If it were not for a dire sense of urgency now I would have probably never written this!

The Black Box and our Climate Emergency Company!

(Correction, I started writing this note 3 years ago actually, around July 2018 and am now sharing due to ominous circumstances. It is no big deal now or even that valid, however recently I had another idea that might help our company which is in dire straits which I now include towards the end of this note. If the reality of what is intended by the purpose of the Black Box does not happen, the latter is plan B and will still happen nevertheless.)

The Black Box is nothing but a ‘silent auction’ – it is an idea in form that raises funds for our company to grow and expand. The Black Box is designed to be read by ethical wealthy and it is written with a specific intention in sight. I have also added a blurb below for those with violent, racist and hateful predispositions…

We must reinvent a future free of blinders so that we can choose from real options.” – David Suzuki

This is an idea envisioned for financial support for our Climate Change Company. It is a black box I am selling for the highest bid. Period! However it is not about the financial gain what-so-ever, it is about the future of mankind. Laugh if you will yet I can assure you many of us are not. Therefore this ‘Black Box’ which I termed the Climate Emergency Black Box (for me) starts at a bid of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00). Read along as I now explain everything related to this action I am now taking for the future of my company.

This is a true story:

I have been saving items in this black box since I was a little boy, so it had sentimental value to me and I thought maybe some of those old rocks, grubby old coins and oddities might bring back memories of humanistic childhood times or such; that it might be worth something to my emotional balance as I aged. The items within also include items of interest to anyone actually, as a few pieces are one of a kind.

People can be very prideful in asking for help whether financial or other-wise so this simmered in my mind for some time, however as the future looks extremely bleak in terms of ‘Climate Action’ that needs to be happening and does not appear so on some levels I am stepping up my own pace in this area even more.

Humbly, I ask for an opportunity and given the necessary resources our company can expedite the entire Climate Movement dramatically using ideas from our mental file cabinet. In fact, we do not only think we can do this, we know we can at least with some of the organizing and unifying efforts, at most we can give our best which will definitely yield results. This includes creating a venue for adapting using inventions and ideas on a larger scale. This might not be happening anywhere but should be everywhere.

A person defines his/her own nature only through the people around him/her on the physical ground and not via those found on his/her social media platform.” – Anuj Somany

Back to the story:

There are two types of way of reading a book, either you read and it passes through you or you digest it which indicates reading it from the core of your life, although there is not always recall there is self-assurance. I have been digesting ‘Climate News and the like (books and such) since March 9th, 2006, but even that was due to increasing concerns a year earlier. I felt strongly that mother-nature was talking to me as she has been to many other ethical and caring people, especially Greta Thunberg and our youngsters. I have shed many tears in private about our situation since that time and sometimes this frustrations gets the best of me.

I want to say that the fossil-fuel industry probably had a raised eyebrow on me since July 13th, 2013 to my knowledge (I am not 100% sure), as I have been sharing quoted images and articles excerpts in my old now deleted Facebook account since then. What I do know is that my art and inherent ideas rubs them the wrong way and thus they try to suppress me once by sending three goons one day to confront me on a NYC subway car, but to no avail as the doors opened and I quickly zipped out.

Before that though, their attacks came to light when I started to get heavily harassed August 2016 by Climate Deniers and then Anti-Science I was living in the mountains way upstate New York with my dad. They did something so blatantly disgusting that I feared for my life, in fact I at first thought it was law-enforcement then realized then and thought it could have been both. If that was the case it was those in authority under the Trumpism rule.

When I use the word disgusting, it is just that, truly uncivilized. I could not believe that it was a particular religious organization doing this and that had affiliation with the fossil-fuel hired-hands. Disgusting is a mild word and these are experiences that I will never publically share as it is beyond comprehension how a so called religious organization can have no conscious and very little regard for others human dignity. I am not attacking here but stating facts based on their actions which speak louder than words.

