Green Emergency Manuscript #2’ – (Part 1 of 2) | the Climate Warriors

“We are now living in an environment that is ever more rapidly going out of balance, but we have no natural mechanism that adequately alarm us about the dangers this entails. Our mental images of reality omit much of the data we need in order to understand this situation and deal with it safely.” – Peter Seidel

Crucial First Step:

Since this manuscript deals more with the ‘emergency’ aspect, it becomes necessary then in order to really begin dealing with the increase of disasters and other unfortunate effects of the Climate Emergency we must increase the salaries (by two or three times what they are making now) of Nurses, Emergency Services, Firemen, Law-Enforcement, Teachers and Essential Workers. I strongly sense that this is extremely crucial and in explaining why and how in detail it becomes both significantly obvious and a common sense necessity.

This last paragraph will probably cause many to stop reading further and leave which is ok, however this is about both being proactive and adaptive. I go more into the why and how in second part coming up, however I must tell you this step above should be one of our first priorities in regard to the emergency aspect as the climate worsens.

In fact, we have only speeded up extinction in the last 50 years when the science has been on its peak. Morals do not come from evolutionary biology. Towards that end, it is the depressing story of survival upon survival through destruction upon destruction. No wonder we are now seeing tremendous loss to ecology, environment, bio-diversity and forests after setting aside values and morals.” – Salman Ahmed Shaikh

(Regarding the criticism I recently received; the lady is correct. I should not come off or give the impression that my idea is the entire solution to our Climate Emergency and that I shouldn’t demand people to read what I write, etc… If I came across in this manner please accept my apologies. So if you prefer to read on please do so on your own accord, otherwise thank you for reading this far.)

Hey! You! Wake-up as worry abounds now, however the sources of this uneasiness and consternation regarding the stability of our societies hail from other wealthy corporations, not just from the fossil fuel industry, but from agriculture/food industry, wealthy families, and those at the tippy top that are extremely wealthy and have lobbyists as well as politicians in their back pockets. Before getting into the meat of this particular idea (#2) I like to share some more quotes and a few relevant points on this subject, if that’s OK.

These influences just mentioned in the last paragraph are losing their foot-hold of control and power not to mention financial gain more and more now. This is in a large part to citizens not wanting to support any longer those entities that are putting our planet in dire circumstances by ending their purchasing relationships and other means. Plus now and this will increase in the future is the fact that new climate conscious and compassionate leaders will be elected (and have been).

When New Orleans is destroyed and rebuilt, again and again, is that a failure of the Army Corps of Engineers, or is it the inevitable result of trying to build a coastal city below sea level? When that earthquake hit Ecuador, every death could have been prevented with better building codes. Those wildfires in British Columbia wouldn’t have been so destructive without decades of counterproductive fire suppression. I mean, look at the story you’re working on. How much less screwed would most Maldivians be if their own government wasn’t trying to profit from tragedy? The real disasters are poverty and shortsightedness. Systemic injustice turns disadvantaged into human shields against the brute force of nature pursuing its normal course. We create victims, and then we congratulate ourselves when we show them small mercies.” – Eliot Peper

Most of our young adults and even many children are now fighting with those grown-ups in power that comprise their future, they are even exhibiting amazing compassion and empathy for each other. Heck! It almost appears that they have advanced in maturity and many of the compromised adults regressed in adulthood, something that is now so obvious.

If you are a young adult living in the hood, barrio, burbs or wherever, this is also an FYI that organizations exist of those your age now that are working in an organized way to protect your future. Please consider becoming attached to one of them such as the Sunrise Movement. This is a great way to learn and express yourself in a non-violent and sensible way, and at the same time strengthen yours and others survival for the future of mankind.

Our children and young adults now are simply and I mean simply trying to secure a habitable planet in which to enjoy life wisely in a healthy and sustainable way. I do believe this is not asking for much and it serves us wisely to put ourselves in their shoes, this way we can see for ourselves the level of ‘greed’ and ‘need’ that overwhelms not only our own society but across the planet.

