Valentine’s Day! The day we think about love!

With so many ways to love and hopefully enough time to touch each of those ideas, maybe we should have Valentine’s week. We toss the word, love, around like it’s a football. I love hiking, I love my dogs, I love cheese, I love sleeping, I love my grandkids, I love my house after I’ve cleaned. The list goes on and on.

But this Valentine’s Day, make an extra effort to love our environment, because without our Mother Earth love, we could be pretty sad. Just this past week, a piece of glacier broke loose in the Himalayas, causing a mass flood in India, and experts are attributing this massive break of ice to climate change.

We are now back in the Paris Agreement, along with another 197 countries with the global aim to reduce greenhouse emissions and limit the global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels.

This agreement provides the pathway for developed countries to assist developing countries in mitigating their impact on climate and adaptations as they move forward on all levels. Here are the goals for the Agreement:

1. Limit global temperature rise by reducing greenhouse emissions. The 186 countries signed on to the Agreement submitted target goal, “intended nationally determined contributions” that outlined how to curb emissions as well as preserve carbon sinks, many with very involved carbon cutting goals.

Once a country formally joins the agreement, these goals become “national determined contributions,” which comes with the understanding that this country will try hard to reach those predetermined goals.

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