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site update

Since I am consolidating all my previous blogs; some of the blog posts that I share are imports which mean I posted them anywhere from February 2000 until now in one or more of my previous blogs.  When this happens they show up as old and not recently posted.  

Regarding the community portion I am spending more time working on the foundation of this site as to me; as with architects, construction workers and others in the building industry realize this is the most important part of building any structure; as one definitely wants it absolutely rock solid.

I am very serious of my intentions and plan to keep working on making this a reliable site for you to come and learn and share.  There are so many aspects to what I am doing here that takes time to think, implement, fail (and get up again), learn, etc. and this is all based on our shared concern for the future generations.

I am determined to keep this site transforming as this is my primary motivating factor.

Thanks for your patience…

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