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     (I do not know for sure although I am willing to bet) – The reason for the private phone booth in that office is because there is an active campaign together with specific fossil fuel and chemical companies to harass, intimidate and create anxiety in those who are making any type of effort on the carbon dioxide drawdown (plug) which means expediting renewable energy either through education, resistance activities or any other method that enlightens the public here in the United States and in several other countries. It is our opposing force at the moment.

How do I know this? Because I am at the direct brunt of some of these activities because of my efforts here at (cCc) and other endeavors (in the works, in fact half the time this is why I am at a standstill–dealing with these knuckleheads).

For your information, I never let my assumed perception of what others think of me dictate my actions, thoughts and emotions… why should I since I am the most insecure person I know, why add to it…

Paranoia is just having the right information.” – William S. Burroughs

let me explain more… continued at my blog…

(end of Instagram post with slight corrections and additions above)

Boy do I hate to say this part: ‘If anything happens to me or my mp3 player because of this specific blog post (or my other efforts which includes farting in bed) a manuscript detailing all activity I have myself experienced (and know of) will be released. I am also aware of some experiences from a few others who have not spoken out as of yet.  Thanks to the lessons from watching that forensic file show, we now have video footage also…’ phew… My life is grounded in truth so I really am not too worried.

Let’s dissect some of my experiences: Am I a bank robber? No! Why steal money when I can simply turn my pockets inside out to collectors. Am I a drug dealer? No! In fact, I am a graduate of Phoenix House Foundation and proud. I fell with alcohol and do not see weed as a drug. I do not do either of these anymore. Did I embezzle or create any type of felony similar to this? Heck No! Besides I thought this was a white collar crime and I am Puerto Rican Africano so I do not count.

Then I ask myself why on earth am I being treated as a criminal? Boo-hoo! Who ever is harassing, bullying and intimidating me sits above local and state law enforcement in authority, that I do know for sure. Besides who else could employ such a sophisticated level of listening devices and motion detectors. That would indicate it is out of our healthy Washington DC, I presume. Watson! – That would then probably indicate that my only crime then would be my hobby or passion.  Oh No!  I cannot see myself giving up one of the few enjoyments I have in life.

What is that Tito? That would be learning about Global Climate Change as I always liked reading very much and was raised in close proximity to nature and her beauty, in fact, me and some of my best friends used to bring our Conga drums (I’m no Ray Barretto though) down into the woods and blend with mother-nature. Boy was she ever so grateful.

Scratching my head, as a victim of these torment and bullying tactics I merely would ask for you to consider my point of view. I only ask not to be hurt as I have family obligations. I am not being a smart-ass here just accepting what is happening to me and will build a case as to why I do not plan of halting my efforts. Perhaps I can lift the covers of your closed neanderthal mind just a bit.

Your actions to instill fear and anxiety will no longer work. Why not? You ask!  Because once it became obvious what was happening to me and by whom the fear dissipated.  I suppose facts have a way of diminishing fright and calming an anxious state.  Truth which as we all know always reveals itself to everyone in time

The truth is, I do not know much about global climate change (do not tell anyone, I almost have everyone fooled) but and that is big BUT! I am determined to learn as much as I can so that I can leave a record for my children, your children and all the youth to come. Hey, why not help educate others as I learn along the way, since you are probably so busy this will help you as well (Yikes, why if does not?). Would it not be a good idea? I mean you are busy trying to intimidate me, heck; you might as well know why you have been asked to. Right? I mean details are important to you. Are they not? Hold on I have to tell my friends something.

“The bud of victory is always in the truth.” – President Benjamin Harrison

Hey friends! I mean the ones that are not busy trying to scare the crap out of me for appreciating the sun and wind so much. Because of the emails I am starting to receive from those who have not realized not everyone is foolish I pretty much do not reply to communication anymore with links. If it has a link I delete. I learned both the easy and hard way, stupid me for the latter (OK, I was foolish once or twice maybe).

If you are from the media and have received a letter from me please disregard, as I am not going to either a lawyer or the media to deal with this hindrance, instead I will keep on elevating my life-force and keep on trekking (or is it tracking) to the next blog post or endeavor here at Besides my aspiration of being a climate blogger is materializing so do not ruin it.

Back to my pointfor the record; I will be dammed if I am simply going to stand idle and watch my planet be destroyed. I love saying this, it makes me feel like I am answering Carl Sagan’s question. Everything I do is done via non-violence as I am a total pacifist. Hey you coppers! Yeah you, Mr. Policeman; I absolutely do not believe in violence as a means to resolution especially when dialogue works wonders billions of miles ahead of any convulsive activities. Besides I would hate for someone to step on my big toe, it would hurt like mad crazy. Feel me?

