The Sun and the Wind are Free

Where do we stand at this inflection point in history?  There is a growing sense that we are paying a terrible price for the fossil fuel civilization that we built and exulted in for more than two centuries and that is now taking us into a series of climate-changing events and a new reality that we can barely fathom.

Humanity is experiencing a great awakening of a different kind.  We are beginning to see ourselves as a species and just beginning to ponder our common fate on a planet where nature’s rhythms and patterns are becoming alien.

A younger generation is coming forward with an intimate sense of the darkness that is unfolding around them and a steely determination to break through the lethargy that has allowed us to slip to the very edge of a planetary crisis.  They are angry, determined, and motivated, and unwilling to listen to why we can’t do this and can’t do that, mulling over what’s realistic and what’s not, at a moment when realism itself seems so unrealistic and in adequate to the mission ahead of us.

However, we are not totally in the dark and without possibilities.  There is a way forward. – Jeremy Rifin, Excerpt from The Green New Deal book.