In the end I found out through an incident against my company that they (Fossil Fuel hired hands) were dispatched through the Justice Dept. and EPA in the land of Trumpism. Basically anyone with creative climate endeavors or intentions of bringing renewable emergency to light were targeted and so began my own journey of struggles and attacks. I am sure that their attacks and harassment towards me and my company was probably very minor compared to those like McKibben, Thunberg, Mann and many others on the front-lines.

In March 2017 I registered my company ‘Climate Change Community LLC’ with the state of New York all the while I was being attacked through social media, followed around, and more but please note that truly disgusting things were done to try to intimidate me or make me take my own life via losing my sanity. What I do not think they counted on was that I have always been super optimistic even though I suffered from morbid depression at times (whenever my life-force was low). That I had what is termed as a ‘Never Give Up’ spirit, based on a quote I have pictured framed since 1984 that is the encouragement that I look at daily.

I was not always a good example of some of my own philosophical beliefs in action but those were the younger days as now I am maturing minute by minute, day by day in the correct direction finally. No one and I mean no one remains the same we either advance or regress otherwise we’d still be swinging from branch to branch.

I eventually learned who the players were, basically minions of the Koch Industries and Fossil Fuel and who knows which others are implicated as the list of Fossil Fuel supporters, minions, hired-hands, bottom-feeders (as Mann puts it), and agitators are long. As mentioned I had recently learned that they represented a religious organization as well which surprised the heck out of me as I thought religion was a place people became more humanistic not the reverse.

I have reported to NJ/NY State and Local Law-Enforcement some of these details and I must say they really supported me tremendously which is why I no longer condemn or disparage them but call them out individually if I have to. In fact, this is something I changed in recent years as I had once blamed a whole police department once for something one officer did and this was very wrong and immature. I sincerely apologize to that particular police department (they know who they are).

My Uncle who passed away several years ago was an extremely humanistic police officer and this is why I always say that yes; Black Lives Matter 100%; however real cops do not even have to be told this, it is ingrained in their life, the thought doesn’t even cross their minds. I have seen this first hand in my uncle’s behavior with young black men and women. It is reassuring that they are cleaning up their own departments now and the Biden administration is also addressing issues related to all the murders committed by individuals in their ranks.

Back to the Story:

Lastly with all the Climate Warriors it is not always racism that we point our fingers at as I also experienced this in the mid-west. Basically we all yell racism, however we must also remember that yes it is 80% racism, but as well other factors too. These consist of three aspects that should be mentioned I believe (I could be wrong);

  1. Ignorance can sometime look like racism, so patience with those that are is sometimes key, this ingrained condition can be changed quickly if only the person transforms their life at the fundamental level.
  2. Socially sensitive demeanor is sometimes missing from those who can’t relate because they haven’t experienced it or been there; another changeable condition of life through self-transformation.
  3. Cultural sensitivity appears to be missing in many individuals not just Climate Warriors, hence some of the callous remarks and ignorant actions we’ve become accustomed to. This can change also in a heart-beat if only the individual transforms his/her life at the core.

To the immature, other people are not real.” – Harry Overstreet

Back to the story:

So I immediately worried that my life was in danger and cannot tell you how much I prayed for protection and wisdom (I am a new Buddhist). I am not sure why, but living in the mountains one night I thought to myself that they would come and kill me and then take my belongings, even my treasured black box. I must do something to protect these golden memories.

Early the next morning I snuck out before they came and parked to watch, listen and more (they were and still are using illegal surveillance not to mention hacking, confirmed as of 7.23.2021). I took a drive into an area I knew no one would easily find (back roads) and I walked that black box into the woods up towards the top (one of the mountains) 45 minutes near where I lived at the time and buried it. This is how frightened I was at first.

Another quick experience I simply must mention to highlight that their harassment and intimidation have no price tag, there is no limitations in financial cost in their intentions to destroy ones human dignity. In 2018 Climate-Deniers and Anti-Science group paid I would say over a million dollars in an attempt to intimidate and harass me. They followed me to the South of France and even to a small town that is probably not even on the map. The beauty of this experience is that I can prove it with a little footwork as they left both a big foot- and finger-print (metaphors).

