Disclaimer: You are here due to your own accord, curiosity, and interests; you were not coerced to come here and read what I have wrote/write. This is important to me. Currently I write for a total of 38 people who voiced they want to be informed when I share anything, anyone else please feel free to click away as this might not be of interest to you or I simply might just be a non-violent passive nut.

Prelude to GEM II | something universal guides us to tackle this Climate Emergency…

This thing, this rhythm, this mystic positive energy that guides many of us is universal, again I am not talking entirely about religion here at all, although in many cases we can credit religion for bringing out the best that rests in our souls; and in some cases the worst as is clearly evident in those religions who’ve lost their teaching’s foundation.

It is in our DNA to want to survive as a species and because of this many of us generate ideas that might seem different or scary in nature but are actually mechanisms for healing the human race, evolving and moving onward.

This can be viewed throughout history, those who dared to think outside the box or differently were the ones ostracized for seeing the change was not only needed but necessary in order to evolve. We are at a moment of mandatory evolution whether one wants to accept this fact or not.

These ideas and solutions from those who bring them forefront are needed to evolve and I believe that they are the carriers of designs that lead to improved progress for mankind, in fact I think we all are, yet have to find the means in order to bring out these capabilities and qualities from within ourselves.

Restoring (healing) the human race is a self-transformational process in that it involves evolving to become much more humanistic in the time of utter turmoil, natural inadequacies, emergency situations, impediments caused by the human nature of greed, need (for power), and a few other negative dynamism and components of ignorance inherent in each and every one of us.

Bottom line is that we can either move forward barbarically or in a humanistic custom, so tackling the Climate Emergency gives us the opportunity for the latter of course, but again this depends on each of us. Change in tackling this emergency is systemic so I am not saying those responsible are in anyway off the hook, they should be shelling out the funds in large amounts to start reversing much of the mess they created in the name of greed, power, and need (for said power). They should also be cleaning up their mess such as capping and cease fracking and oil pipe extensions (more on this below).

Change, especially change for the better is always rejected, attacked, denied, belittled, and fought, especially from those who have a vested interest in the status quo. There is nothing wrong with cooking the way grandma taught us to, but times have changed thus so should our methods. It is not to belittle some of the progress of the past, except those initiated by willful greed and arrogance can no longer be afforded.

Money gained through both greed and need (for power) influenced many societies now and in the past for long periods of time. Moving forward we have to shift our attitude from financial gain to humanistic concerns for each other and all living species, perhaps this is what mother-nature is trying to tell us.

Currently these influences are losing their luster and hold and because of this they attack those with ideas, those who are anti-suicidal and those who want nothing other than the best for humanity which includes all living species. Their greed appears to favor doomism basically as it fits the agenda; suck up the oil until it is depleted, leaving us in a Venus state.

The influence of greed and need (for power) attacks first and foremost nature’s janitors and healers which is many of us. To see this in action simply read the comments from those who post innovative ideas and are spear-heading change for a sustainable planet. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize and accept this fact.

On a more subjective point, the idea (s) I myself will be sharing fits the former part of this discussion. My ideas have roots in my own personal religious maturity in the self-transformational aspects, and like many religions do, we want and work to see that our fellow human being happy, healthy, safe, and living on a habitable sustainable planet nothing more, and nothing less.

My ideas come at a price from the winds of resistance and obstacles brought on by those minions and hired hands, the price at the inception was pain yet this has morphed into appreciation as it has caused me to grow in many ways.

It doesn’t mean I do not speak out towards injustice after-all I have employees and future employees I have to protect and this is important. I will take those bricks on behalf of my employees anytime and at a heart-beat, together we build stepping stones with them in which to assist humanity to move forward in a positive direction. This is something that will be clearly visible in time.

This I realize as I have had ideas popping in my head for several years and I barely shared any of them. I realize now that they are not just only ideas as they are keys or gems in my own humble opinion that might just help reshape some old and now non-productive ways into humanity moving ahead in a more sustainable and equitable way, maybe even tackling poverty itself once and for all.

One point about those primarily funded by the fossil-fuel and the Koch Industries (think Valero Gas Stations) is that they have technology, surveillance equipment, world’s best hackers, and an army of minions, and hired-hands. They are the carriers of wrenches that they use to throw into the gears of progress to slow it down, I know as this is one of my very company’s own reasons for delays and setbacks.

The point is that I have had to become very technology savvy, as well as security conscious in my delivery of said ideas, so with that I plan to also give what I learn in this regard away. Meaning that I will give you tips and tricks to secure your technology and online security in which to advance our Climate Actions, although it might not be as advanced as those who deploy them it makes it hard as heck for them to attack you through technology and some online ploys.

