law-enforcement and youth

//law-enforcement and youth

law-enforcement and youth

One idea I’ve entertained for sometime time now is for law enforcement to work closely with young boys and girls and teenagers to grow and plant trees within the community.

In fact, I thought a way to fund this effort would be to create a local social media subscription based website where these youth or parents reside and they would pay a monthly or yearly subscription and together with their local law-enforcement create a tree planting club which they would not only plant trees but learn together about ecology, growing trees and plants and then going into the communities and planting these trees and plants.

Why? Because the direction the climate is going in currently we need to make whatever draw down efforts we can towards decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It would also serve as creating bonds of friendship between law-enforcement and youth.

The subscription will offset any funds that cities would have to contribute. The social media website would also serve as a communication portal between these youth and law enforcement to build stronger bonds of friendship.

I am sure many web page designers would be happy to create a social media subscription based website and can probably do this for almost nothing or you can have your own web design team create it. 

The benefit of this being local is that you can bypass those unethical hackers and trolls and have the subscribers either mail in the payments or drop them off. Listen this is a suggestion but I feel it would work. 

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