Rapacity (that hungry type of greed) is a nature that can exhibit extremely insidious manifestations, the amount one gives up to live this way, whether they realize it or not is astonishing as it diminishes their capacity for compassion and puts their integrity on untrustworthy grounds. What a miserable life to live, whether at the behest of the fossil-fuel, one of those unethical wealthy families, those exhibiting or funding willful denialism, or distorted ideology, it is a truly ugly disposition. In essence, the nature of living a selfish life by choice, a salary, or as a result of habit is tantamount to losing a humanistic connection to other’s humanity.

Aside from the various Climate meetings I attend, I also regularly attend philosophy based get-togethers and at a recent one the topic of hate came up and a guest who was attending said something that left me pondering and going hmm this is so true. What I took away from her expression (not-verbatim but close) is that;

‘Not just about the Climate Emergency but in general, many of us are very sad and fearful; scared of change, scared of differences in others, scared of ideas, scared of the times, sad due to the times we are living in and its unrest plus more, but because it is ingrained in a large majority of us to not express fear and in many cases sadness due to anxiety of how we might be perceived we respond instead in anger, violence, or hate for lack of this necessary expression.’ This in and of itself creates anxiety and if one is not emotionally mature then the effects can be detrimental for the carrier and/or those he/she lashes out these angst at.

Perhaps ‘emotional maturity’ classes can be introduced in all school grades as well as sustainable living among other necessary climate adaptation related topics.

It is a fact now that the world is in a great deal of agony and because of it the situation now becomes clear that individual transformation becomes the mutiny of each and every one of us. Taking responsibility for our lives in lieu of complaining and blaming is paramount in the age of this Climate Emergency as the requirement for unified action becomes all the more necessary.

So no matter how cruel, insipid, or unfriendly others are (to each other) the Climate Emergency does not discriminate and so should we (not discriminate); this is what is meant by working together is vital. This is not to say we should not speak up, protest, and speak out against injustice when it presents its horrid face.

We children are doing this to wake the adults up. We children are doing this for you to put your differences aside and start acting as you would in a crisis. We children are doing this because we want our hopes and dreams back.” – Greta Thunberg

I write as a very scared and extremely worried parent, grand-father, and child protector, yet as a hobby I listen, read and research information about our current Climate Emergency. Previously I had a big cry about our future after listening to yet another Climate Report from scientists and the United Nations. I cried because the sense of urgency displayed by top scientists and those at the forefront of the climate movement does not match the actions of many public leaders, media, companies (not all), specific world leaders, and most of all certain elected officials.

Mainstream media coverage had decreased (see Bradblog’s March 18th Green News Report for more on this), rhetoric is just about null in many places, and the children on the front-line striking for ‘viable action from those in power and world leaders’ are echoing across many ears filled with sand.

The Youthful Climate Strikers lead by Greta Thunberg have gotten many of them to remove their heads from the sand and are now are working on getting them to remove said sand from their ears canals if you get my drift. This is finally changing now, thank goodness (but not as quickly as needed).

“It’s really questioning where humanity is going, and is there a place for the way we perceive things now? Does that have to remain the same? Is anything constant? The world is constantly evolving, as is humanity. It’s really about evolution and taking charge of humanity’s next step.” – James Mcavoy

 More than anything else many desire to focus on the transitioning aspect away from this Climate Emergency. Basically the ‘Adaptation’ aspect through ideas, supportive leadership, solutions, and more. We believe there is a way we can truly break the grip of those whose power holds sway above and between us, forget the flux. This then will open even wider action and efforts to deal with this crisis.

Thinking over and over again about this idea of breaking the grip of those that their power influences above and between us. There is no exaggeration as this fact that it has to happen as it is clearly outlined in detail in two parts within the Sunrise Movement’s book, ‘Winning The Green New Deal’ in the chapters covered by William J. Barber II and then Guido Girgenti and Waleed Shahid, (Excellent read).

