We are in a climate emergency – it’s time to rebel | Rachael Treharne | TEDxBonnSquare

We are finally waking up to the reality of climate breakdown, but accepting what this means – for us, for nature, and for people worldwide – is much harder. Extinction Rebellion is showing us a new path to tackling this huge challenge: tell the truth, act now, and go beyond politics to find new ways of working together for a liveable future. Rachael Treharne is a climate change professional with a scientific background researching climate change impacts where warming is progressing faster than almost anywhere else – the Arctic.

Increasingly alarmed by continued political inaction on climate breakdown, and by what she perceives as a broader society-wide struggle to accept the implications of the climate and ecological crisis, Rachael Treharne joined the Non-Violent Direct Action civil protest organisation Extinction Rebellion earlier this year.

As a first-time activist with a professional and personal commitment to the mainstream, non-activist methods of tackling climate change, she now writes and speaks about why Extinction Rebellion is so important to breaking the deadlock on climate action, and why she feels the decision to ‘Rebel for Life’ is the right one. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at