Everything immoral even the Climate Emergency itself, including challenges or obstacles that happens on our way towards a sustainable planet using renewable energy and nature-conscious living standards are/is an opportunity (ies) to either grow, learn, evolve, educate, and most of all to use for our individual self-transformation into much more honest, sincere and humble human-beings. I suppose that there will always be those who are stuck in patterns of yesterday yet we must, and I emphasize, we must as a necessity move forward in the direction away from our hopeless course.

For those who are waiting patiently to see what my company is working on, thank you for your patience, please know that I am working on something that will benefit all of us and this takes time as a large part right now is dealing with the obstacles mentioned above cheerfully and using their bricks as stepping stones to further my own self-education and self-transformation.

Thank you!

My basic principle is that you don’t make decisions because they are easy; you don’t make them because they are cheap; you don’t make them because they’re popular; you make them because they’re right.” – Theodore Hesburgh

As a side note to Climate Organizations and Lobbies, I receive a good amount of invitations to attend or join various meetings and organizations. I want so much to join 350.org, The Sunrise Movement, and others, (I am already a long time member of The Climate Mobilization) and I want to point out one thing.

Which is I will in time join the Climate Citizen’s Lobby and hopefully if accepted the Sunrise Movement but I’d like to apologize for not attending or joining at the moment. When you see what I am cooking up which takes time designing and coding (self-education) you will understand why I hold back. My deepest apologies.

Also, currently I do plan on attending Climate Business Zoom Meetings just to learn about the struggles businesses are facing which ties into my current endeavors.

Unfortunately the only meetings I can attend now due to time constraints are my various Buddhist meetings on zoom, if you’d like to join me for those just shoot me an email or DM.

I was not going to mention this as I am aware of all the issues facing law-enforcement, but I want to personally thank President Biden (thanks for replying to my letter), Vice President (Kamala Harris, thanks for sharing my letter with the president), the NY Attorney General (thank you so much for indicating ideas are very important right now and listening to my concerns as a company) and NY/NJ Law Enforcement who are well aware of my company’s struggles and have really protected my efforts. Thank you!

Psst! Mr. President and Vice President while I have your ears, we absolutely must put an end of all pipeline activities, fracking projects and especially all oil drilling everywhere. Why? As Mr. Chomsky indicated a few years ago, we will be heading towards a period of ‘roasting’ and eventually meet the ‘Venus’ effect which equals extinction. The planet herself is telling us; “Whoa! What’s going on here? Slow down, you are causing harm to yourself and other species. What! Are you guys’ kuku?”

Our children are literally begging us to stop damaging their future and to stop catering to the fossil fuel and other entities that are causing harm to our planet. Begging! I tell ya! We must heed their message for their sake and for the sake of what can only be called extinction by suicide.

I myself am simply a janitor working at the city dump (expression) but it is clearly within vision this direction we are heading in and if we do not put our foot down right now to those influences we will pay dearly. This is not my words, these are the words of scientists and our children.

Heed the warnings!

Hey Mister! (I saw your comment), you must know and I mean this humbly not sarcastically, I am the most insecure and uneducated person I know. Point Blank! This in and of itself releases me from judging or criticizing others (although I will criticize willful stupid behavior when beyond obvious, something I am working on transforming). So no I do not pretend to be educated at all, I simply am not. I am learning day by day just like everyone else and what does come to me is from what I have read, or reading (via self-education), or the environment. I do however aspire to grow to be continuously compassionate and wise though, this is self-transformation.

As always I want to personally thank Greta Thunberg for such amazing Climate Action not to mention compassion for all living beings, and for being the voice of ‘Mother-Nature (Earth),’ literally. Thank you also to The Sunrise Movement, 350.org, Climate Reality, Earth Guardians, The Climate Mobilization, and Extinction Rebellion and many other authors and organizations on the front-end of our Climate Emergency struggles. Thank you to the United States government who is leading the way and all those other countries fighting to see a sustainable planet for its people. A really big thanks to the United Nations!

To the staff over at ‘Mother Earth News’ – I love you guys very much. You are incredible but I do not think you realize how much of a role you will or are playing in helping transform many of us to live towards sustainable future. Thank you so much.

I promise this I will not let anyone down with what I have in the file cabinet of my mind. Not to sound arrogant; this is something I do not think I can do, it is something I strongly sense that I can. Even if ideas are not useful for one person perhaps they are for another. Currently circumstances does not permit me to advance quickly as I’d like to yet I am working on changing this. Thanks for your patience.

The only wealth I have to give, is not material – and if you need much more than that, I’m not available” – Lauryn Hill