Taking salient care of renewable energy, infrastructure, transportation and the like is a given in regard to efforts from both the government and state in transitioning to renewable energy. This entails more jobs which satisfies a great deal of issues for people at the grassroots level, however not every single person is affected, the issue of fulfilling ‘cost of living’ comes to play and more importantly the how much of a reduction in poverty is there from these modifications (transitioning to renewables).

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

Then to be taken into consideration is the effects of the Climate Emergency as it continue to worsen and how much people are supported in these disasters generated by it. Similar to COVID, how much support will people have from:

  • a.) Our government?
  • b.) Citizens individual savings?
  • c.) Damage to the renewable supplies or source(s) due to these catastrophic Climate Emergencies. Meaning solar and wind devices are also at risk as well to the effects of storms, fires, and other disasters, climate disaster or otherwise?

These concerns are not just child’s play, they are very crucial as we must take this into consideration and be proactive about. Even though our goal now is to leave a maintainable and nonthreatening planet for our children and to make sure we are no longer heading towards the extinction list, viable padding and protection for unpredictable climate emergencies has to be considered.

Sustainable! Yes, however this sustainability must both be maintained and enforced as the Climate Emergency worsens. Sure our public utility will provide energy from a renewable source for many village, city and suburb dwellings, yet our homes must be enforced to withstand the effects of the Climate Emergency or worse yet, do people have funds to move into new dwellings if they lose their current dwellings?

The steps needed to protect citizens coming from what I suggest might also be of little to no use at all if things improve dramatically, however according to scientists and many studies it will worsen unimaginably.

So these suggestions and ideas might simply be a proactive measure you might say. The steps will be explained in detail so with that these ideas could be of some protective support; these effects include:

  1. Increasing the salary of the ‘Climate Warriors’ (Firemen, Emergency Services, Nurses, Teachers, Law-Enforcement, and Essential Workers). Actually we must rapidly increase the salaries of the ‘Climate Warriors’ … (Due to the gravity of what is to come our way plus for another specific reason which will make sense as outlined below)…
  2. Rip us away from the financial grasp of those of who hold us sway in their grip…
  3. Start helping all refugees, (around the planet, literally and quickly)…
  4. Focus immediately uniting on local level (more on this below)…
  5. These ideas just might not involve as many sacrifices as one might think, as it is never really a sacrifice in a sense if you receiving something of value in return. (This is key!)…
  6. Encouraging others to learn and progress by sharing our experiences and methods we used to accomplish goals with others around the globe…
  7. This and more, and in addition is precisely how we can change things quickly by using each other’s expertise or skill as well…
  8. Help cities, towns and villages establish ‘Climate Safe Zones’ not only for us humans but for animal species… (this idea has been festering in me for some time now)

“Shared pain is lessened; shared joy is increased; thus do we refute entropy” – Spider Robinson

In this manuscript (all parts) one will see both ‘I’ and ‘We’ when writing, I include staff at times and will refer to just myself at times.

Part II of GEM

“Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.” – Erich Fromm

The writing is on the wall everywhere and is being called attention to from citizens, activists, environmentalists, writers, scientist, organizations, our children themselves and many more. Much of what you are reading was penned before the Biden Administration so I am updating some of these ideas so perhaps they can still can be of use. If not they can be dismissed and hopefully other countries might find them helpful.

‘Climate Warriors and Successors’

This is considered the most crucial part and directed towards everyone but especially those who are Climate Warriors and our Children/Young Adults.

What are Climate Warriors you ask?

Because it is a battle (to stay prepared and adapt to disasters) and frankly it is due to a lack of not knowing how to refer to them as a group in terms of the Climate Emergency, so I coined them this designation (Climate Warriors). They consist of Firemen, Nurses, Emergency Services, Essential Workers, Law-Enforcement, and Teachers, in addition in terms of community and state aspects; Mayors, Governors and finally our children and young adults.

Other sites and organizations use this term as well but refer to all of us as Climate Warriors, here I refer to those listed above as Climate Warriors and us as Climate Soldiers or G-Warriors (Grassroots Warriors). The names are just semantics and it is more about the foundation, structure and actions at this point.

