Pope Francis sent a message praising Greta Thunberg and the Youth4Climate conference that took place in Milan, Italy, from September 28 to 30, 2021. More than 400 young people from 197 countries met in Italy to “develop concrete proposals that will be presented to the ministers attending the Pre-COP and COP26.” [1] In other words, this is a youth initiative to promote, mobilize and motivate world leaders to take action and implement stricter climate regulations to save the planet.

Pope Francis “thanked” the Youth4Climate participants for their concern for the “environment” and for “challenging” the adult world. He also praised them for standing up and taking “action.” [2] In a video that was prepared by the Vatican, the Pope told the Youth4Climate participants: “In your journey I am with you and I encourage you to develop a sense of goodness for humanity.” [3] So the Pope is with the Youth4Climate participants on their journey to promote green sustainability and in pressuring politicians to pass climate laws now.

Who else is with the Youth4Climate initiative? Sadly, Adventist youth from Milan, Italy, also participated in this three-day conference. According to the official press services of the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy, young Seventh-day Adventists also joined other young Roman Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans and other churches for an ecumenical service called “Spiritual Ambition.” [4] This interfaith youth gathering actually took place during the Youth4Climate conference and was part of their program. This part of the event was sponsored by the Federation of Evangelical Churches, the Council of Christian Churches of Milan, the Italian Episcopal Conference (an assembly of Roman Catholic bishops in Italy) and others. [4]

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