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“In the world we grew up in, our most ingrained economic and political habit was growth; it’s the reflex we’re going to have to temper, and it’s going to be tough.” – Bill McKibben

About Climate Change Community…  I have this nagging sense that urgency towards climate adaptation and mobilization should now be at the forefront of our world leader’s and citizen’s thinking, action and education. I hope to definitely help with the latter using my skills and passion as I educate myself to impact some type of educational assistance.

Let’s expedite our endeavors in this regard:

  1. Together educate ourselves more about climate change!
  2. Strengthen our emotional maturity through blog posts and quoted images!
  3. Share Mobilization and Adaptation resources via links/books!
  4. Highlight important points from various climate change books!
  5. Create some of these endeavors in a social media format mainly via Twitter and Instagram.

Climate Change Community is working towards financially supporting a few climate change organizations in a really big way using the communities to be created in the future. This is a very personal cause.

Regarding also focusing on our self-development; in my opinion this has to happen if we are going to unify in tackling this crises (unsafe and unstable climate). I strongly sense that it is not only needed yet mandatory, otherwise we face the possibility of becoming uncivilized instead of humane as the situation worsens.

Through experience I’ve become skilled at honing in on the main points from books, articles, etc.… and either blogging or creating quoted images about these points in both areas – climate change and emotional maturity.

It is as if its a naturally developed skill that has morphed into a part of my self-responsibility to assist our humanity out in some way. I feel strongly about this yet I am only one person standing in front of the pond of humanity with only a pebble hoping the waves after thrown go far and wide.

Concerning the community aspect of this site, these forums (or membership community) to be created in the future will be private and limited in membership. I also have other ideas that I would like to eventually implement.

Note to authors of books or articles I use: At your request any excerpts of blog or quoted images created will be removed immediately. Note that Climate Change books that are quoted from or blog excerpts also serve to promote your book further; this is also one intention aside from educating ourselves.

To authors: In most cases I will send a message of my intent to use excerpts, yet some of you such as Peter Seidel are almost impossible to contact as I repeatedly made efforts but to no avail. I am hoping this action will be welcomed as I am also posting the book covers so others can order them.

I will focus on other books and articles yet will be sharing from these two books primarily at first:

  • Peter Seidel’s book; ‘There is Still Time!’


Peter’s book really hits home in regards to our ingrained attitudes we have yet might not be aware of; plus other pertinent information. Paul and those involved in writing and researching for this book is amazing to say the least, as it is solution based through draw down. Note, it is highly suggestible to obtain a copy of these books for yourself or your class if you an educator.

Lastly, any author who wants me to create social media quoted images using some of your material please send me a PDF or book link and I will do this as long as it geared towards 100% renewable energy.

(About me: Tito Alvarez — I am just an older tech support guy who has no ambition for prominence what-so-ever and who enjoys a private life with my conga drums. Like many others, I struggle with climate depression and worry deeply about yours and my children’s future especially the plight of humanity, nothing more! Originally I wanted to create a small drumming blog but necessity now rules over ambition…  

“How you look at a situation is very important, for how you think about a problem may defeat you before you ever do anything about it. When you get discouraged or depressed, try changing your attitude from negative to positive and see how life can change for you. Remember, your attitude toward a situation can help you to change it – you create the very atmosphere for defeat or victory.” – Franco Harris

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