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Conflict between science and ignorance is not new. Neither is our interest in having science prevail in that conflict: society’s advancement depends on it. What may be new with climate change is the size and scale of the implications to civilization and, to a degree, the ease with which people can ignore scientific insights without knowing it. Investing the time to learn a few basics can be the difference between being thoughtful and informed or misled and manipulated. – Paul Higgins, Excerpt from book, ‘THE THINKING PERSON’S GUIDE TO CLIMATE CHANGE’ by Robert Henson

Some older learning resources for educational purposes, some might have been removed from source:

The Green New Deal, explained

Green New Deal Full Language

Climate Mobilization plea: Cities must declare emergency – Yale Climate Connections

New Thesis Explores the Transition Experiment in Ungersheim | Transitioning towards Sustainability: What are we waiting for?. – Article as well as link to download the Thesis – (Very Encouraging!)

Six Foundations – Download Report at site

Post Carbon Institute – Preparing Communities for the rest of the 21st Century!

Think Resilience – Offered by The Post Carbon Institute

Links directly to PDF released August 2018 by Christina Ospina | Cooling Your Home but Warming the Planet: How We Can Stop Air Conditioning from Worsening Climate Change PDF

Released by International Researches –
Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene
Emissions Impossible Report

Blueprint for a Climate Emergency Movement: Embracing Climate Truth and Escalating to Win by Anya Grenier (4/2017) Site|Read

Leading the Public into Emergency Mode: A New Strategy for the Climate Movement, by Margaret Klein Salamon (4/2016) Site | Read

The Victory Plan, by Ezra Silk (8/2016) Site | Read

The Transformative Power of Climate Truth, by Margaret Klein Salamon (updated 10/2015) Site|Read

The Case for Climate Mobilization, by Ezra Silk (updated 4/2016) Site|Read

Climate Reality Check, by David Spratt (updated 6/2016) Site|Read

The Psychology of Climate Change Communication CRED Guide cover, Center for Research on Environment Decisions Site | Read

Expect the Unexpected Site|Read

Empower Women, Impact ClimateRead

Read the Draft of the Climate Change Report– (original PDF)

New York Times | August 7th, 2017
Adaptation to Climate Change: Key Terms –PDF

Glossary of Global Warming and Climate Change Terms –PDF

Global Climate Change Impacts in the United StatesPDF


Climate Reality Project 100% Committed Campaign ToolkitPDF

One NYC – Reports (several PDFs)

Adapting to a Changing Environment – NJ

New York State: Adaptation to Climate Change & Mitigation of climate change

Climate Change Is Complex. We’ve Got Answers to Your Questions.

UNPRECEDENTED CRIME: Climate Science Denial And Game Changers For Survival – Book Review

Fact Sheet: Achieving 100% Clean Energy in New Jersey

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience, Edmonton, Canada

ONE NYC (pdf)

A Good Life For All Within Planetary Boundaries (Chart) – University of LEEDS

Climate Reality – Extreme Weather the Climate Crisis E-Book (PDF)

Migration, Displacement and Climate Change – CIESIN, Columbia University by Susana B. Adamo (PDF)

Youth Speaks Out on Climate!

What is renewable energy – Climate Reality – AL Gore (PDF)

The KRESGE FOUNDATION | Climate Adaptation

California Climate Change Adaptation

Adaptation to climate change – European Commission

Global Climate Adaptation Partnership, Adaptation Academy, Oxford

Adapting to climate change – Australian Government | Dept. of the Environment and Energy

Welcome to the new UNFCCC website

Utah State University | Climate Adatation Science

European Climate Adaptation Platform

Recycle everything with TerraCycle

The Climate Report President Trump Thinks You’re Too Stupid to Read

Many Republican mayors are advancing climate-friendly policies without saying so

Climate Science Special Report – PDF or Downloads (same link)

Livable City Sustainable Plan – PDF

Environment Element 2010 – PDF

Global Climate Action Summit – News

SourceWatch (The Center for Media and Democracy publishes SourceWatch to track corporations.) – Tick!

Book: The Green Amendment: Securing Our Right to a Healthy Environment Paperback

Book: Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know® 2nd Edition

Book: The Layman’s Guide To Climate Change

Book: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change (The Politically Incorrect Guides) Kindle Edition

Book: Climate Change: The Facts 2017 Kindle Edition

Book: Climate–A New Story Kindle Edition

Book: Our Warming Planet:Topics in Climate Dynamics (Lectures in Climate Change Book 1) Kindle Edition

Book: The Green Amendment: Securing Our Right to a Healthy Environment Paperback

A Nearly Infinitely Adaptable Recipe for Ecological Regeneration and Soil Carbon Sequestration

In Defense of Using ‘The New Normal’ to Describe Climate Change

New Study on the Collapse of Mayan Civilization Should be Climate Wake-up Call

Climates Past: From Greenhouse to Hothouse– Ohio University

How Did We Do That? The Possibility of Rapid Transition Global Warming & Climate Change Myths Boyan Slat explains the challenges ahead for System 001

Endangered Lions, Climate Justice and Towering Trees: The 15 Best New Eco-Books for September

Interactive Map: Climate in 2050

A ‘SmartFlower’ Grows in Chicago: Innovative Solar Design Powers Affordable Housing Complex

Mosquito ‘Danger Days’ Rising: Protect Your Family With EWG’s Bug Repellent Guide

Designing Greener Streets Starts With Finding Room for Bicycles and Trees

Greenhouse and Icehouse Earth

Climate Science Tackle climate change in your community

Empowering communities to adapt to climate change

Climate Change 101: Understanding and Responding to Global Climate Change

The RTCC Climate Change A-Z

PLANKTON: Why are they important?

Climate Change – The Basics

Why Should We Care about Plankton?

Soil Health and the Importance of Mycorrhizal Fungi – Dr. Mercola

Plankton – Wiki Mycorrhiza – Wiki

The A-Z of climate change –part one|part two

Estuarine Science – Planktonic Community

Importance of phytoplankton


What is carbon dioxide (CO2)?

Climate Change 101 – Our future on a warming planet

What Mycorrhizal Fungi Are and A Few Interesting Facts

Global Warming 101 – NRDC Why Is Phytoplankton Important?

Climate Change Overview – From State of Minnesota

The importance of plankton – Blue Planet Society

Global Climate Change – Vital Signs of the Planet (NASA)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Climate Education Resources

101 Top Web Resources on Climate Change by Environmental Science Degree

How to teach … climate change

NOAA – Climate change impacts

NASA – Climate change: How do we know?

NOAA – Climate Change | Teaching

Live Science | Global Warming: News, Facts, Causes & Effects

Education, politics and opinions about climate change evidence for interaction effects

Igniting Change and Innovation | The IMPACT of Health Education – (PDF)

Experimentation with a socio-constructivist process for climate change education (Free Access)

Climate Change Education and the Ecological Footprint Observations: Oceanic Climate Change and Sea Level


Climate Change Education for Mitigation and Adaptation

Observations: Changes in Snow, Ice and Frozen Ground

Climate change education: quantitatively assessing the impact of a botanical garden as an informal learning environment

The certainty of climate change