the intended endeavor…

//the intended endeavor…

the intended endeavor…

Friday, June 1st – Update:

To the few regular visitors that stop by, I want to offer my deepest apologies! My energy and focus have been so much on those who oppose my efforts that I veered from the overall content here. Instead the content echoed a complaining nature as the result of this.

These issues I am going through as outlined throughout the ‘fyi’ page, I now accept as a rumination of my own life and I will therefore face and challenge these as they present themselves.

Once again this site will reorient itself back to the intended endeavor which is climate change adaptation, education, and suggested solutions. Education entailing ideas, other’s solutions of their local climate crises, new innovation, informative websites, and a host of other resources.

This will be reflected in time throughout the site and social media content, the link page will not change but will have a cluster of new links added shortly and will eventually be easier to navigate.

With this I am removing the ‘fyi’ page from the menu yet it will still be accessible through a link or search.

Thanks for you patience and understanding.


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