‘Our Children’s future at heart’

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‘Our Children’s future at heart’

In the United States we can be either so enamored with security or forever locked into the five stages of denialism, regarding the current climate crisis and other issues, that we forget about progress. This is plainly obvious judging from our last presidential election.

With the mid-term elections just a skip and holler away, we need to get grounded in reality on a much larger scale. Meaning getting on board with those other countries and disappearing islands that are grounded in climate reality and have been for some time.

We must each question ourselves, wake up and consider doing the right thing on November 6th, 2018. I am in no position to tell you what to do but can tell you who is. Our children and the future of our humanity is at stake here. So the children and youth of tomorrow can tell us what to do and that would be to vote for those candidates that are very serious and have the well-being of our children’s future at heart. Period!

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