The Climate Warriors support consist of course all of us with consideration and front-line participation from our children, youth, and young adults. I know it might bother many in regard to supporting the Climate Warriors and increasing their salaries when so much animosity exist towards law-enforcement, however I go into details this below and in the second part.

Again, because it is a battle, the Climate Warriors are at the very front line, one can verify this now from simply seeing Climate News and for the teachers we should realize they are who shape the future Climate Warriors and more. Education should not be taken lightly anymore in regard to what needs to be taught in dealing with this Climate Emergency.

Our biodiversity is also being damaged exponentially and educating others to assist in various aspects of ecology, sustainability, regeneration, and now infrastructure climate enforcement is not only vital, but continuous.

Nurses and Doctors are meant to refer to Medical Staff i.e… Doctors and nurses are the ones that care for the patients and encourage them to get well. Doctors are crucial however I reference both nurses and doctors as nurses, primarily because doctors are always on the front lines but not always in the same way financially and not included in the salary increase idea due to this.

No communities are exactly the same, some communities are larger than others, and some have more people yet wider areas and visa-versa. So this and ideas to come should be flexible in this regard.

“Through adversity, not only are we given an opportunity to discover our inner strength, we are also given the gift of foresight so we can shine a light for others who go through the experience after us.” – Rachael Bermingham

Collective Awareness:

I do not know if you noticed especially at the beginning of this year, the emphasis is not so much about success or I got mines and you got yours. No sir, it is in the air, that the emphasis is much deeper now, more inclusive. It’s about what are we going to do collectively about our various crisis (with emphasis on ‘we’).

People are including not only their family in statements and comments but the whole of humanity, hence the word ‘we’ is becoming prevalent again and denotes ‘we-the-people’, all of us. It is about how to help others honestly, with empathy, with integrity, kindness, and in the end we are naturally assisted in return.

Yes, there is violence, hate and anger that are festering in many places, the natures of entitlement, greed, rage, deprivation, misinformation, and more rules many, however we do not often hear of the good and encouraging efforts that are happening out of view that might just foreshadow the former if shared more often.

In regard to the current climate crisis, our climate crisis predicament now requires us to set a new course and move in the direction of compassion and hope, for ourselves, our families, our children, their future, and the whole of humanity (us/we).

It will be comparable of moving towards a planet that is based on empathy and compassion from one that was heading directly towards brutality in favor of the financially powerful lauding over the poor and those frail in terms of survival and resources. The news today reflects the need for humanity to transform so we can evolve, the latter is not possible without the former.

We all have a vested interest in the future of humanity. No matter what political parties or what we do for a living and most of all the fact that now the realities we are facing are not in any way just about ourselves.

Our children and their families to come safety and future is exactly our vested interest. Their future represents the future of the human race and when this is put into jeopardy it becomes not only a human-rights issue but a door that opens dire consequences for their current potential; reemphasizing this means the extinction of the human race. Hence the need for GEM #1.

Thank goodness it appears we will no longer be idle and will be applying action that needs to be expedited, although it would help if this action was a bit quicker. Collectively are no longer turning a blind eye to this reality which means we are finally stepping-up mobilizing towards renewable energy. What is needed now is to organize ourselves at the grassroots level, which is suggested below.

“If you develop the absolute sense of certainty that powerful beliefs provide, then you can get yourself to accomplish virtually anything, including those things that other people are certain are impossible.” – William Lyon Phelps

It also matters very much what capabilities we are leaving in children to care for the planet, themselves and their future (children). We have to look at helping and training them to deal with the effects of climate crisis and transforming the planet to start reversing the damages done. This also includes dialogue about emotional maturity, tolerance and compassion in facing the differences of others, dialogue with strangers, empathy towards the struggle of others, and so on.

Included is new fields of study in self-preservation, sustainability, climate sciences, biodiversity, zoology, animal species preservation (not the same as zoology), ecocide law, and much more. One of the most important being studies towards the various ‘Degrees in Sustainability.’ This is why teachers are included in the list of Climate Warriors, because they are.

(Just a note, I might have some of the information incorrect in the fields of study as I as a rule do not use the internet at all when writing this entire manuscript, everything is either from memory or notes; it is by design only due to circumstances.)