As I indicated to the Attorney General and Law-Enforcement, I am now used to everything that they do at this point, the only thing I do not feel is justified is their use of illegal surveillance via listening devices and infrared equipment. I do not think it is fair that they live as if their actions are above the law when everyone else is doing their best to be good honest law-abiding citizens. It is almost as if their behavior is fascist or cult-like in nature. This is not an attack but a fact as no one is above both laws, the judicial and the laws of nature.

So there you have it, this Black Box for me might be an opportunity for us to expedite our Climate Adaptation on a grassroots level.

Bringing it up to our current date, now I am appreciative for my situation, as I think about it this way; I took every single harassment, intimidation and more as if they were throwing bricks at me and then took those very same bricks and built a staircase towards a transformational self that is much more humanistic and resulted in a more compassionate life. This is only a small fraction of the benefit I receive from their attacks, meaning I have gained integrity, wisdom, empathy, determination, and much, much more.

So they turned out to be a blessing in disguise in terms of my own personal growth and maturity but this alone does not help other human beings, especially our children’s future and this very fact is what nags the hell out of me as I tend to have a soft spot for others and to see others happy and living a healthy, significant and gratifying life. Basically helping others as is something we all should aspire to I believe as a necessity in tackling this Climate Emergency.

Remember my mentioning above that reading books on Climate Change in the form of digesting them is my forte, aside from Climate material I have also been reading books and articles on Philosophy since I was a small boy and even more so since I gravitated towards Buddhism. These I have been also digesting and because of the combination of both (cause and effect) I have now myself become an ‘idea engine’ – something I am sure that the fossil fuel did not see coming.

In my mental file cabinet I have many of ideas and 99,9% percent of them are all based on our current Climate Emergency, hence my always hash-tagging #ClimateEmergency.

So why am I sharing all this personal experience and information with you?

Climate Change Community LLC is my company and when I started I there were five of us (I was the only man), but due to the severity of the attacks I had asked the other staff members to step down as a way to protect them from what I was going through, which they did.

As of currently, along with the illegal surveillance and infrared I learn recently I am a prisoner to both their illegal hacking techniques, mind you that the fossil fuel industry employs some of the best hackers in the world, I personally witnessed this first hand. They also have some type of fake internet proxy setup in which I post something and cannot see it updated unless I walk a block away from my place. It is a ploy they use to confuse and abuse. Another reason why I am adamant about some viable changes in my company’s structure and even location at this point.

Now it is basically just myself running the shop but have two staff members in the shadows and another three that will step right up when asked. I basically protect them by taking the blunt of the attacks. In sneaky ways they have already attacked some of my family members and so I tend to be a loner to my own family just to protect them from their maneuvers to attack them to get to me. It has been a constant battle since August 2016, but I am firm that in time I will be successful, however now the problem is that time is no longer in our own hands, it is now in natures hands and she has a fury we haven’t even begun to experience.

At this point you must know that we are a company and not a charity organization and what we do is work to make a salary and funds to sustain ourselves and the business upgrades as in time it will require upgrades since, hey we are trying to save the world.

Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Back to the Black Box:

If you are a celebrity, musician, actor/actress, ethical company or individual, or anyone with that would like to be a part of my company not only will you have the Black Box you will be invited to watch the workings and will be able to help see the company develop and grow from the inside out. Who knows perhaps in time I can even buy that Black Box back from you or not, either way humanity’s survival to me is much more important than that now.

So in essence purchasing this very expensive (to us anyway) Black Box is not at all about the Black Box, it is about making viable causes to help humanity bypass that dreaded extinction list, protect nature, help the animal species land and ocean, and more in regard to our humanity.

Another point is that I am working to raise funds to not only save my company but to enhance it. I will do that regardless but with increased funds I can expedite and escalate my activities, and share a substantial impact with society with the ideas I carry around. I do know if my ideas will help in every venue or will save certain situations. What I do know is that is for sure is that we must consider even the ideas coming from those at the grass-root and poverty stricken level as well.

The Bidding is now open!

