Regarding the Climate Terrorists; if you are a lawyer or know a lawyer please send them to this blog post.

“Justice must never mirror evil, Justice must always be a mirror for Evil so that all may see.” – Ahmad Ragab

Because of these Climate Terrorists (Anti-Science and Climate Deniers) request is that I am still seeking a lawyer due to the emotional and psychological damaged caused by the Anti-Science and Climate Deniers.  The suffering I have endured equates to torture and I am seeking compensation for these damages.

The amount of illegal activities they have done is mind-boggling.  I intend to sue for $253 Million Dollars, and all their assets (businesses, homes and cars).

If you are a lawyer who might be interested please know that I do not care in the least for the money and assets.  The majority of funds awarded, (just about all of it minus your fees and a very small amount for me) will be given to the State of New York and New Jersey Department of Climate Emergency.

I also have some very specific information that will make this lawsuit easier. Please know if this was a case of harassment and/or stalking I would not even bother however; the amount of illegal activities perpetuated against myself, my company, and I am sure others whom might not even be aware is enormous to say the least.

When you see the amount of funds they have at their disposal this amount is a very small portion.  Note that some of their illegal activities include breaking into people’s home when they are away from it, going through people’s belongings in their homes and basements.  Vandalizing their property, setting up listening devices, motion detectors, hacking computers (my site had to be rebuilt a total of 13 times due to their hacking actions), blocking the growth of my Climate Change company numerous times, stealing US and UPS postal mail several times, following me from work site to work site, copying my Simm card, following me to other countries, trying to scare me with their vehicles (as if they are going to hit me), putting a very large amount of water on my front stoop when it was extremely freezing cold outside, watching family members in uncompromising situations (disgusting), trying to come into our apartment when only my teenage daughter was home.  Putting feces on my front porch (one of the few disgusting things they did), hitting a crippled family person with their shopping cart when they know the person could not walk well, following me around with their white helicopter, bringing up drones to 2nd floor windows (previous apartment), plus since August 2016 to my recollection they follow me around in their cars when I am home (this makes me feel like a prisoner in my own home and very fearful as they three times try to intimidate me with their cars (acting like they were going to hit me or block my waling path when crossing the street, and a bunch of other torturous activities.

They are extremely sneaky and devious, in fact they feel totally empowered to do all this because they are also integrated in the government and know they have leaders running this country that are also anti-science and climate deniers.  I totally feel that they should not be allowed to do these illegal activities and I plan to keep fighting to get them in court no matter what.

To this day I have to work on my company website in secret and most of the time not sleeping since I do not feel secure working on it outside of the current capacity.  For a long time I was blocked to my own companies back-end website due to their attaching devices to my home internet router.  I have become so security savvy now due to their constant attacks.

I do not feel like I have to run my company that I love very in fear and secret plus the fact that it helps humanity.  I wanted to also point out that it has in my opinion put my help with fighting this climate emergency back by three years so far and counting as they are still to this day harassing, stalking and doing their illegal activities against me and my climate change company.  Again, the compensation I am asking for is simply a drop in the bucket for them as they are continuously funded by wealthy individuals and companies.

So with that I sincerely am asking for a lawyer who would not mind helping me get the ball rolling on this and please know that there are some very specific things that can be done to bring them fully in the limelight so others can see them for what they are, which is Climate Terrorists.

Again, if you are a lawyer or know a lawyer please send them to this blog post and if you are aware and have some of their license plates you and your city will be financially compensated pending the $253 Million Dollar settlement.

“It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive” – Earl Warren