

Protecting and ensuring that our humanity (children of tomorrow and everyone else) has both a sustainable planet in which to continue our lives and assurance that the effects of greed should no longer be a worry for humankind.

Living in truth means refusing to be lied to and manipulated. Knowing that you are part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. Knowing that, if civilization does fall, you will be able to say, “I did my best.” Knowing that, if we succeed, you will be able to live the rest of your life with pride. When your species, your civilization, your planet was on the line, you faced the terrifying unknown with courage, dedication and resolve. You lived in truth. – Margaret Klein Salamon


Create this new law:

  • Nature and Children’s Protected Assurance Law’ for the sole purpose of protecting the planet for our children, biodiversity and species to enjoy a sustainable habitable planet.
  • Immediately require law’s fine to be paid retroactively with $1 Billion going to each state and Puerto Rico in order to support or create their ‘Department of Climate Emergency.’
  • Write up guidelines and proposals to make this law universally accepted either through the United Nations or similar.
  • Nature and Children’s Protected Assurance Law’ apply verbiage and provisions that renders this law permanent and to entail immediate payments when fines are applied.
  • Revise law when needed to add more revisions or update said verbiage but never regressing stipulations and underlying law itself.
  • There is nothing at all in GEM indicating ‘Doomism,’ in fact it is a call to be both preventive and abating by acting proactive.

Lastly, we are not doomed, we still have time but we must all get on the bus towards soluble Climate Action. There are ways and things one can do from home to help tackle this Climate Emergency and as we find them we will share them here as well as provide ideas and suggestions.

Lastly the financing of GEM works in reverse, meaning instead of paying for this or that GEM creates revenue and not just for individuals but cities, states, villages, and even the government. So if I go to a city and say that hey I want to introduce this idea, then the first thing that is thought is how will it be funded, GEM works in the opposite direction, it pays for its existence in a big way.

“Truth always originates in a minority of one, and every custom begins as a broken precedent” – Will Durant

December 2020 Update:

As a suggestion or who knows maybe a necessity now that we involve ourselves with the reality of this Climate Emergency even if little by little or day by day, look for daily news articles would be a good start, then…

Perhaps involve yourself with a Climate Organization or a few… I think it is now a necessity. In 2021 here in the U.S. please follow the progress of Extinction Rebellion or the Sunrise Movement, The Climate Mobilization, The Leap, Earth Guardians, Climate Reality, …these are the just a few of the many leading Climate Organizations. I say this because everything they are doing and saying are right on the money in terms of exactly how dire this emergency is.

Focus (Reminder from Subjective Introduction):

The type of greed and need (for power) that is predominant in our government, some states and other venues is nothing other than a sickness that not only infects others but disempowers those at the brunt of this effect. Because those with this sickness are either filthy rich or selfishly powerful many look the other way as they create mechanisms that is designed to keep the masses disempowered.

However we now have a unified target sort-of-speak, first read this quote and then note how we must have a unified focal point in order to finally start empowering ourselves.

Repeating some points from the Subjective Introduction:

Working together should enable us to resolve a broad range of problems better than single individuals can, but sadly, we know this often is not so. When people work together more knowledge, more talent, and more ideas are available, however complicating factors such as groupthink, bureaucracy, individual stubbornness, greed, jealousy, destructive competition, and status seeking come into play. Rational, responsible behavior becomes even more difficult, and when we attempt to work together on a large scale as in a democratic government, decisions can be hard to reach or even be perverted.” – Peter Seidel

From this quote above, we should accept that although our actions differ at times from each other, our focus is or should be unified, the prime point of this focus being our children and their future enjoying a safe and stable climate.

If we keep this prime objective as a focal point then it will reduce all that yucky stuff like jealousy, animosity, arguments and so forth. All united working to keep ourselves, especially our children off this extinction list. This is the primary focus, otherwise greed and other distorted measures grow from not staying in focus of the primary target, our Children and Nature’s well-being.

As a result of not losing this focus, other areas of human suffering will decrease and resolution to other issues will start to diminish, so even when methods and actions might differ, the focus remains the same for all of us.

AGAIN! Our goal or focus is non-other than working to make sure that our children, heck – the whole humanity does not hit the extinction list. Point Blank!

Living species, the animal world, biodiversity, and our health is included in this goal or focus. It is all symbiotic meaning one relies on the other for humanitarian existence otherwise we simply revert to becoming beasts in the wild scavenging for food (this is the opposite end of this spectrum).

12.25.2020 Update: Points noticed from two recent articles:

1. GEM automatically removes some current law-suits due to its very nature and eliminates the need for future ones based on solutions created from this bill.

2. This Bill should also manage existing projects, proposals and the like and re-evaluate their output effect on our ‘Nature’ as it applies to this new law. Meaning halting all fracking, oil exploration and the like.

Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope that 2021 is an amazing year for everyone and that we take each and every struggle, obstacle and challenge and turn it into stepping stones to finally create a society of compassion and whatever the opposite of ‘Greed’ might mean to you.

Even though I am very unworthy in terms of sharing knowledge about our Climate Emergency, I will do my best to improve my knowledge this year so that I can help wherever I am needed. Simply listen to the ideas as they are expressed here, whether my own or those I find and share. I consider every single person I meet a friend, no matter who you are, so I will do whatever it takes to protect each and every one of you with as much viable ‘Climate Emergency’ preparation information and resources I can find.

This is a promise!!!

GEM #1 – I strongly feel will be a very big step for us to move away from the ‘Extinction List.’ It’s just common sense.

Happy New Years and Please enjoy your holidays! Be safe and follow our government guidelines starting on 1.20.2021, for Georgians please vote for O and M on 1.5.2021 Special Elections.