Like everyone else, I have deep concerns about our humanity surviving the damaged caused by the reprehensible fossil fuel industry (hey! fossil fuel we have come to the end… time for some sunshine). Is it true the only reason why I am treated the way I am is because these fossil fuel and chemical companies have billions of dollars (not complaining, just stating a fact, actually I heard a parakeet repeat it)?

You know that movie The Road (tick for an example). Yikes! It’s tre-depressing and scary because it is a depiction of damage and destruction to both our environment and humanity. In fact, that is why you see all those courageous and honorable activist resisting your rubbery pipes, projects, implementations, installations, shoot, not sure what else you call it. Foresight with clarity is not lost to everyone.

These religious groups, people (activists), tribes, climate organizations, etc… they get it, boy do they get it! BIG TIME! They get it totally and that is why we should be calling them our champions for environmental justice. Now going back to the movie The Road (tick for an example). Think, about it this way! Resistance to your efforts to pump more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is actually protecting you, — as Chris Rock says; “Yeah! I said it”Resistance is protecting you!, because after severe destruction of nature and crippling of humanity money loses complete value (and I mean complete) and surviving becomes the commodity! You’re probably thinking; DUH, I did not consider this point of view this way.

“I don’t think most people understand where we’re headed.” – Gaylord Nelson

For those in power and authority who do not even budge, except to lift your butt cheeks to fart, and have the means to help hasten the realization of renewable energy yet are merely sitting idle on your hands, especially if you have children and grand-children – shame on you! You thought you would not be called out. Think again!

I have always felt Musicians and Singers should be part of those leading in awareness and action as they have the means of creating trends and dialogue among the youth. Rappers instead of using the word N$gg$r and B$tch change it to climate, carbon dioxide, CO2 and everything and anything related to climate change. We (I am not a real musician but it is fun to pretend) need to step it up. Anyone who wants to jam for climate change with me (especially violin or cello – big smile), meet me by that park at NYU in Spring. Shoot me an email.

Hey guys, I really love to grow as a climate blogger so please support my efforts here with a financial subscription (not a donation but salary for my efforts, I eat also you know and I am no stranger to struggle in this regard). Thank you so much.

FYI: if you are a lawyer, judge (hi, guys/gals), news agency, organization or anyone who handles sensitive documents related to climate change and renewable energy please be careful and make sure your computers and devices are not only secure, but that they are updated daily. In fact, if possible ask your IT technician to disable remote services. If you have Cloud Storage and/or Filezilla then keep an eye on these in regard to uninitiated activity.

I have an extremely strong reason to believe (stupid me again) that someone (maybe fossil fuel or perhaps the chemical companies, just saying) have employed hackers–bad nerds – who compromise computers and devices for sensitive data. I would not be surprised if they have access to remote services that rival those that over-ride not only certain permissions but access that are equivalent to virus programs that have rights to every single folder on the drive, just saying is all.

If you work in libraries and certain public places (again with the libraries) these hackers are not only watching your activity through VPN (which is no big deal), but they are probably copying your data as well (big deal). I personally caught someone red-handed (bad kids) pulling climate change documents from my computer twice (once at home and once at the library – again with the library).

A note to the fossil fuel industry… enjoy ethical capitalism… the water is warm, come in. Hey! do you even realize that you can be filthy ass rich if you really switched over to renewable energy. You can make billions, I tell ya, billions! Do you realize you would also be hailed as a hero and win universal respect at the same time. Your customer base would go through the roof.

‘Yes, Jan show them what’s behind curtain two if they switched to renewable:’ ‘Well Jim, by simply letting go of fossil fuel and creating solar based products, producing wind and solar energy technology and means, they would win this mansion filled to the brim with green 1 billion dollar bills. All joking aside, why on earth even bother wasting millions, who knows maybe even billions fighting the inevitable. Just a thought!

“The ultimate test of man’s conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.” – Gaylord Nelson

In closing, I have one awesome idea that might just help the refugee crises in a big way, I plan to write it up and send it probably to the president of France and Germany. It is an idea but it just might help. I will blog a post about this in the near future.

Hey, guys especially you Mr. Fossil Fuel man, and his hired-hands… Click this and close your eyes and listen for five minutes or more. I dare you! Tick!

The reason I wrote the way I did in this blog, is both the result of my copy-writing class and to appeal to the creative part of your brain. Jesss, I know! I need to take a refresher class in grammar and sentence structure, that will be a future endeavor, so in the meantime any help you like to shoot me an email regarding this is appreciated. No links.

Have a great day, afternoon or evening. Ciao!

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