The Divorce:

None of this is possible without a divorce. Yes, a divorce is needed, one that pulls us away from those who are predominately avarice by nature. How is it that their own intense greedy temperament of losing wealth deceives them from seeing that they themselves will be affected as the situation degrades? How do they not see the cause and effect of this? So it appears that answer is that we see the nature of both greed and need (for power or to maintain it) is intoxicating to say the least.

Like nuclear disarmament, the current climate crisis is a reality that we all share together. We all now share something strongly in solidarity and the actions we take now to address this crisis will have a strong bearing on the future inheritors of our current efforts (cause and effect). History will be judged by our very next steps, this is a quote found among those of the past themselves in which we now judge their past actions today.

There is an indisputable yearning that is inherent in humans towards goodness. This goodness also means we all have an obligation to protect our own family and fellow human-beings from environmental disasters. However there are those who are misled, paid, and/or mired in the human nature of self-interest that hold power over others similar to a vice grip.

Then those who are angry at the system, law-enforcement, each other, neighbors, differences (racism at the top of the list), and many other aspects of our humanity. Being mad at others, the system or law-enforcement is understandable, however the time has come to face these issues and resolve them quickly so we can get to work. A suggested way on how to resolve them is highlighted below as well.

In essence these ideas will not only start pulling us away from those unethical influences that hold us in this vice-grip, but will help in our working together in a humanistic and non-violent way. It is enough that we have those who put us in this situation and work on keeping us here without adding to this particular stress and anxiety with violence. By simply fighting this ‘Climate Emergency’ together we can hopefully in a humanistic way empower each other at the same time.

“Suppose we were able to share meanings freely without a compulsive urge to impose our view or conform to those of others and without distortion and self-deception. Would this not constitute a real revolution in culture?” – David Bohm

The Obstacles of Change:

“For the powerful, crimes are those that others commit.” – Noam Chomsky

Instead of the political news (on corruption) that overwhelms us constantly, I am content that now we have the type of leadership that is more concerned with and compassionate about individuals in this country. Soon we will also be seeing headline news similar to those of positive results of dealing with the current climate crisis such as seen in Sweden in the past (not sure about today).

For example:

“Perhaps what sets Sweden apart is a combination of citizen engagement, high ambition levels and international solidarity. Even when ranked as one of the most sustainable countries in a number of international indices, the focus is not on what has been accomplished but rather on what remains to be done.” – Source

The fact that we were more focused on the effects of distorted and delusional ideology as well as actions of our corrupt leadership instead of the current climate crisis and it perpetrators is a bad commentary on this leadership we have had here in the United States.  The floorboards were rotting beneath our children’s feet and their future (time) is of essence, yet we were constantly focused on activities and the actions of the effects of blatant apathy until less than a year ago.

“Until you start focusing on what needs to be done, rather than what is politically possible, there is no hope. We cannot solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis. We need to keep the fossil fuels in the ground, and we need to focus on equity. And if solutions within the system are so impossible to find, then maybe we should change the system itself.” – Greta Thunberg

The Idea of Wall #2:

“As long as men are free to ask what they must, free to say what they think, free to think what they will, freedom can never be lost and science can never regress.” – Marcel Proust

Climate adaptation will take some work although it is not a really a sacrifice when you are actually part of the process, part of the transformation, part of the mobilization, adaptation, and receiving something valuable in return. What you receive in return is that you become part of the efforts towards mobilization and adaptation.

Think about it, you work with Law-Enforcement, Teachers, Nurses, Firemen, Essential Workers, and Emergency Services. By the way, in regard to Law-Enforcement tackling this Climate Emergency together is an amazing way for Young Adults of all races and genders to work closely with Law-Enforcement as was mentioned throughout, the primary goals are the same. Add in the fact that most officers have children they are concerned about it then almost becomes a no-brainer. This is addressed in GEM #3.

The idea would involve these Nurses, Firemen, Law-Enforcement, Emergency Services, Essential Workers, and Teachers in collaboration with everyday citizens and especially youth and their efforts plus new Climate Adaptation stages.

