What is Disease?

The Human Body is governed by Natural Law. We have to live within Natural Law. The same thing is as if you tried to jump out of a plane without a parachute, there’s a law of aerodynamics and gravity, and there’s the wind factor. And, if you jump out, despite thinking you’re a canary, you’re going to hit the ground. It’s the same thing, in spite of what we’re doing.” – Fred Bisci, Ph.D., clinical nutritionist and raw foodist for more than 50 years

Disease is a great warning sign that alerts us to what is happening inside our bodies. How reassuring it is to know that, if we catch it early enough, we are in full control of the cure. I’ve seen hundreds of people make healing a passion. I’ve experienced it myself, and I have known people with the most serious of illnesses who have fully recovered once they’ve applied a wise approach to their healing program. With a few simple steps, you can, too. Don’t always rely on the drug-centered medical system to “cure” you; most of the time, drugs merely treat the symptoms, not the disease. You deserve–and can attain–better than that.

We need to try to get at the root cause of the disease. If you can understand what is causing your illness, you stand a better chance of overcoming it. Once you do overcome it, you’ll be able to avoid any future issues with your health, and looking young and staying healthy will come naturally.

Why we get sick

People may not like to hear it, but most disease is self-inflicted. We get sick anytime we violate natural law–the biological laws governing the human body and the laws of a sound mind–or, I believe, when we go against Scriptural laws. Violations of these laws, even to a minor degree, will result in impaired health. Looked at another way, this works in our favor: It means we can cure ourselves.

Learning about the design of the body and how it is supposed to work is the best foundation for developing a health plan. Then you can take the first step: determining the root cause of your health problem. I believe the root causes of disease are:

* Spiritual: a lack of faith and understanding of the Divine

* Emotional: Mental stress, anxiety, and the paradox of choice, and

* Physical: Overeating, poor diet, and lack of sufficient exercise, water, and sound sleep.

Most people know when something is wrong because they feel pain. Obviously, if you drop a hammer on your foot, you will resolve to be more careful in the future; there isn’t much reason to revamp your entire lifestyle to handle that sort of injury. But I don’t necessarily mean “pain” in the classic sense of a sharp or chronic, stabbing sensation, but rather a feeling or a discomfort that indicates that there is something that’s just not right. I prefer to call this “pain” because, frankly, it’s not “disease” people want to avoid per se, it’s the pain and discomforts that come with disease that make them want to find a cure.

A person who understands how the human body works is better able to figure out what it is that he’s doing wrong and take action to stop the cause. Usually, stopping the cause alone will start the healing; other times, the body may also need rest to heal. There are times when something more may be needed.

But sometimes illness can be quite subtle. Years of living on a bad diet can cause a delayed reaction, hurting our bodies but perhaps not producing “pain” until disease has advanced to a point where we’re really seriously ill. In these cases, many people lose the great blessing of health before they even realize what’s happened.

People will seek help right away if they’re in an accident, or if they’re suddenly in great pain, but in the case of an internal or subtle illness, people usually wait until the pain is so bad they cannot bear it. Then they may run to the doctor, who may attempt to control the illness with drugs. The problem is, most of the time, drugs will only temporarily suppress symptoms, and this is not a cure. The discomfort may be controlled for a while, but may come back even worse. The wise person will figure out what the cause is and deal with it immediately.

Most people today experience many discomforts from eating a low-quality diet, yet they ignore the pleadings of their body to eat better. Instead, they continue to stuff themselves until the body adapts to the poor diet, and they’ve lost their ability to feel the warning signs. This, coupled with the fact that most everyone else around them is eating the same way, results in a fantasy that nothing is wrong. The patient continues to exacerbate the condition until ending up in the advanced stages of discomfort or disease, only to wonder how this could have happened.

Sometimes it seems like new diseases are popping up every day. Have you ever wondered how there could be so many different diseases when most people are disobeying the same health laws? It has always been my contention that there is only one disease with many different stages. I have come to the conclusion that, beginning with fatigue and ending in cancer, the so-called “different diseases” are simply different levels of the same disease.

The good news is, in many cases, the damage can be reversed, as long as we start to pay attention to the laws of health. No one should ever give up, no matter how serious the so-called disease may be. I think even cancer can be overcome, if the body still has the vital energy to do so.

Most diseases, in my opinion, have clear warning signals, and they progress in distinct stages. We just need to heed them and realize they are truly serious, and then deal with them wisely so our disease doesn’t move to the next level. Natural hygiene doctors have identified the following as the stages of cancer. But I believe there is only one disease–beginning with exhaustion and ending in cancer-so I have adapted these stages as the progression of all disease:

*1. Exhaustion

*2. Toxemia, or constipation

*3. Irritation

*4. Inflammation

*5. Ulceration

*6. Induration, or hardening, and

*7. Fungation, or cancer.

– Paul Nison