world had become dangerously maladaptive

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world had become dangerously maladaptive

(Two excerpts from Robert Jay Lifton book, THE CLIMATE SWERVE)

Our awareness of the danger of species extinction is subject to ebbs and flows. But it has reached a point of recognizing the planetary reverberations of local climate actions, a globalization of consequences. When Republican senators and congressmen in one way or another block fossil fuel restrictions, the results affect not just Americans but Indonesians and Nigerians. Similarly, when the Chinese permit Beijing to be overcome with pollution, much of it related to fossil fuels, they are affecting residents of, say, Marseilles and New York City. And if the British vote to leave the European Union means that they engage less cooperatively with the EU members on climate issues, the manifestations are likely to be felt everywhere. Similarly, when Los Angeles takes steps to reduce global warming, benefits, even limited ones, are experienced in Kyoto. That is, climate change and the swerve in awareness are part of a global dynamic of quick and powerful mutual influence. – Robert Jay Lifton, excerpt from his book: ‘THE CLIMATE SWERVE’


[…] We humans excavated fossil fuels to warm us in the winter and cool us in summer, and to drive the technology and industry that have improved our lives and enabled us to take control of the planet. But our evolving knowledge of global warming made it clear that the seeming normality of our fossil fuels—driven world had become dangerously maladaptive. Such maladaptation is experienced socially and ecologically, and can be understood in relation to the overall evolutionary process. New kinds of adaptation are required for sustaining the life of the human species. That is what the swerve is all about. – Robert Jay Lifton, excerpt from his book: ‘THE CLIMATE SWERVE’

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