Regarding this climate crisis and regardless of the level of belief you might be in, it is way past time for us to really adapt. There is no sugar coating the current climate realty and I am not talking just about renewable energy, I am sure there are actions we can take individually, as a community, village or what-have-you for the personal adaptation aspects.

I don’t have all the answers, however, I will seek, find and share them here or on social media immediately when I do. One aspect of what I will do is create quoted images with tips, education, resources, article excerpts on both the current climate crisis and adaptation content, as fast as I am able to.

Note to authors of books or article excerpts I use: Any quoted excerpts of blog or quoted images I create will be removed immediately, at your request. Note that Climate Change books that I quote or blog excerpts from also serve to promote your book further; this is also my intention.

To authors: In all cases I send a letter of my intent to use excerpts to your publishers as well as posting the book covers with source so others can order them.

I will focus on several books and articles, although will be sharing from these few books primarily:

  • Peter Seidel’s book; ‘There is Still Time!’


  • National Green Pages (letter to be sent)

  • Unprecedented Crime (tick– waiting for reply)

Peter’s book really hits home in regards to our ingrained attitudes we have yet might not be aware of the need or urgency to transform them; plus other pertinent information. On DRAWDOWN, Paul and those involved in writing and researching for this book is amazing to say the least, as it is adaptive solutions through draw down. Note I highly suggest obtaining a copy of these books for yourself, especially ‘Unprecedented Crime.’

Lastly, any author who wants me to create social media quoted images using some of your material please send me a PDF, email or book link and I will do this as long as it geared towards 100% renewable energy, adaptation or personal development.

Remember, your attitude toward a situation can help you to change it – you create the very atmosphere for defeat or victory.” – Franco Harris

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