The South is unique for its biodiversity, culture of resiliency, and incredible diversity. It has long been the home of the most destructive extractive industries and the dumping ground for waste. Our region has a unique need for sustainable development due to its systemic underinvestment, over-extraction, and poor infrastructure.

Very little has been done to ensure a just transition from extractive and polluting industries. As we transition to a regenerative land-based economy rooted in justice and equity, those communities with a legacy of pollution and ecological destruction must not be left behind. Southern communities living on the fenceline and frontlines of environmental injustice and the climate crisis must be included in Green New Deal policies.

Our Vision

Southern Communities for a Green New Deal is a vision for a just, equitable, clean, healthy, and thriving South. Its demands take into account the unique realities of the South. This platform is the product of a bottom-up, community-based approach to building alignment around shared vision, values, and goals in a way that prioritizes the lived experiences of Southern frontline communities as opposed to the traditional top-down or corporate approach to problem-solving and decision making.

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