In that event, I opening the bidding for this black box for a $500,000.00 dollars starting now. It will be a silent auction meaning your attorney communicates via snail-mail to the bid and I will respond however you prefer the status of bids. I will end the bidding on August 25th.

I know that possibly the Climate Deniers and Anti-Science will place a bid with the intentions of not paying so I am asking for verifying credentials and possibly a video meeting. Also one can have their attorney send a letter identity verification, plus send an email that you placed a bid via our contact page with bid amount and anything else that cements your identity as we all know how others try to exploit and cash-in. You must be an ethical entity, person and company is the only requirement. Please be ethical and concerned about the future of mankind, living species and nature.

The idea is to build my company around ideas, sort of a virtual factory. The Green Emergency Manuscript that I carry around in my mental file cabinet is not the only idea I have, you can rest assure of this. It is to consolidate in one place, everything and anything that will help us prepare for the inevitable, or worsening of the ‘climate conditions,’ at the grassroots level.

It is needed and we still intend on making it happen, we just desire to make it happen much faster and bigger. The Climate Emergency for many, and I mean many, is as dire as the COVID pandemic. We worry deeply about the rate of our adaptation in lieu of the level of the Climate Emergency we are at.

Personally, I hope it is OK to be afraid, as that is exactly what I am. However, I cannot sit on the sidelines, I simply cannot, and with that I am going to suggest something in which we all work – yes, work on saving ourselves. There are ways.

The Green New Deal I told a good friend beginning of last year, is truly awesome but it needs a ‘grass-roots level compartment’ and this is exactly what some of my ideas does. It combines them with the 17 SDGs sort-of-speak and gives life and meaning to those confused. We have things that must be done, inventions to be created and more, yet I simply cannot stay quiet about these anymore.

If you aren’t a millionaire or more, then note that giving tips to help me build my ‘Climate Emergency Idea’ it would help. Snail mailing is preferred, however I have a very nice surprise for all of us as soon as I shake these local hackers and climate deniers and anti-science illegal surveillance apparatus loose.

Tips: Go here to do so – tick. This is a private endeavor therefore media attention is not required, just a simple company working on creating something beneficial for society.

So if you are truly wealthy and reading this please place a bid, and if not consider tipping for the efforts so far and those yet to come.

In closing, I’d like to share one of the ideas we have; we’d like to create the planet’s first physical ‘Climate Emergency’ – Control Center, this is where part of the funds gained will go. We kid you not when we say that the funds (salary) will go towards manifesting and sharing for adaptation purposes Climate Emergency ideas, solutions and necessities. Humanity’s future should now be on everyone’s plate and many people do not know what to do or how to start and this is exactly what these funds will address.

(Note the idea in this last paragraph has changed, it will explained in GEM #2 Part #2)

One point I’d like to make is that I do harp and continually point out actions of those blocking climate action progress (there are many) as unethical, that they are however; I never forget that they have the potential to change. I know this from experience as when I lived in Northern California there was a really mean older gentleman in our neighborhood who everyone would immediately go inside and hide when he was around. Then I knew a middle-aged woman in the same town who was full of self-hate that she directed it at others in very nasty ways.

These two individuals transformed their life-force tremendously, the women I might add I spoke to her about philosophy and this opened the door for very fundamental changes in her life. So although I do point out the obvious in behavior stemming from greed or delusions (or need for power) I never forget that the possibility for transformation exists in everyone’s life, even theirs.

With warm regards.

Tito Alvarez
Climate Change Community LLC
PO Box 197
New York, NY 10113
Online Contact | Personal

To Violent, Haters, White and Racist People:

STOP, Stop, stop with the violence, the killing and abuse of your fellow man/woman, we are not trying to replace you or any other thoughts you might entertain whether your source of information is through media and like; as the potential to channel misinformation resides there. No one is coming to take your stuff, we are not trying to take your jobs and most of all we do not care about the color of your skin.

