Reading environmental related books and articles has always been one of my personal hobbies, as it is something yearned for and find extremely interesting to learn about, however now it is a necessity for all of us due to our current Climate Emergency.  The fact that some of the solutions, ideas, and suggestions as well as resources in these books and other places do not abound publicly when they should is extremely scary. 

I like many others are deeply concerned regarding the current climate emergency and so this is where a large part of our current priorities reside. My primary endeavors now are to assist by pointing towards climate adaptation and mobilization resources through this website.

I am so very encouraged by the knowledge and perseverance towards spreading information about the current climate situation by scientists, authors, activist and our youth. Their incredible efforts to make us aware, keep us up-to-date and most of all pushing to see a viable change towards a livable planet should encourage all of us.

This has encouraged me and at the same time made me really concerned with the thought of what are some of the things I can do to help benefit others from home towards both mobilizing and adapting.

Emotionally I am torn by what is happening regarding the current Climate Emergency and like many others I am deeply affected by the direction mankind is going in. I am however, sadden that those in the positions to make an obvious difference are indifferent and have their priorities in the wrong direction. These companies and individuals who are ruled by a life-condition of greed lack ethical sensibility astounds me to say the least.

Regarding climate change it has never been about a political party or financial gain; it is about protecting the future of human life and living species. Like others I also regard climate change a moral and ethical issue and many of us are doing our best to transform ourselves which in turn transforms our planet towards a more sustainable and habitable place for our children and their future.