This would also coincide with both the governments creating a Climate Emergency adaptation/mobilization department worldwide immediately, and then it would be advisable for each state and city/village to do likewise. Many have already or are planning to.

There is now just as much attention needed on the local level in regard to this Climate Emergency which still can have a profound positive affect world-wide. Basically what we individually do in our own backyards has implications world-wide. With our new administration it will now have a bearing and thank goodness that activities and actions are starting to be implemented straightaway in communities.


Due to our climate emergency we can no longer generalize, we can no longer say these or those cops or these or those nurses, or these or those Firemen and so on. We now have to be extremely specific, such as which cop(s) in particular or which nurses(s) in particular.

Because someone in a given career, no matter if they are teachers, law-enforcement agents, nurses, etc… does something unethical and illegal then they as individual(s) have to be called out for it and held accountable to the highest extent of the law, however keeping in mind the blindness of the law.

It is a touchy issue as many are really fed-up with violence coming from law-enforcement in particular.  We must also acknowledge that this does not apply to every single police officer.  I also say this because my Uncle was a cop and had a very high level of respect for human-rights, the dignity of others and did not bypass the rule-of-law.  He was a real cop and like real cops they already know ‘Black Lives Matter’ they do not have to be reminded of this, it is in their nature; which is ingrained like the majority of us.  If you would have known my uncle you would agree, I’ve had first-hand experience of this.

Repeating a part from the introduction section. As the Climate Emergency worsens as well as some of the solutions and ideas being suggested by many it now becomes clear that we work closely with law-enforcement and the rest of the Climate Warriors.  At the same time we must stop hurting each other especially the younger generation.  Part of the idea and solutions in the pipe from the government on down to grass-roots organizations and submissions of solutions and ideas (such as my own) require that we all work together and put behind us the violence that had been so prevalent in our society.  This is so crucial as the ‘Climate Emergency’ does not care how we treat each other so in order to tackle this emergency we must not only transforms ourselves but assist each other at the same time.

The future is determined by what we do now and the window of opportunity is closing fast.” – Oscar Auliq-Ice

These Climate Warriors have families and are just as concerned about the Climate Emergency, this is why we need an idea that puts us working side by side in a very beneficial way. Perhaps there is a way we can all benefit financially and fight this Climate War.   Something that can be attached to the Green New Deal and satisfy many of the 17 SDGs on a grass-roots level.

“Nations, like plants and human beings, grow. And if the development is thwarted they are dwarfed and overshadowed.” – Claude McKay

Repeating the opening paragraph above; since this manuscript deals more with the ‘emergency’ aspect then in order to really begin dealing with the increase of disasters and other unfortunate effects of the Climate Emergency we must increase the salaries (by two or three times what they are making now) of Nurses, Emergency Services, Firemen, Law-Enforcement, Teachers and Essential Workers. I strongly sense that this is extremely crucial and once explained the why and how then becomes both obvious and common sense.

The next section explains the why and the how, but first…

GEM as indicated is designed to pull us away from those who hold power and influence over us via financial means, their products and more by uniting us with the Climate Warriors.

If we had been taking action say forty years ago, this idea I am suggesting would have been null and void, yet since we haven’t I think we must have other alternatives such as those indicated by other’s point of view, including my own. Unfortunately it is possible that we are still heading to what is indicated in the quote below.

That is the course we are speeding so blithely along- to more than four degrees Celsius of warming by the year 2100. According to some estimates, that would mean that whole regions of Africa and Australia and the United States, parts of South America north of Patagonia, and Asia south of Siberia would be rendered uninhabitable by direct heat, desertification, and flooding. Certainly it would make them inhospitable, and many more regions besides. This is our itinerary, our baseline. Which means that, if the planet was brought to the brink of climate catastrophe within the lifetime of a single generation, the responsibility to avoid it belongs with a single generation, too. We all also know that second lifetime. It is ours.” – David Wallace-Wells

This is an important point moving into the next section.

Thank you!