To those young adults reading this I go over some this point in GEM #3, but please if you have a gun please surrender it to authorities. Let’s start making our country safe from gun violence as tackling the Climate Emergency will require your help. Violence, especially gun violence is really a sign of immaturity as it indicates an unwillingness to sit down and have dialogue to resolve conflicts. Please consider growing up and maturing. More in GEM #3 about this.

The capacity for getting along with our neighbor depends to a large extent on the capacity for getting along with ourselves. The self-respecting individual will try to be as tolerant of his neighbor’s shortcomings as he is of his own.” – Eric Hoffer

Regarding racism and hate, as Latinos, Asians, Blacks, and other races, if nothing else our differences will not only enhance your humanity it will help solidify your own sense of culture. Culture can be created it doesn’t always have to be something that always existed and we can help with that.

What is ironic is that we are both in the same boat, we want the same thing, we struggle for the same desires, and basically we want the same living conditions as you which are; ‘Hope and Equality’ – meaning that:

  • we need a decent employment with a decent living wage, a wage we where we can have a little extra cash to enjoy life, (GEM #2 and #3 idea helps with this);
  • we need sustainable and safe shelter, since the Climate Emergency will get worse we must be thinking of this now;
  • we need our families to be safe from toxins in our water, foods and air (we already have seen with COVID the effects of not having sustainable water, air, and food;
  • we need ‘health-care’ for all that is equal and not based on who you are and how much money you have, health-care that is absolutely worry free in terms of financing it, this I defer to our elected officials of course;
  • we need programs, ideas, solutions not only for our children but are ran and even overseen by them, we are leaving them this planet and instead  giving them a hard time.  Lets bring them to the table to help us help them. This should actually be common sense;
  • we need an education system that is not antiquated and times have changed and so should our teaching mythology and material as well; I strongly suggest teachers read any books by or about the famous Japanese Educator Tsunesaburo Makiguchi for this;
  • we need to work with all six ‘Climate Warriors’ as in times conditions are going to escalate to those where self-reliance and reliance on others will be a necessity;
  • we need many more innovations and solutions that effect those at the grassroots level; so please follow along here at cCc for the next few years…

What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?” – Winston Churchill

Thanks again for taking time out to read this post.

In regards to myself and staff, about that Plan B that I have mentioned. we am creating a unique community in order to generate funds to save our company, but also to unify many in regards to Climate Emergency concerns. We are committed to make it free from hateful and misleading information by using a few unique methods along with those indicated in the community page of this very site. More about this shortly, just keep your eyes on the ‘Site Update’ blog post.

Please, please protect yourself by getting vaccinated as the new Delta variant of COVID-19 is from what I understand dangerous. Adhere to your countries CDC or likewise departments guidelines as by helping ourselves health-wise we help others. It is not only about ‘me’ it is about ‘us.’ This is a truly humanistic, mature, and common-sense approach.

Our greatest pretenses are built up not to hide the evil and the ugly in us, but our emptiness. The hardest thing to hide is something that is not there.” – Eric Hoffer

In closing, I am not trying to be self-righteous here as my nature gravitates to intense compassionate concern and penetrating empathy based on obvious perceptions at this point. I am so sad inside, so trite, it overwhelms me. It if wasn’t for philosophy I would have probably checked out a long time ago, what philosophy has done for me is trained me to take hardships and transform them into hope then turn this hope into action for protecting and caring for others. For that I am truly grateful to my mentor and experiences.

Bidding ends on 8.25.2021 at 14:35 pm EST with plan B hopefully kicking off at this same time.

If you are a Governor or Mayor please visit titoalvarez.net today, I posted some blog posts that end at 11:00 am EST that might be of interest to you. Basically those between music videos last night this morning. At noon (same time zone) I offer a special cultural music video, created in Brooklyn, NY.

I am looking to post a section of GEM #2 Part #2 probably late this evening. I will both tweet and Instagram post a message indicating it is posted.

Thanks for the read.

(Remember this is a company and normally I do not like to talk about philosophy, religion, and personal matters, however I am doing this now to fight for my human dignity and company’s well-being. What is posted here will rarely happen, as I post personal experiences and the like on my personal site instead.)